Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wine Tasting GNO

My friends and I like to get together every couple months and have a girls night out. We all love wine and I've been wanting to try some other wines so I decided that for this GNO that we should do our own wine tasting. I put together this invitation and all the gals were on board. We crammed all 5 of us and all our things into Laura's Tahoe and headed north to Little Rock.

I snapped this picture in the elevator of all the stuff we needed for only one night. It is ridiculous but I guess that is what you get when you take 5 girls somewhere. 

Amy and I decided to get personalized wine glasses for us. Amy purchased the glasses and I bought the decals. They turned out super cute. The winner of the wine tasting was the Stella Rose peach. It is only 5% alcohol and just the perfect amount of fizzy. 

Each of us also bought a snack food. Brooke brought pinwheels, Amy made brownies, Laura made some delicious cheesecake dip (I'll be getting that recipe and sharing), Cassie brought veggie dip with different crackers, and I put together a platter of strawberries, grapes, and cheese. The fruit dipped in that cheesecake dip was my favorite. We have decided that all other GNO trips that we need to always bring snacks. It was the best thing getting to graze and getting a chance to taste new foods. 

After our wine tasting we went to the piano bar where we stayed 5 hours singing our heart out. We always enjoy ourselves there. Here are a few pictures I took of the day/night.

Did you do anything super fun this weekend? 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Update: Spring Bucket List

When it came time to look at my Spring Bucket List I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I'd actually done more on my list than not. The top part of my list is looking a little sad but there is plenty of spring left. 

I even wrote about each of these things in blog posts except for the spring cleaning. That actually got done this past weekend. It feels so nice to have everything cleaned and organized, even if it is only for a little while. 

Here is the post about the Easter Egg Drop.

This post is about our wild trip to the zoo.

Over Easter weekend we played in the rain and I talked a little about it here

So far I can't complain too much about this spring except we have had enough of the allergies. My favorite part about the spring is being able to open the windows and let the fresh air in. Ah, it feels so good!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

2 Educational Toys That All Kids Love

This year in my elementary library I added in educational centers for kindergarten and first grade.  Each class is 40 minutes long. For the first 20 minutes we read them books and then they do centers for the other 20 minutes. There are 5 centers total and three of those are technology (one computer and two ipad centers). The other 2 centers get changed out every five weeks. We've done blocks, dice games, puzzles, but the two favorites are the gears and the magnets. I never would have thought that the kids would love them as much as they do.

Here is the gears set that we have. The whole bucket is only $37.23 and is enough for 4 kids to play with happily. They really make some interesting things. I'm really surprised by how creative they can get.

The idea for the magnets came from our STEM teacher. I thought the kids would think they were boring but boy was I wrong. It is by far their most favorite center. It takes two of this set for 4 children. Each set is only $19.64. 

I can't rave enough about these two educational toys. If you are looking to add in some activities that your child will really love and keep them occupied for a very long time then these are perfect.