Monday, May 25, 2015

Update in Photos

Four more days before summer vacation begins! Life has been incredibly busy and you may have noticed that I haven't been coming to this space very often. I'm glad to be back here to give you all an update of what we have been up to.

Saturday I bought Jack a slip and slide. He was having a hard time understanding how it works so I decided to show him myself. Oh lots of fun on Saturday! Not so much when I woke up Sunday morning. My whole body hurt. I have learned that I am no longer young enough to slip and slide. Lesson learned! 

You may notice in these two school pictures that Jack is holding fake French fries. When they handed the pictures over his teacher started explaining. She said the photographer had them squeeking them at Jack to get his attention. What does Jack do? Take them away and refuse to give them back. They had to sneak them away from him at nap time. They figured I would rather have pictures of him not crying so they let him keep the fries. I wish they weren't in the picture but it will make a cute story for when he is older. 

Jack riding the Barney toy at Wal-Mart. I am THAT mother who always lets him ride on it. 

Jack sings "The Wheels on the Bus" all the time so when I found this cd with that song on it I couldn't help but buy it. We get in the car and go right to that song and it is the weirdest version. I was so mad. The other songs are odd also. They aren't the versions that I know and love. So disappointed. 

This was my great idea. Jack loved it. 

Sonic makes the best turtle pecan blast. Just look for yourself. Yummy!!!!

This picture was taken from our living room window. You can see a rope tornado in the distance. It was interesting seeing it form and then go away. My Dad is a huge weather fanatic and has made me into one also. We watch the weather channel quite a lot. 

Cedric Thornton from the Philadelphia Eagles is coming to our school to be Principal for the day. He is bringing over 1,000 books for the students and to donate to the library. As the librarian, I am in charge of this day. It is really exciting but it is a lot of work getting everything ready. I am having to get signed waiver forms from all the kiddos. I had to establish the schedule and make sure to handle all the expectations for Athletes for Charity. The rest of this week will be very busy as I handle last minute details but it is very exciting as well. 

Come on summer!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday? Really?

EEK! How did it already become Tuesday. Life really can get so busy at times and before you know it days have went by and you are asking how is it already Tuesday. So is life, they say. I've been hinting  (okay flat out saying) that life is oh so stressful right now. I even made a very long to do list for May.

I'm happy to report that I am doing awesome on my May goals. Like seriously hitting them out of the park. Bad news, that I could make another list right now that puts the other one to shame. I think it is just the end of the school year business. Somehow I forget how stressful this time of year can be. The difference is that I have a lot of personal stress that I'm not use to having.

Here is what has been going on:

1. It was crazy humid over the weekend so we spent a lot of time indoors. Plus, it rained quite a bit. It just wasn't the best atmosphere for playing outside. Instead we played trains a lot, watched Frosty the Snowman for the zillionth time, ate too many cookies, and made lots of messes.

2. In order to make up some of the professional hours I missed last summer due to surgery I am having to complete a book study. I'm thankful to make up these hours but having "homework" just isn't fitting into my plans right now.

3. Jack made me a precious picture for Mother's Day. I'm so thankful to the ladies that are his other mama's and how much time, work, and attention they put into their work. My Mom let me sleep in on Sunday and that was an awesome gift.

4. I don't watch much tv. I seriously watch The Following, American Idol, and (hiding my face) Teen Mom. That is pretty much all the television I can fit in during a week. Well, there they go and cancel The Following and American Idol. My heart is broke. In the summer I watch Big Brother so it does cheer me up a little.

I love you Kevin Bacon...forever and always :)

5. I saw this on Facebook and it had me laughing (of course after I failed miserably) so hard at just hearing myself.

6. Mother's Day was nice but uneventful. I got my mom these flowers. I thought they were really pretty. I also did her hair. She and I both love having our hair done. Included with the gift was a card with scratch offs in them. I know my Mama!

That pretty much sums up the gist of things around here. Loving life-stress and all!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day Box Exchange

Mother's Day came a little early for this #boymama and I couldn't be more thrilled to show off all my goodies. I first heard about the Mother's Day Box Exchange on Elizabeth's blog Chasin' Mason. I always have so much fun getting to know fellow bloggers and this time was no different. I was fortunate to put together a box for Jamie over at Cocktails and Carseats (Isn't that the best name for a blog?) Super cute!

Ashley from Life on Parson's Farm sent me the greatest box of wonderful things. I really can't wait to show you guys!

Notepad and an EOS that I had never tried before

Serious y'all! Are these not the cutest!?!?

I am loving this journal! I have already been using it. I am using it like a diary and then I am going to give it to my friend for her birthday. 

Nautical themed note cards. I've been needing some new note cards and now I have some really cute ones that are perfect for summer.

This is my favorite thing! I am loving polish right now and this one is PERFECT for this beautiful weather we are having. I'm seriously in love with it!

I feel so blessed already that anything else I get for Mother's Day is going to be like a cherry on top.

Thank you so much Ashley for my wonderful gifts!


The Arkansas blogger site has monthly themes and last months theme was renewal. There were some really great posts on the subject. There were posts on renewing committments, renewing goals, renewing of adventure, and more. I've always put my goals in a black or white light. I've often abandoned goals, ideas, or dreams if things didn't start to pan out within a small time frame.

This has not worked out for me. Reading these renewal posts got me thinking. Why do they have to be black or white? Why can't I just renew? There isn't a need to just abandon them completely. Sometimes maybe it is best to look at them again and just renew them.

Spring is a great time to reevaluate goals without throwing them all to the side and starting over.

Today I'm going to renew my New Year's Resolutions.

1. Put back $100 each month. My purpose behind this resolution was to start saving for Jack and I's new future. Putting money back just isn't possible right now because money is so tight. Since I am reevaluating, I have decided that putting a figure on that goal is just too much. Instead, I have decided to get a part time job this summer in order to save a little money.

2. Become more fashionable and put together. I had done better with this one at first. Don't we always right after making these goals? I've gotten a little lazy but it is still important to me. I vow to do this more as the school year comes to a close.

3. Work on focusing on one task at a time. Oh I am awful at this goal. The purpose behind this resolution was to be more intentional, however, I am a multi-tasker at heart. I am going to try and complete the main goal on my daily to do list without doing anything else until this task is complete. In order to make this happen I need to carve out time when I know I will be uninterupted. I don't need to organize my closet when Jack is running around playing. I also need to accomplish work tasks during time when I know I can focus. Surely I can focus solely on one task daily.

4. Write a daily to do list and keep it manageable. Why in the world would I say that I would write a daily to do list? Some days I write one and some days I don't even have time to think about all I have to do. Goodbye resolution. Now there is no pressure when December 31 rolls around.

5. Keep my car clean. Ha! My car is no where near clean but I will say that I have done a better job at keeping the trash out of it. I'm still glad I wrote this one down because it is a reminder to throw that trash away.

Wow! This feels good! It feels much better to renew things rather than feel like a failure. Renewing things from time to time is a good reminder of what matters to you.

You may need to renew some goals, renew your interest in something, or renew a relationship. Renewing is a wonderful way to get that passion you first had when you started something. It can be that motivational push that you need to get back to what is important to you.

What is something you want to renew?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What is Jack Doing?

1.  Taking off all of his clothes and peeing in the floor.

2. Saying his letters and numbers. A, B, 3. 4, W, X, Y, 5, 8, 9.  I love his order of things.

3. Spiting his drink in the floor so he can wipe it up.

4. Throwing everything in the trash.

5. Hiding from me.

6. Running from me.

7. Laughs in a crazy silly way when you find him or catch him.

8. Asking for cookies all the time.

9. Begs to go outside constantly.

10. Saying "choo choo" when the train comes through.

11. Peeing in the tub and thinking it is hilarious.

12. Pours dirt over his head.

13. Pushes everything like it's a truck.

14. Is obsessed with the swing.

15. Singing every song he hears now.

16. Loves. Loves. Loves. dogs.

17. When you say "night night" he lays down with his eyes closed and makes a snoring sound.

18. Unplugging everything (which makes mama a nervous wreck)

19. Loves wearing all kinds of hats.

20. Flipping out when you wash his hair. He hates water getting in his face.

Jack is at such a fun stage and I wanted to take a moment to document some of the things he is doing right now.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Stress and All that Jazz

Life has been quite stressful lately. There are several things stressing me out and although I really try to not let it bother me, it does. I don't handle stress well. My life had been a massive stressball with the ending of my marriage. After a few months I was able to get my footing and things started looking up. Things are nowhere near as stressful as they were a few months ago but they aren't as good as they were a few weeks ago. The last thing I want is to get in a stress slump so I'm here to vent and get things back together.

So here I go:

1. There is no word on my divorce. I have called and sent emails and have learned nothing. The secretary will email me back with a "we are waiting for this, that, or another" but no real answers. I'm ready for that part of my life to be over so I can move on in my heart and accordance to the law :)

2. I was doing fabulous with going to the gym and then I went and broke a tooth and all hell broke loose. First it was a root canal and then a pulled tooth. The healing took a couple of days and once I felt back up to going I stepped on some glass that got stuck in my foot for a few days. Getting an amazing workout makes me feel so good and positive so I'm really missing those great vibes.

3. When I was first going through the split with my husband I needed to be in my parent's home. That level of comfort was so very needed at that time. I can not begin to explain how much they have helped me out. I'm so thankful. I know we are going to have to stay there a little longer due to finances but I'm starting to get that yearning for my own place. Knowing that it just won't happen right now is a bummer for me.

4. As school is winding down, the bosses are expecting a bunch of last minute things. Trying to get all these little things done on top of my regular classes isn't easy. I know what I really need to do is make a big work to do list but the idea of facing it all just feels too daunting. I'm not ready to face it all yet.

5. I've been giving a lot of thought to Jack growing up without having his father fully in his life. If the past eight months is any idea of his role in Jack's life then I know Jack won't be able to except much from him. It bothers me and although there really isn't anything I can do, it still hurts my heart. I want my baby boy to have everything he needs, including an emotional healthy relationship with his father.

6. My finances are in the dumps. I went and got a bachelor and masters degree and it feels like for nothing. With everything going on my student loans went into default and now they are garnishing $400 a month out of my check and they took my federal tax refund. I was really needing that money so it was such a bummer when I got that letter in the mail.

I hate coming to this space with problems but this is my life. The good and not so good. Thankfully, Jack and I are blessed to be healthy and surrounded by love. Those are the important things. God has a plan for us and I will just have to trust in it. My faith and His grace is all I really need during this stressful time. He will see us through it. Thanks for letting me vent. Love!

May Goals

1. Plan and execute the big reveal party for the Secret Pals at work. I started the Secret Pal Exchange in our school last May and now here it is time for the big reveal party. All the secret pals are wanting to know the when and where so I have to make this a top priority soon.

2. Organize and sign up for all of the professional development I will need this summer.

3. Hit the gym at least 3 times a week. I love going to the gym but it is getting harder to find time to go with the weather being so beautiful. I use to go right after work but now that is prime time to take Jack outside.

4. Find the perfect gift for my Secret Pal. This will be the last gift I get her and I want it to be something she loves and something that will reveal who I am. I know her really well and she has no idea that I'm her Secret Pal. I have been holding back because I didn't want her to realize it was me. Now I can get her something that I know she will love.

5. Accomplish one thing on my 101 in 1001.

6. Cook supper at least once a week. My mom no longer works outside of the home and so she cooks supper pretty much every night. I would like to take over at least one night a week. For one, because I miss cooking and two, I think she would appreciate the break.

7. Clean out my office. Although it is my office it has never been used as an office. It pretty much is a huge storage room. It holds seasonal decorations, seasonal books, files, and library supplies. It needs a major overhaul before school is out.

8. Order the end of year awards.

9. Redo the parent volunteer form.

10. Hold one final PTO meeting to close things up for the year.

11. Wear my hair down more during the week. I'm so bad about throwing it up in the morning. Taking the time to roll or straighten my hair isn't something I prioritize. Once I wake up I am always anxious to get going. I have got to make myself stop, slow down, and do something with all this hair.

12. Clean out my car.

13. Get a professional pedicure.

14. Clean out/organize my closet and dresser drawers.

15. Clean out Jack's toy box.

16. Find a part time job. Although I'll be busy with professional development, I'll have more time than I do during the school year. I hope to find a job where the manager will work with me on the schedule since there are certain days where I just can't work. The hardest part is going to be the time away from Jack. I have to keep Jack in daycare because he'll lose his spot. Hopefully I can work while he is at daycare.

17. Be more aggressive with Jack's potty training. They are working with Jack at daycare so I want to do my part at home. He is great about going when you put him on the potty but he never tells me when he needs to go. He will start taking his clothes off so I think that is one way he is telling me but it isn't consistent.

18. Go through Jack's clothes. I seriously have most of Jack's summer clothes sprawled out on the guest room bed.

19. Stock the Accelerated Reader store for the kiddos. I have a store where the kids spend the points they earn from reading books and taking tests. I would like to get this done before summer starts.

20. Get Jack's haircut.