Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Things I'm Lovin' Right Now

1. The book Girl, Wash Your Face. It is a nonfiction Christian self-help book. Y'all I'm seriously in love with this book! I've never experienced such a directly helpful book. It's one of those books that you will want to give to all the women in your life and keep yourself a copy to look back on often.

2.  The HBO show Divorce. It isn't a show to watch with the kiddos around because they really enjoy dropping the f bomb but there is just something funny and real about it. Sarah Jessica Parker is crazy gorgeous as always and I find myself quite envious. 

3. My sister subscribes to Birchbox and gives me all the products that aren't right for her. Well one of those items with an eye shadow crayon by Dirty Little Secret. I love it! It is so easy to put on and it stays put. I like it so much that I purchased another in a slightly different color. 

4. My backpack from Santa. I get so many compliments on it. Jack was getting older and a whole diaper bag was no longer necessary. Jack has his own smaller backpack but there were some items (like Tylenol and extra snacks) that I did not want him to have access too while being out and about. I now carry it everywhere. It always contains a book, my goals binder, paper and pens, and my prayer journal. 

5. Prayer journal. It's a 3 month prayer journal. On each page it has 4 squares. There is a square for the verse of the day, a Lord teach me too square, a square to write what you are thankful for, and a spot to put down your prayer requests. I'm already enjoying looking back to see how God has responded to what I've written. I signed up to get a verse sent to my email each day. You can sign up by clicking here

6. John Frieda Hot Air Brush. Drying my thick hair is such a chore. I got this gem for Christmas and now I couldn't imagine drying my hair any other way. It doesn't give me the perfect blowout look but it does minimize my frizzy hair quite a bit and makes it so much easier to straighten. A few swipes with my straightener and my hair is straight and not frizzy. Without this drying brush it would take a lot more time to do my hair.

What is something you are lovin' right now? 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Life Lately

I'm so thankful it is Friday. I enjoy my job but sometimes I wish I were a stay at home mom. This morning was especially hard because Jack didn't want me to go to work, he didn't want to go to pre-school, and he wanted to go get donuts. I would have much rather had a donut date with him. I haven't been blogging much this past year so I thought I do a few updates. My life isn't very fascinating but one day I'll appreciate rereading these posts.

Jack is now 5 and starts kindergarten in August. He is enjoying preschool and learning so much. He still isn't fond of sleeping but we at least have an appointment now to get him evaluated. I know 5 year old boys have lots of energy but I know there is something deeper. We are part of the Hippy program. They send home books and activities for us to do together. Jack loves doing his "homework" and we have had a lot of fun together. This experiment we were seeing what cleaned a penny best. We learned that mixing salt and vinegar did the trick.

My best friend Jessica and her husband Stan had their first baby at 37. For the longest time they were set on never having children but about a year and a half ago they changed their mind. Little Miss Phoebe is seriously the prettiest baby I've ever seen.

Last weekend it was pretty enough to go outside so I took Jack and my nephew Bennett to a small town festival nearby. They enjoyed the bouncy house the most and Mama enjoyed watching them laugh and play. I adore seeing them become the best of friends.

These past two weeks my friend Ginger and I have been training for a 5K. We haven't signed up for one yet but it is on my to do list for this year. So far the most we have walked is 2.94 miles. Each day we have walked enough to beat the previous days distance.

I picked up two super cute bunnies from Dollar General for only $3.50 each! Aren't they adorable???

One more week of work before a whole week of no work! We don't have any plans and I'm totally okay with that. I need some R&R. It's been awhile since I've had some very intentional rest. 

Tomorrow there is rain in the forecast so Jack and I are heading to a friend's house for an indoor playdate. I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

18 in 2018

1. Keep a reading log
2. Teach Jack how to write his last name
3. Walk/run a 5K
4. Reach Level 600 of Candy Crush
5. Read the Bible in chronological order
6. Get hair cut/dyed professionally
7. Give up soda for 30 days
8. Try Revitalu Brew for 30 days
9. Finish 2 Bible studies
10. Send in applications for jobs closer to home
11. Jack and I move into our own home
12. Take Jack to Chuck E. Cheese
13. Take some sort of class (online or in person)
14. Teach Jack 25 sight words
15. Keep a prayer journal for at least 30 days straight
16. Write a summer to do list
17. Write a family vision statement with goals
18. Donate blood