Monday, June 29, 2015

Country Living

These pictures pretty much describe our weekend minus many messes. The garden is in full swing so lots of canning is going on around here. There are also mosquitos everywhere. You should see my legs. I took a picture but I just couldn't post it. Shameful is what it is! I look like I live in the woods. Bugs have always loved my blood. Lucky me! Did I mention that I'm writing this sitting in the bathroom floor? Nice, huh? Jack is playing in the tub so I actually have a few moments to put a post together. No fancy office for this gal. I'm really more of a "sit in the floor" person anyways. 

We have big 4th of July plans this year. My family is hosting so lots to do. I've been stalking Pinterest trying to decide on my food contribution. The men have the meat covered so I'm thinking something sweet will be on my agenda. 

Until next time my dear friends. I need to go wash Jack's hair before my computer gets flooded. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Ways I Stay Organized

1. I read lots of organizational blogs to stay motivated. Pinning ideas and printables gives me new ideas and tools to use. You can check out my Pinterest board by clicking here.

2, Keeping a binder where I manage and store my calendar, work papers and forms, blog stuff, passwords, working out details, and keep track of my goals. Yesterday I was in a workshop and we were talking about our health assessments that we have to complete for insurance. I said, "let me look because I have mine right here". The girl beside me said, "Who keeps their health assessment on them?". I do! I keep my binder with me at all times.

3. Simply putting things back. It takes a lot of umph some days to get my butt up and put those shoes in the closet that Jack just threw off his feet. Once it becomes habit, it makes things so much easier. Before you can start putting things back, make sure everything has a place. In order to do this I had to tackle it in parts. I started with the kitchen. One of the most helpful things I did was making sure I had one place just for lids. It makes finding them so much easier.

4. Make the beds first thing. It gives you a flat surface in each bedroom to work from. There are some days where when I'm putting things back all I do is throw the items on the bed and tackle each bed when I can. I fold laundry on the bed. I organize things on my bed. I use it like a table that has to be cleared by the end of the night.

5.  Cleaning out my car once a week helps me because I spend a lot of time in my car. There is always papers, notes, receips, and tons of trash. Having a freshly clean car makes it so much easier to find the things I need.

What are some things you do to stay organized?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

5 Things I Do Each Day to Keep a Clean House

Since moving in with my parents,  I have taken over pretty much all of the cleaning (it is the least I can do). Jack is destructive and making messes is his game. We have been known to call him Stitch due to his infamous messes. In order to keep the house in decent order there are 5 things I do each day.

1. I never let more than a sink full of dishes pile up. It isn't always easy to manage that, but if I do around three small sinkfulls a day then I don't have to dedicate a large portion of time at the end of the day to dishes. No, we do not have a dishwasher. Whenever anyone asks my dad why we don't have one he says "that is what I have children for". He just doesn't feel they get clean that way, even if I disagree.

2. Like any house with kids, we have an over abundance of toys. Before bed each night I pick up all the toys and put them in the designated spots. Soon Jack will be able to do this chore soley on his own.

3. I do one load of laundry in the morning and one at night. The hardest part is remembering to put the clothes into the dryer. During the day, when I can, I fold the first load and wash the other. By the end of the day I only have one load to fold and put away. I usually let this load be towels or sheets since there isn't any hanging to do or going from room to room to dispense clothes.

4. After I finish the supper dishes, I sweep the floors. When wiping down the counters and table I just let the crumbles fall to the floor. I know that soon they will all be swept away.

5. Tackle a deep cleaning project each day. One day last week I cleaned the living room ceiling fan. My goal wasn't to clean all the ceiling fans (I don't have that kind of time) but just to clean that one. After a full week you have done 7 semi-big things. Last week I vacuumed out the couch, washed the baseboards in my room, clearned the toilet, cleaned under the recliners in the living room, wiped down the mirrors in the house, cleaned the living room ceiling fan, and wiped down the kitchen cabinets. Not one of these chores took more than 15 minutes except maybe the baseboards.

Is there any household things you do each day to have a tidy house?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If I Could Name My Niece

My sister is having a baby girl!!!!! We are beyond excited! She has one boy who is 3 and I have Jack so a baby girl is just what we needed. We just knew it was going to be a boy so it was such an extra big surprise. We are very excited for ruffles and bows. So far there is no name picked out. If she would have been a he, his name would have been Carter Hudson. Of course, I have given my many suggestions. Honestly, I don't think she is going to pick any name that they don't pick out themselves so we all have decided to back off. We just know they will come up with a great name that fits Miss Priss perfectly. BUT-if I could name her then these would be my options.

1. Hattie. Tori Spelling named her daughter that and I fell in love with it. I love that it is old and different.

2. Cora. Do you see a trend in my love for old names?

3. Julie Kate. It is simple and we don't have any kids around here with this name. It isn't old but it is classic.

4. Elliot. If Jack had only been a girl then this name would have been it. I know that Elliot is typically a boys name but I love the show Scrubs and now see it as a girls name.

5. Tanner. I think it is a good strong name that isn't too common around here. I think every single person in a 50 mile radius have named their girl with the lee sound at the end: Lynlee, Bryleigh, get the drift. All are cute names but we (my sister included) want to go a different route. Once again, I have chosen a name that is typically a boy's name. The reason I love this name so much is because I have the sweetest, mot cutest little girl that I teach whose name is Tanner.

Any name suggestions that I can recommend to my sister? Her criteria is that it has to be a girl's name but not too girly. So far she is leaning towards Maybree. What are your thoughts on Maybree? She goes back and forth because some people really don't like it (one being my mom). Be honest please!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week of Lists-5 Unhealthy Foods We Gotta Eat

Although this family loves their fruit and veggies there are just some unhealthy foods that we gotta have in our bellies on a weekly basis.

1. Cookies. We are a family of cookie monsters. Each week we pick a new kind. Last week it was pecan, this week is chewy chocolate chip, and next week is iced oatmeal. Jack is very use to getting a cookie when he comes home from school. I also love a few cookies to welcome him home.

2. Sour cream and onion Pringles. We adore them and eat way too many of them.

3. Spaghetti and meatballs from the can. Jack loves them and so do I. It is a great supper option for us when it is just us two. Add a grilled cheese and you got a meal. We have this at least once a week if not twice.

4. Fries. My dad grows our potatoes and they make the best French Fries. Yes, potatoes are a vegetable, but the way we fry and eat them they are pure bliss and not so healthy.

5. Fried green tomatoes and fried squash. I get most excited about summer because that means some of my favorite veggies fried up. We have to wait paciently for those little buds to start making. Now once they do they don't stop for awhile. We balance it out my eating ripe tomatoes like fruit and baking squash. We are a garden food loving family.

What is some unhealthy foods your family loves to eat?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Muddy Puddles

Do you watch Peppa Pig? If you don't, then you should, because I like others to suffer with me. Ha!

My child is starting to sound British. Everyone in our house knows the Peppa Pig family and how much they love muddy puddles. When it rained the other day I decided we needed to be like the pigs and jump in some muddy puddles. 

Jack refuses to look at the phone for a picture anymore. I've tried every sound I can think of to get him to look up. Who cares about pictures when you are having a blast? Not this piggy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Egg Salad-Perfect Summer Lunch

For a recent potluck I brought this egg salad. It was such a hit that I decided to share it with you today. 

Here is what you will need:

-8 large eggs
-1 large dill pickle, diced small
-2 teaspoons of dill pickle juice
-2 tablespoons of Hellmans mayonnaise
-3 teaspoons yellow mustard
-2 teaspoons of sugar
-salt and pepper to taste

Boil you up some eggs. I boiled 9 since that is all I had.

I didn't have one big dill pickle so I just improvised. 

Add your Hellmans

Add the other ingridents and mash up. 

Eat on crackers or bread. My favorite is using small Hawaiian bread rolls. Enjoy!!!

Summer Days

I am only three days into summer vacation. We have used this slip and slide numerous times already this summer. It is the one thing that keeps him in place. Yesterday, we made two trips outside for a little slipping and sliding. Seeing him so happy and having so much fun brings me so much joy. 

During the day Jack is still attending daycare. I've just been picking him up earlier. While he is enjoying his time with his friends, I've been keeping myself busy. I've done lots of cleaning. Getting back to the gym regularly.  I'm also catching up on 32 past episodes of General Hospital. Natchez Burning is also sitting on my bedside table getting a few pages read each day. My afternoons are spent outside with my cute little man. The days have been warm but not hot so it has been nice.   

Here is to many more happy summer days!!!!