Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Bucket List

My love for fall runs deep. For one, I hate being hot and I hate mosquitos so fall is a serious relief for me. The humidity in southeast Arkansas is AWFUL and then all the mosquitos force you to stay inside. Summer around here is like winter for people up north-you can't go outside without it being a health risk. I don't feel like I'm talking this up, the struggle is very real for me. We have three more days of this literal hot mess and then we have 70's next week. I may or may not have jumped up and down when I saw the weather report tonight. I'll be able to breathe! I can wear my hair down all day! I won't be scratching at mosquito bites at every turn! I won't start sweating as soon as I step outside!

I'm looking forward to all those things plus so much more. I'm looking forward to taking Jack outside to play. The pumpkin patch has always been a favorite place of mine so I'm excited about that adventure. Jack did the fair rides for the first time last year and loved it so going to the fair is going to be a highlight. We are a major football family and will continue watching games all day on Saturdays. My sister and her family come over and we cook something. I'm also going to travel to Fayetteville in November which is a tradition. Jack's birthday and my niece's birthday are both in November so there will be lots of celebrations. 

Come on all things fall! I'm ready to put on a scarf or a hoodie. My absolute favorite part about fall is the weather. It is so cozy to me. Nothing I love better than a cool day with me laying on the couch with a good book, a cup of coffee, all the family bustling around me while a football game is playing in the background, with the smell of chili cooking. Sounds lovely doesn't it!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Halloween Costumes

I was never a huge fan of Halloween until I had Jack. I'm not one who enjoys dressing up but I adore dressing Jack up. I also like putting Jack's costume together myself. After many days of looking on Pinterest I have narrowed it down to these six costumes.

I'm really leaning towards the Jack in the Box costume. I am nervous that the box will be too much for him. I'm going to make the box so we can wear it and then I'm going to let him try it on before I buy anything else or decorate the box. I don't want to put in too much effort if it isn't going to work.

Jack loves to pretend that he is a dog so that would be fun for him. He is also obsessed with Paw Patrol so I could make him one of those characters.

He also love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and this Mickey costume is too cute.

I think the cotton candy is super unique. I would just do blue cotton candy. It might would be a pain to make though.

The gumball machine would be easy to make and Jack looks adorable in hats.

I also think the pinata is different but I think it would be a pain to make. It is super cute though.

Do you already know what your kids are going to be for Halloween? Which costumes above are your favorites? I love hearing what others think.

Monday, September 12, 2016

My Favorite Phone Apps

I love apps! I use apps every day of my life. Some apps I use to make my life easier and some most are for entertainment. Today I want to share with you my favorite apps and hopefully you will help me to discover some new ones that I need to download.

Here is the third page on my iphone

Entertainment Apps

Instagram is my favorite social media app. Oddly enough I follow more people I don't know in real life. I love looking into the lives of other people and seeing what they are doing, wearing, and loving. I find it interesting to because the people I'm following aren't near me. It is like taking a tour of the world from my phone.

Candy Crush is the only game app I have. It is a good time filler when I'm waiting, going to bed, or during those times when Jack is playing in the tub and I have to be nearby. I don't get to play much each day which is fine but I enjoy it for those few minutes. It's great that I can stop playing mid-game and then pick right back up where I stopped.

Podcast app is my most used. I listen to podcast every time I'm in the car. My new car picks it up via bluetooth and I start listening right where I was when I turned my car off. My all time favorite podcasts are The Mom Hour, The Big Boo Cast, Mom Struggling Well, and The Girl Next Door.

Useful Apps

Wunderlist is a list making app. You can create folders within folders and even share your lists for others to add items, as well as just send the lists to other people. Once you mark something off it disappears. Most of my lists are ones that can be ongoing. Here are a few of my lists: Christmas lists, questions (things I need to look up when I can), personal goals, work goals, to do, packing list, and books to read. I try to take a minute or two each day to look over what I can mark off or what I might like to add.

Groovebook is an app where you upload up to 100 pictures each month and you get a booklet of them for only $2.99. I love that once you upload the picture it marks it so you don't upload it more than you want. Lately I've been loving going to friends's Facebook photos, capturing them, and then uploading them to my Groovebook account. I've then been putting the pictures into a photo album and giving them as gifts.

Amazon is the main place where I shop online. I have a prime membership and I enjoy the free two day shipping. My favorite part about Amazon is getting to make wishlists and being able to view other wishlists. During Christmas I really use this feature a lot.

So now that I have shared my favorite apps, I would love to hear what apps you are using to make life easier and the ones you use for entertainment.