Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Printed on Burlap!

Being the true Southern gal that I am, I love burlap. The idea of being able to print on it was something I really wanted to do. I ran across this tutorial and thought maybe I could do it.  

Here is how I did it:

1. Take a piece of printer paper and use it to cut a piece of burlap the same size. 
I laid it all out of the floor. I put the printer paper on top of the burlap and used a marker to trace how big to cut the burlap. I made the burlap just a little bigger than my printer paper.

2. Cut a piece of freezer paper to fit over the burlap.
It doesn't have to be an exact. It can be a little bigger than the burlap. 

3. Put freezer paper (wax side down) on top of burlap and iron on.
Make sure you get the edges really well. The picture below is after it had been ironed. Make sure your freezer paper is on top of the burlap when you iron.

4. Cut the freezer paper with attached burlap to fit the size of a regular sized piece of printer paper. 
I had to do some trimming to get it to be cut to size. 

5. Put the freezer paper with attached burlap into your paper tray. Hit print.
You want it to print on the burlap and not the freezer paper so put it in your paper tray in such a way that the burlap gets printed on. It took me two tries to get it to work. The first time it said paper jam. I got out the burlap and trimmed it a little more and it worked the second time. 

6. Pull off freezer paper and use burlap how you wish. 
I'm making a gift for my secret pal. Hopefully the finish product will make it to Perks of Ponder. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Questionnaire

I saw this fun little fall questionnaire on Inside the Fox Den and so I thought it would be fun to answer. Fall is my favorite! 
  1. What is your most loved thing about fall? If I had to choose one thing (and seriously it is the hardest thing in the world) I would have to pick the weather. I love the crisp feeling that comes with fall. 
  2. What is your favorite piece of fall d├ęcor? I have this orange glitter pumpkin that I picked up for cheap and I love it. I also love fall printables that can be changed out each year. Pinterest has so many free ones that it is fun to mix it up. I love this one and this one
  3. Name a fall trend you love and a fall trend you hate. I am loving the dark plaid colors. I have always loved plaid so now that it is trending I am glad to fit in....haha. The only reason I hate the booties fall trend is because I want them all and am living on a single mother/teacher salary. 
  4. Corn maze or pumpkin patch?Pumpkin patch!
  5. Favorite Halloween candy? Candy corn. I have a slight, and very unhealthy love for candy corn. 
  6. Do you like to be scared or do you like to do the scaring? Neither really. I absolutely hate being scared. I don't like shocking, scaring, or surprising others either. Just the anticipation that I feel for someone else is too nerve wracking for me. 
  7. Favorite Halloween (or scary) movie? The only "Halloween" movies I want to see better have a Disney character in them. I'm such a baby!
  8. Are you dressing up for Halloween and if so, what are you going to be? These questions are making me realize how not fun I am. I will not be dressing up and I don't like dressing up. Now what I do like is wearing Halloween accessories. Oh and I love being able to dress up my little pumpkin Jack. 
  9. Pumpkin Spice or Salted Caramel? Salted caramel all the way! 
  10. Favorite fall accessory? A nice lightweight infinity scarf.
  11. Favorite makeup product for the fall? I like to use more dark tones and put the makeup on a little thicker. I guess I don't have a favorite but just overall use my makeup more in the fall.
  12. Favorite fall food? This is a bit tricky! I guess my favorite would have to be chili. I like a little chili with my crackers and cheese :)
  13. Favorite fall scent? Pumpkin!
  14. Do you have any fall traditions? Pumpkin patch/carving pumpkins/weenie roast
  15. What are you most looking forward to this coming season? I'm really looking forward to experiencing the pumpkin patch with a year older Jack. In the last month his vocabulary has really taken off. I know the pumpkin patch will be more fun because Jack is more fun. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

County Fair

The last time Jack had been to the fair he was nestled in my stomach and had me craving a candy apple. I figured it was time he got to go to the fair where he could actually see everything. Our first stop was the animals. He really enjoyed pointing and naming each animals. His favorite were the chickens and roosters. I believe he loved how loud they were. 

We waited around until the rides started up (I wanted to get there early so there would be less people). I bought just enough tickets for Jack to ride one ride. I wasn't sure if they would let him ride in the first place because you are suppose to be 36 inches before you get on and Jack is about 29 inches. Also, I wasn't sure how he would respond to the rides. 

They let him on and oh my goodness did he have a time. He threw himself a little fit when he had to get off. We high-tailed it to the ticket booth and got more tickets. He loved every ride we got on. I should have known my kid would be the one to love them but you can never be too sure. 

It was still very much summer so we didn't stay but maybe two hours but we had lots of fun. Jack threw himself another fit once he realized we were getting in the car to leave. Trying to get a stiff screaming and kicking toddler in a car seat when you have sweat pooling into your eyes is good times people. 

He and I were both exhausted and before we even got out of town he was sound asleep. You can tell we both were hot and tired. This coming weekend there is a fair coming to our town (this fair was 30 minutes away) and I am excited about taking Jack because I'll know what to expect. I think this time I might do an armband because I believe we will get just as much use from it. 

Here is a mommy moment for you: I cried. Yes, I cried watching him ride his first carnival ride. Rides are such a big deal for kids and watching his laugh on his first one made me cry. I didn't tear up. I ugly cried. I had no idea it was gonna happen. They just grow up so dang fast. One minute I'm walking him around in my stomach and the next he is whooping it up at the fair. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Make Your Own Shirts

With money being tight I decided to make some cute shirts for Jack that I've seen around. I originally wanted to buy Jack this shirt.

pumpkin patch shirt perfect fall tractor by zoeysattic on Etsy, $16.50:

The shirt I made for Jack isn't nearly this cute but I'm completely new to this. I'm going to use the one I made is an undershirt and pair it with a cute over shirt or light jacket.

I also couldn't stop myself from making this shirt. 

What I used:
1. Printer
2. White shirts
3. Print and transfer paper
4. Picmonkey

It took messing around with Picmonkey and using regular paper until I got exactly what I wanted. I wish that our Walmart had more options because I wouldn't have went with white shirts but I'm still pretty happy with how they turned out. It was fun just getting to design and make something specific for Jack. I have one more shirt I plan on making with just a monkey and Jack's name. We all call him monkey so I thought it would be cute. I really recommend making a few shirts of your own just for fun. It is also much cheaper.

What kind of shirt would you make?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fayetteville Weekend + Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels + Uber is Awesome

There is just something magical about fall in Fayetteville. We picked a really great weekend to visit. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees. If you live in Arkansas then you are quite familiar with Dickson Street. Once we got into town around five on Friday we went straight to Dickson. By the end of the night we found ourselves at the piano bar singing our hearts out. Nothing like "Let It Go" to bring a room full of people together.

Saturday morning I woke early, went and picked up coffee and walked around the Farmer's Market. I then did a little shopping before the other gals got up to head off for breakfast. We had Rick's for breakfast (which we do every single time) and the wait was crazy but oh so worth it.

The rest of the afternoon was such a whirlwind. We made these amazing pinwheels to take to the tailgate. We also brought along some sliders and chocolate chip cookies. We ate at JJ's for lunch where I had my usual (which is still amazing). I love the whole game day atmosphere. I also had my first introduction to Uber. It was seriously so amazing not having to wait around for a taxi or worrying about keeping cash on hand. At the end of the night I was able to use a free promo code that I had received during the first ride and got a ride completely free. It was so awesome! We also had amazing Uber drivers and it was so great to get to know them.

Here are a few of my favorite. Girl weekends are simply the best!!!

The view from our tailgate location.

Our hostess at JJ's. Best 'ritas ever!

Game ready

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wal-Mart Fashion

I shop at Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Target, and CATO for most of my clothing. As much as I wish I could afford Nordstrom clothes, I just can't. What extra I do have goes to my son and his clothing. One day I'll get to buy pants that cost more than $20 but for now it is all about bargain shopping. Here is a few things either I have purchased lately or is on my to buy list for fall.

Faded Glory Women's Plus-Size Sequin Dot Embellished Sweatshirt

I love this simple but sequined sweater. Price: $11.98

Sweet and feminine vest. Price: $9.98

Tunic length boyfriend shirt. Price: $13.94
I have this shirt and loved it so much that I bought this one too

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Banana Split Cake

I had seen a recipe for a banana split cake and decided the vamp it up a little. It is super yummy and easy. Make quickly and enjoy!


  • pineapple cake mix
  • can of crushed pineapple
  • vanilla pudding
  • strawberries
  • bananas
  • cool whip
  • chocolate syrup
  • cherries
  • nuts
1. Make pineapple cake (cool)
2. Put some cake at the bottom
3. Mix crushed pineapple with vanilla pudding and put some pudding on top of cake
4. Put some bananas on top of the pudding
5. Put more cake on top
6. Add more pudding 
7. Put some strawberries on that
8. Add cool whip
9. Sprinkle nuts, put some chocolate syrup on top, and add some cherries

Here is a picture of the final product.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Grandparent's Day Gift

I don't know what I would do without my parents. They are such a blessing to Jack and I. Friday night I went through my pins and found an idea for something I wanted to put together for my parents to celebrate Grandparent's Day.

Here is the inspiration:
  Great Photo Gifts for Father's Day or any birthday. Men are the hardest to shop for but I don't know a dad who doesn't love pictures of their kids!:

-Cardboard chalk boards (3 pack) I actually found them on sale for 50 cents (crazy, I know!). They had been purchased for awhile and were just the perfect thing when this project came along.
-White paint pen (had on hand)
-frame (bought at Walmart for just under $10)
-photo paper (had on hand from another little project I have going on)
-red paint (all we had was cranberry around but it worked)
-cute kids
-pregnant belly (provided by my sister)

Taking the pictures was the hardest thing in the world! We got the boys to finally sit down and then they started fighting over who got to hold the sign. We would get them situated and one of them would look down, or get up, or throw the sign, or whine, or run off. Not an easy task at all. Finally I had my sister to situate them, give them both a sign, and then right before I started snapping like a crazy paparazzi she would grab the sign we didn't need from one of them. Whoever got their sign taken away would flip out and we would start all over. Fun times people! We took the belly picture last. My poor sister had to stand outside with her shirt up so she wouldn't ruin the masterpiece I created on her stomach. 

For the stomach picture I really wanted the boys on either side kissing her stomach. It was not going to happen. At this point she grabbed their hands, I started making some crazy sound to get their attention and I started snapping. 

By the end of our maybe 10 minute photo session I had over 30 pictures and thankfully had at least one of each shot that was decent enough. 

I hope my parents really appreciate the effort it took to make this happen. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Pinterest Bucket List

With the invention of Pinterest there are so many more ideas available to us. The problem with Pinterest is that there are so many great ideas available. It is impossible to do them all. It's Friday night and I'm cleaning up my Pinterest board (yeah I know-wild night!). As I'm looking at everything I try to make mental notes of things I want to try in the upcoming months but there is no way to remember it all. This is how this blog post was created. I thought I need to take some time out to document those pins that I REALLY want to do this fall. I'll be able to come back to this post to keep myself on track. I may even make myself a printed checklist just to really satisfy my inner organizer self.

Get Jack a pumpkin patch shirt made
pumpkin patch shirt perfect fall tractor by zoeysattic on Etsy, $16.50:

Print and frame this fall printable

Print and frame this fall printable for my Secret Pal
Happy Fall Free Printable Gift Tag

Cook this for breakfast
Cinnamon Roll Cake - this is another must-keep recipe. So yummy! { }

Cook this loaded baked potato soup for dinner
Soup doesn't get much easier than making it in the slow cooker, does it? And here we have one of the ultimate comfort food soups made in the slow cooker. I

Make this goulash for supper (it looks so good!)
Mommy's Kitchen - Old Fashioned & Country Style Cooking: Bobby's Favorite Goulash {Now Our Favorite}:

Cook this dip for a football watching party
A Chip Dip You Must Make: Cowboy Crack

Put these together for a snack (I've never done these using oyster crackers)
Ranch Oyster Crackers from Marty's Musings

Try making this for football tailgating 
Fresh Corn Salsa

Make two of these as gifts
Arkansas Sweet 8x10 or 11x14 Art Print by HandmadeEscapade on Etsy, $15.50:

 Do this activity with my kiddos at work
Printable Candy Corn Math Activities:

Use this printable to attach to a gift for my Secret Pal
Halloween witch free printable:

Put together these for Jack's teachers
No Tricks Just Treats Jar - perfect Halloween gift idea!

Make these for the kids in Jack's class
Halloween Party favors:

Jack and I are going to make some of these as a Halloween treat

Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Jack and I will be doing our annual Halloween foot art using this idea
Halloween Kid Crafts | A Little Craft In Your Day:

Get a hair cut and dye with the inspiration of this photo
this length:

Buy a pair of these earrings or at least tell Santa about them
Glitter Stud Earrings, $38 | 37 Awesome Things You Need To Put On Your Wishlist Immediately:

Read this book

Buy my sister this for her birthday
Mother and Daughter Sterling Silver Heart Necklace Set:

Well there you have it, my very busy plans for the next two months. I didn't even try to include the baby shower I'm hosting, Thanksgiving, the upcoming birth of my niece, or Jack's birthday. If this works well for me I just might come back and do a November Pinterest Bucket List. November is always such a busy month for me (and I'm sure for everyone else). You can follow all of my Pinterest boards by clicking here.

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Best Free Baby Shower Invitation

The Little Umbrella has the cutest free baby shower invitations. I love free...who doesn't? The awesome thing about these invitations is that you get to customize the colors. It was so much fun getting to play around until I found the perfect color combination.

After you pick the colors you want to use, fill in the blanks with your shower information, save, and then print. I printed my sister's shower invites on 4x6 picture paper. I looked everywhere on Pinterest for free baby shower invitations and these were by far the cutest and easiest to use. Check out their site for other awesome freebies they have available.
Happy Labor Day!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5 Favorite Books Right Now

I haven't been doing much blogging but I sure have been doing a lot of reading. My plan is to get back to blogging soon but for now I'll leave you with my 5 favorite books I am loving right now.