101 in 1001

Started: April 14, 2015 (hopefully will have this list finished soon)
End Date: Monday, January 8, 2018

1. Read 25 fiction books
2. Run/walk/jog a 5K
3. Make a list of birthdays and addresses
4. Donate blood
5. Buy something for my Mom

6. Go to a wine tasting
7. Take a class
8. Go to a Razorback game
9. Give someone $100 without them knowing it was me
10. See a taping of a show

11. Attend a blog or self-help conference
12. Professional pics of Jack and I
13. Redo a piece of furniture
14. Participate in a giveaway on my blog
15. Meet a fellow blogger in person

16. Get my own place
17. See 3 concerts
18. Take Jack to a fair
19. Get my hair colored something different
20. See a movie by myself

21. Volunteer somewhere
22. Become a member of a church
23. Do a Bible study
24. Meet someone famous
25. Buy a nice camera

26. Get a massage
27. Go a month with no Dr. Pepper
28. Join/start a book club
29. Host a shower
30. Read 100 books with Jack

31. Do ten of my pins on Pinterest
32. Try something new at Starbucks
33. Find out my blood type
34. Send someone flowers
35. Take my mom to El Dorado

36. Go canoeing
37. Go to a comedy show
38. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week
39. Buy/Do Powersheets
40. Buy a devotions book

41. See a play
42. Bake something for someone else
43. Find my signature wine Stella Rose Peach is my fav
44. Make a homemade pizza
45. Go to the beach

46. Reach 20,000 steps in a day
47. Try hummus
48. Eat at 5 new restaurants
49. Make homemade ice cream
50. Fly a kite with Jack

51. Play in the rain with Jack
52.Update my make up 
53. Buy something from a friends Etsy shop
54. Send 5 cards out for no reason
55. Join a monthly box subscription for at least 3 months

56. Make a family recipe book
57. Get certified in CPR
58. Take Jack to the movies
59. Go to 3 AR festivals
60. Go fishing

61. Pay off my car
62. Attend a work conference
63. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
64. Leave a 100% tip
65. Document a photo an hour for a day

66. Participate in a Fitbit challenge
67. Get Jack tested for ADHD
68. See an author on a book tour
69. Guest post on a blog
70. Eat at a food truck

71. Write a guest post for AR Bloggers

72. Read the Bible
73. Reach 180 lbs
74. Try a new fruit
75. Take Jack to a parade 

76. Go back to Fayetteville for a visit
77. Go on a movie/dinner date with my mom
78. Go on a movie/dinner date with my sister
79. Read 10 nonfiction books
80. Participate in Stitch Fix

81. Take Jack to the beach
82. Make a Jack photo album for years 0-3
83. Ride on a boat
84. Get Jack involved in a sport
85. Learn to sew

86. Eat sushi
87. Win a contest
88. Win over $500 on the lottery
89. Get a tan
90. Watch every episode of The Office

91. Take a beginners yoga class
92. Go one day without touching my phone
93. Become a member of my professional organization
94. Purchase a work blazer that I love
95. Send in a piece of writing to something

96. Get a new hairstyle (color and cut)
97. Write a family mission statement and get it printed and framed
98. Reach 15,000 steps in a day
99. Hike
100. Reach level 420 on Candy Crush

101. Do all 100 things and then make a new list

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