Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Spring Break was full of fun and getting stuff done. Since my son Jack and my nephew Bennett were also out of school they hung with me this week. On Monday my dad cooked out while Jack and I went to his first t-ball practice. It was so sweet. At one point Jack just sat in the grass and started pulling it up. He is number 01 on his team of 10 kiddos. I already can't wait for the next practice. 

On Tuesday the boys and I stayed outside from 9 am until 6 pm. My dad had purchased a huge pile of sand so the boys played in that for most of the day. I decided to make laps around the yard while listening to books on Audible. I had my headphones on and at one point I looked behind me and they were following me. I took out my headphones and asked them "what are you doing?" and Bennett said "we are just doing what you are doing". I will say that on Tuesday I reached over 15,000 steps!

On Wednesday I started out my day by going to Pine Bluff for my yearly woman check-up. Oh the fun! They left me in the room for an hour with my gown on. Of course the actual procedure takes a whole five minutes but I ended up being in that room for almost two hours. I then had to walk over to the hospital to get some tests done for the colonoscopy I was going to have that Friday. I finally made it back home and watched Trolls two times with the boys before heading to my friend's house in Monticello. We had a girls night out. My sweet friend Brooke (pictured below) got me some really cute birthday gifts. My favorite was the hog necklace. Go Razorbacks! 

Thursday started my colonoscopy prep. Now that was miserable! All I wanted to do was eat something and I couldn't plus I had to take medicines to make me go. It involved a lot of cramping. By the end of the day I was so tired and weak. I've had one before so I knew what to expect but it was still awful.  

Friday I had my colonoscopy which was nothing. I was awake and the next moment I was out and then I was awake again. It was all over! 

I was happy to get a couple different appointments out of the way without having to miss work and get some time to spend with my two favorite little guys. I was also able to listen to two books by Sophie Hudson whom I adore. 

For all of those that had Spring Break last week I hope it was a good one. It was good but I'm still ready to get back into my daily routines. Oh being a creature of habit.....

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello 35!

Wednesday was my birthday! I had such a love-filled day. I've gotten so many sweet calls, texts, and messages. When I got to work I found on my desk a mocha and a basket filled with goodies.

Inside the basket I found a Plunder box, a shirt, a gift card that can be used at various places, and LOTS of my favorite candy. Also, the basket is super cute and I'm trying to decide where I want to display it once my candy is gone. 

Here is the shirt. Hopefully, you know where these lines are from. I'm actually wearing the shirt right this minute. 

This is what was inside the Plunder box. I adore it. The pendent is a lot bigger in person. I love the color and the pearl accent. 

The biggest surprise of the day came when I walked into work and someone said go look in the lounge. This cake was sitting on the table. Kimberly's birthday is the day before mine. She is one of our janitors and she is the sweetest women I know. The woman cleans up poop, pee, and puke all day but you will never hear her complaining and she is always so joyful. We still don't know who bought the cake. I sent out an email to the staff telling whomever thanks. 

THEN, in walks Ms. Joann, the lady who helps me in the library, and she is holding an Italian Cream cake. Y'all I had cake for breakfast and lunch. Lucky me! She also surprised me with a gift certificate to The Sweet Shop which is where I eat lunch every Thursday. They have THE BEST Italian Chicken Salad. 

Throughout the day I got lots of homemade cards from darling students and a many birthday wishes from them also. I guarantee I heard happy birthday 200+ times. 

Once I made it home I had more gifts to open. Melissa, one of the girls I met through the Powersheets Facebook group, sent me an adorable planner. My bestie Jessica sent me a $50 gift card to Amazon. In the package there was a note saying I had to spend the money on myself. I can't wait to go shopping!

Jack got me a super cute pair of Corkys that are so comfy. My mom gave me a membership to our towns newest gym. I'll be adding some fitness plan to my Powersheets come April. My dad got me what he always gets me which is a card with a $100 bill in it. 

My beautiful sister got me a beach bag, my favorite Simple face wipes, a pair of shoes, sunglasses, and a git certificate to get a pedicure. I'm going to use my certificate the week before we go to the beach. 

My dad cooked fish for the whole family and my mom made a chocolate cake with help from the boys. I couldn't eat any that day because I'd had too much cake already and I was stuffed from the fish, fries, and hushpuppies. 

I am feeling so blessed and to top it all off we are officially on Spring Break!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

April Goals

1.  Read/listen to 2 books. I'm obsessed with Audible right now and have been listening to books each chance I have. 

2. Go through and get rid of Jack and I's clothes. 

3. Review photobooks and add recent pictures for 2017 Walgreens album. I got my first photobook at the end of March and I just love having a book full of pictures of Jack from his birth to six months. I'm excited to buy more of these books that I've created. 

4. Plan and make bake sale items for Easter Egg Drop. The Women's Service League of McGehee is hosting an Easter Egg Drop this month and I've signed up to make some bake sale items and also volunteered to work during that day. 

5. Put $500 in savings. I'm really trying hard to build up my savings for several things coming up in our lives like trips and things we will need to buy. 

6. Blog 10 times. I've really backed off blogging to focus on some other goals in my Powersheets. 

7. Put together Jack's Easter basket and Jack's class treats. I'm going to make Jack a beach themed Easter basket plus some typical Easter treats. 

8. Find and purchase Mother Day gifts. I have a couple different gifts I need to buy and I'm excited to pick out exciting things for the sweet women in my life.

9. Exercise 4 times a week. My mom got me a gym membership for my birthday so I'm making exercise a priority this month.

10. Participate in online book club by posting there at least 3 times a week. My new online friend introduced me to this online book club and I'm really enjoying it. She is in charge next month and I'm ready to see what she picks out for us to read. 

11. Take vitamin daily.  

12. Track Fitbit steps

13. Pay on 2 medical bills

14. Bring lunch to work at least 3 times a week

15. Eat breakfast 

Spring Bucket List

Today is the first day of Spring Break so I thought I'd share with you our Spring Bucket List for 2017. This year I was able to work with Jack to come up with a list of things we wanted to do this spring. We are expected to have fairly good weather over Spring Break so we might be able to do some of these things this week.  Saturday was so beautiful that I started getting giddy just thinking about time in the sunshine. Happy Spring!

Here is a list of other bloggers that are sharing their Spring Bucket Lists:

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What is one exciting thing you have on your spring bucket list?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

What I'm Loving Right Now

Today I wanted to share with you some of the things I'm loving right now. I really enjoy when others share what is adding the cherry to their lives. I hope you share what you are loving right now. A lot of the products I buy come from suggestions from bloggers and close friends. Hopefully, you find a thing or two that I'm loving that you too might enjoy.


MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick- I first heard about this lipstick on The Girl Next Door podcast. I picked up some on my latest trip to Wal-Mart and now I'm an official lipstick wearer. This has been the best lipstick I've found that actually stays on. I've gotten lots of compliments on it and you can't beat the price at $4.99.

Image credit: Daisy for Lip Drama
Younique Moonstruck 3D Mascara-I bought a whole bunch of make-up from a Younique party that my sister had and I've loved everything I got.  The mascara is a miracle worker. It really adds the illusion of having long thick lashes. 


Behind Closed Doors-I'm part of this online book club and this month we are reading Behind Closed Doors. I received it on a Friday afternoon and I had it finished by Saturday morning. It was so amazing! It is one of those books that I couldn't put down. I couldn't recommend it enough. The author B. A. Paris has another book coming out early summer. 

The Seed-This was a super quick read. It's a book about finding purpose and happiness in your life. I love a good self-help book. I liked The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon so I was anxious to read The Seed. I'm going to borrow his other books from a co-worker who owns more of his books. 


Chobani Greek Yogurt with Peaches-Let me start by saying that I hate yogurt but this doesn't have that typical yogurt taste. Plus, I add granola to mine. This is actually a good for you food that I don't mind eating. I have found that I can have this for breakfast and I'm not hungry again until lunch. Woohoo!

Peeps Oreos-You are either a Peeps lover or you aren't. Jack and I happen to love Peeps. When I saw the Peeps Oreos I became super excited. I was surprised to find just how good they were. The middle doesn't really taste like a Peep so even if you don't like Peeps you would probably still like this Oreo. It is more like a yummy sweet frosting. 


Plunder Jewelry-Our secretary at school was having a Plunder jewelry party and I bought a few pieces. It is cute affordable jewelry. My favorite piece so far has been my initial necklace that I got from my Secret Pal. I now own 7 pieces of Plunder.

Fitbit Alta- This was a purchase that I made for myself and I'm loving it. I love tracking my steps and meeting my daily goal. My favorite part of the Fitbit Alta is the alert I get when someone calls me or sends me a text. I like being able to put my phone away and then when I get an alert I can decide if it is pressing enough to get out my phone. 

Do you have something you are loving right now?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Life Lately

I've been a little MIA around here but I didn't have the best week. I had an ear infection and then a migraine. Hopefully this week will be much better because my birthday is Wednesday. However, the weather has turned super cold and I'm missing the spring-like weather we were having. On my birthday the high is in the lower 40's. Blah!

Here are some highlights from this past week....

I got a dust buster! I've been wanting one forever and I finally bit the bullet and purchased one. Jack loves it! I really wanted him to be able to clean more after himself and working a broom was too hard. This is perfect for him. Plus, it makes cleaning out my car so much easier. 

Jack had a fun week at school. I love these two pictures! Look at Dr. Jack! They do some of the best things at his school. Him writing on that chart is too cute. 

I've been putting together little treats for Jack's class for St. Patrick's Day. I love celebrating all the holidays. I still have several of these bags to put together (there are 20 kids in his class) so I gotta get to it. 

I will say that I'm excited for this Saturday because I'm hanging out with my gal pals. We'll do a family supper Wednesday and have cake and ice cream. I'm more excited for the boys because they get excited about birthdays. 

I hope y'all have a great week!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jack Update...4 is the Best Year Yet

Jack has had an active personality since birth. He is still very spunky, funny, wild, and fearless. On the other hand he has also calmed down quite a lot. He will play on his own for longer spurts.  He has fallen in love with his ipad which I'm going to have to start regulating.

Favorite Sayings: all day (uses this at the end of every sentence). i'm tired (when asked to do something). Get me higher (wants me to hold him). Come look (he says this every time he does a puzzle). I need more. I want to go see Santa. I need an ice pack (he says this over every little bump).

Favorite Food: corn dogs, pizza, oranges, hamburgers, strawberries, white donuts, Reece cups, sour patch kids, and spaghetti.

Favorite Drinks: Basically anything except for he doesn't really care for chocolate milk.

Favorite Shows and Movies: Thomas and Friends, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Paw Patrol, The Good Dinosaur, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, Polar Express, Dinosaur Train

Favorite Outside Activities: jumping on the trampoline, playing in his dirt pile, riding his gator, and sliding.

Favorite Books: Pete the Cat, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Loves: animals, doing puzzles, watching youtube videos, getting into stuff he isn't suppose to, suckers, snuggling (he'll say "mama let's snuggle"), school, straws, taking a bath (but fights me to get in there) sucking his fingers, twirling my hair, his alligator boots, ice, building tracks, playing t-ball, and going to get donuts on Saturday mornings.

Problem Areas: Jack still isn't completely potty trained. I have to stay on him to go to the potty. He pees in the potty more often than not but pooping in the potty has only happened a few times. As soon as he poops he takes off his clothes and tries to clean himself up which you can imagine how that turns out. He stays on the ipad too much and throws a fit when I take it away (some regulation has to happen soon). He still isn't great about cleaning up. He doesn't mind me helping him clean up (because I'm doing most of the work) but him just picking up his own mess rarely happens. He is getting brave and likes to go out the back door to the back porch without premission.

Positive Areas: He is so smart. With just a little help he can count to 100. He knows all his letter sounds. He loves to help me do anything I'm doing. His sense of humor. Saturday night Bennett stayed the night and the two of them were fighting over 1 train (and I know we have over 50) and Jack walked up to Bennett and asked "Are you ready to go home?". Jack makes everything more fun. He is so funny and silly and just keeps us laughing.

Jack at 4 has been my favorite age so far. He is learning so much and his love for school makes me so happy. His personality is really starting to shine through. He has so much curiosity. We love to play games together including hide and seek, match, and Pop the Pig.

I'm really loving this phase and I'm doing all I can to soak up every moment of it. Before I know it he will be 5 and that is just too big boy for me. I need to soak up all the baby moments that I can.

What is your favorite thing that your kid(s) are doing right now?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Morning Make-Up Routine in Pictures




eyeliner and I highlighted my eyes

closer look at my eye

blush and mascara

The makeup I wear

brush my lips before putting on lipstick

This is Wet and Wild Cat Suit Brand. If feels like gloss putting it on but turns to a matte.

All ready for work

Before and after....what a difference! I love my Younique beauty products!

Monday, March 6, 2017

We're Going to the Beach

We are going on a family beach trip to Destin, Florida in May! Jack, my nephew Bennett, and my niece Maybree have never been to the beach which makes this trip even more exciting. As soon as we booked our condo I started shopping for Jack some cute beach clothes. My sister has bought Jack and Bennett matching shirts from Zulilly and I have already purchased Jack's spring/summer clothes. I didn't need a whole lot but I knew I wanted to get a few new things just for the beach.

Our DESTINation

super cute lobster pjs

I'm going to pair this shirt with some khaki shorts. He is going to be adorable!

Whale flip flops to go with the rashguard shirt and trunks below.

Whale rashguard 

Whale trunks

We have over two months until our trip and the anticipation is driving me wild but there are lots of things to plan and buy before then to keep me busy. My sister and I have already been collaberating on a Beach Vacation Pinterest board. 

We want to spend the majority of our time on the actual beach but we do want to get out on the town a few times. I'm excited about taking the kids to Harborwalk Village. There they have lots of shops, rides for the kids, and a small train for the boys to ride in. There is also an amazing water park nearby. We are staying at Sundestin resort and they have lots of fun things for the kids to do also including a splash pad.

We are checking in on a Saturday but we have decided to leave Friday and drive half the way, stay at a hotel, and then drive the rest of the way that Saturday. We knew taking a 5 year old, a 4 year old, and a 1 year old that we couldn't do the drive in one day. I need to prepare all the road trip essentials. 

Since I just went to the beach this past September I remember exactly the things I need to pack. I packed way too much then but will not make that mistake this time. I pretty much stayed in my swimsuit until we went out for supper at night. I just need swimsuits, a beach towel, cover ups, flip flops, and a few evening outfits. Jack will need trunks, a few t-shirts, some shorts, flip flops, floatie, and a few nice outfits. I hope to pack it all in a medium size suitcase. I'll also pack a smaller bag for our roadtip essentials. 

I'm sure you will see many beach posts from me in the coming months. Writing out these posts helps me to organize my thoughts. 

Have you ever been to Destin? If so, where are the best places to go? 

Thursday, March 2, 2017


It is fun to sometimes lay it all out there with some confessions. I'm looking forward to the weekend and we have zero plans. It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend and I hope we spend the majority of the time outside. I need all the sunshine.  I have no confessions planned so I'm giving you everything off the cuff. So here goes my confessions.....

1// I wish movies like Father of the Bride and You've Got Mail still were being released. It feels like all movies lately are too deep or too dark. I need a light romantic comedy.

2// Last year when Jack had his pictures done at school I spent the max amount because I fell in love with the pictures. This year I said I wasn't going to buy the school pictures BUT they were soooooo adorable. I ended up spending over a hundred dollars.

3// I ordered a Fitbit that was suppose to be delivered today and it isn't here. I have checked my order and it says in transit but it is 8:45 at night so I don't think it is coming today. I'm highly disappointed.

4//  I've already made the St. Patrick's Day labels for the treats I'm putting together for Jack Henry's class. I still haven't decided if I'm going to use Rolos or chocolate gold coins.

5// I'm addicted to America's Next Top Model this season (I can't bring myself to type cycle which is what ANTM uses instead of season). My favorite girl is India. She is beautiful, kind, confident, but also humble.

Image result for india ANTM 

6// I've been sticking with my nightly face routine. I'm taking my makeup off and putting on various products like retinol and face cream. I hope to see positive results in the coming weeks.

7// Parenting Jack has been super easy lately. Gasp! He has matured so much in the last few weeks. My baby is growing up!

8// I wish I could do my eye makeup better. My best feature is my eyes (my worst feature is my smile) so I wish I could do really cool eye makeup. I need to watch more tutorials and play around more. I'd like to be able to do something like this. #goals

Image result for eye shadow looks blue eyes

9// The chocker is back in style but I just can't bring myself to wear one again. Back in the 90's I rocked them but now I think my face is too fluffy (positive spin) for a chocker.

10// I'm loving the new makeup I purchased from Younique. I got all new products except for blush and I couldn't be happier with it. The mascara is A-MAZ-ING! In the near future I want to show you the difference in my eyes when I use this mascara. Like I said earlier, I really want to work on putting on eye shadow.

Well guys I feel like 10 confessions is a good solid number. I could probably write at least 10 more but it is getting late and tomorrow is Fri-YAY!

Have a great weekend!