Monday, April 4, 2016

Currently (April)

I am really enjoying writing these currently posts. It gives me some time to reflect and also get excited for upcoming things. You can check out my past months by clicking below.



Planning: To spend lots and lots of time outside. The weather is getting so lovely and I for one am craving lots of sunshine.

Watching: Shades of Blue/American Idol/Dancing With the Stars/Fixer Upper/The Voice/The Family/The Catch

Trying: Podcasts. Celeste introduced me to "Mom Struggling Well" and I'm obsessed. I'm on episode 6, so yeah, I'm obsessed. My heart is open to hearing more episodes and learning to be a better me.

Cooking: Yeah, I haven't cooked in awhile. I don't think I can count the fried bologna sandwiches we had last night.

Eating: Too much leftover Easter candy.

Drinking: More Dr. Pepper than I should be. Recently I tried Voss water and after my first drink I said "oh, so that's what water is suppose to taste like".

Pinning: Ideas for my future home. All I want is a little cottage style house full of farmhouse decor. Can't I just have this house land in my yard?

Smart Cottage Style Home | Smaller But Smarter Cottage Style |

Crafting: Calm down bottles for Jack. I made my first one over the weekend. If it works you will hear more about them here.

Going: Riverfest in Little Rock come Memorial Day weekend.....nothing until then.

Loving: My Yeti cup. I can tell that I love it because I actually bring it inside the house after my long drive home from work.

Dreaming: Of being skinny. Of being rich. Of being in my perfect home. Of an obedient kid.

Feeling: Renewed. I'm anxious to change my heart.

Listening: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez (I'm swear I'm not 16).

Celebrating:  Each and every parenting victory. Jack has been difficult lately. I'm trying to learn to slow down, have realistic expectations, and actually parent instead of yell or jump to frustration. It's not easy.

Improving: Me. I'm a constant work in progress. I enjoy working on myself to become the best mother, Christian, friend, daughter, aunt, librarian that I can be.


  1. Loving this weather too! And my yeti is the greatest thing in the world! Haha.

  2. I love writing Currently posts as well. Its a great way to keep up with all the good that is going on in your life. I am so happy for the warmer weather and I'm looking forward to spending more days outdoors. I love your dreaming part and don't stop dreaming because they can all come true. Parenting isn't easy so don't be hard on yourself. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you with us. Found you over at Best of the Blogosphere. ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants

  3. Oh to be rich and skinny!
    I have to say i'm jealous of your wonderful weather. Things have been a bit to muggy and rainy to really enjoy being outside here. I am hoping that things shape up before the weekend so I can squeeze in a few more outdoor brunch mornings before summer sets in :)

  4. Oh, such a cute little house! And I'm tasting some leftover Cadbury eggs here myself...


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