Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Small House Progress

We are finally making a little progress on our house. Since my dad is the head contractor of our future home he is doing the work after his usual work hours and on the weekends. As of right now the base is lined out. My dad has been tweeking some of the inside space as he asks me various questions about what is important to me (having my own bathroom).

It is going to be a fairly small house at only 1200 square feet. There will be two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The main part of the house will be open with a bar separating the kitchen from the living space. I'm going to have a metal roof and I'm looking forward to hearing the rain fall on my roof.

I snapped a picture of my dad working on the paper details.

My mom was watching Antique Roadshow while he worked. If you can't tell we are the cool house. 

I'm so excited that at least the process has finally started. I know we are pretty far off from moving in but it is nice starting to see the ball get rolling.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Two of my goals for 2017 is to find more friends in my community and to get more involved. This week I took the first step for both of these goals. I joined the Women's Service League for my town. I've paid the dues and filled out the forms. It is all official! 

I went to my first meeting this week. It was a committee meeting for the women who are helping with the Easter Egg Drop. This is going to be such a fun event and since Jack is at the perfect age for this I decided to help with this project. 

I'm excited to serve my community in such a positive way. Plus, I might meet some cool new people. I have friends who live in other towns but none in my hometown anymore. I want to change this. 

At the meeting this week I made a point to speak up and not just sit back. I'm a good planner naturally (and clearly very humble) so I wanted to make my ideas clear. I am also good at researching things quickly so I used those skills at the meeting also. 

I went back and forth several times trying to decide if I really wanted to commit to this. In the end I decided I needed to do this if I was really ready to commit to reaching my goals in 2017. Of course, I was nervous at first but after a few minutes it was perfectly fine. Now I'm excited about all the ways I can serve my community and also getting to meet new people. 

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

Friday, February 17, 2017

My Mom's (and Now Mine) Most Embarrassing Moment

Here is an overview picture of Jack's Valentine's party.

Yes, this is an embarrassing story that happens at a preschool Valentine's party.

So typically I would go to Jack's holiday party but after having my gallbladder removed I just don't have the days to miss. Our school got out early on the day of his Christmas party so that worked out.

Well as the time got closer until his party I messaged my mom and said "I'm really feeling guilty for not going. Most kids have at least one person there".

I'm so glad his teacher posted pictures of the party. Here is one of Jack.

Once I got home my mom ran to the door to tell me how she embarrassed our family at the preschool Valentine Party.

So here is a little backstory. My mom paints the interior of houses for a living. She tells me that at the last minute she decided to go. Since her house was far from where she was it would be closer for her to just run to Walmart and find something to wear. She changes there and heads to the party.

Once the party is over she heads to the other school to pick up my nephew Bennett. When he sees her he says "Nana, how did you get a sticker". She was like what sticker. He then points to it. Here is that sticker.

YES!!! It says FEEL ME on her boob!!!!

I can't believe no one told her but yet how do you tell a practically stranger you have "feel me" on your boob. There were several dads there. I did notice that in all the big shots of the party my mom isn't in them. Wonder why???

On a big positive note my mom and I both have a sense of humor so it isn't really bothering us and she is just happy that she was able to give others a big laugh. My mom is the coolest!