Saturday, January 30, 2016

February Holiday and Special Days

Today I have for you a calendar of the different holidays and special days for February 2016. These special days are often great blog post ideas and reasons to do something a little special. Some days are a little wacky (battery day??? and pistol patent day???). I like having this on hand and I thought you would enjoy a copy for yourself. Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 29, 2016

January Happy Moments

Here it is, the last post for January 2016. Y'all, we are one month in. Do you feel like you stuck to your resolutions? Are you feeling like a better person who has changed for the better?

Personally I can say that I would answer yes to those questions. I have a morning routine that is working. I'm still walking during my lunch breaks. I've lost a few pounds. I've decluttered several areas. I'm happier. So far I am loving 2016!

Inside my bullet journal is a page set aside for me to write down happy moments for each month. Today I wanted to share with you those moments for January 2016.

1// Decorating for Valentine's Day.

2// Making a kick-A flyer for our school's dance. Thank you picmonkey!

3// Spending the night with my bestie Jessica. We drank mimosas and TALKED a lot!

4// Local Lime in Little Rock. So good and the margaritas are amazing!

5// Watching Jack learn how to use the Kindle.

6// A leisurely Friday night watching The Intern with my mother.

7// My new pink shirt from Target.

8// Yummy mocha from Starbucks. Such a treat!

9// The other day I was next in line at McDonalds when I overheard the woman in front of me try to order Cajun rice. It is absolutely hilarious. The woman taking the order couldn't stop laughing and finally had to hold it together to place the woman's order. Of course, when I got up there I place my order and when she asked if I wanted anything else I said Cajun rice. We had a good laugh.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January Books (Hits and Misses)

January wasn't a big reading month for me. It probably has something to do with my new obsession with my bullet journal. However, I have read a few books and tried to read one. Here are those books.

What book have you read that I need to read? 


Goodreads Synopsis:
More than twenty years ago, Claire and Lydia's teenaged sister Julia vanished without a trace. The two women have not spoken since, and now their lives could not be more different. Claire is the glamorous trophy wife of an Atlanta millionaire. Lydia, a single mother, dates an ex-con and struggles to make ends meet. But neither has recovered from the horror and heartbreak of their shared loss—a devastating wound that's cruelly ripped open when Claire's husband is killed.

The disappearance of a teenage girl and the murder of a middle-aged man, almost a quarter-century apart: what could connect them? Forming a wary truce, the surviving sisters look to the past to find the truth, unearthing the secrets that destroyed their family all those years ago . . . and uncovering the possibility of redemption, and revenge, where they least expect it.

My take:
It was a quick read because it was so good. I just love a good thriller. There were a few things that I wish would have gotten cleared up and some relationships just didn't make sense to me. With that said, I really liked it. 


Goodreads Synopsis: 
Great comic writers are as rare as hen's teeth. And Helen is one of a very select band who have created a character of whom the very thought makes you smile. Bridget Jones' Diary, charting the life of a 30-something singleton in London in the 1990s was a huge international bestseller, published in 40 countries and selling over 15 million copies worldwide. Its sequel, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, published soon after was also a major international bestseller. Both were made into films starring RenĂ©e Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.

Set in the present, the new novel will explore a different phase in Bridget's life with an entirely new scenario. As Helen Fielding has said: "If people laugh as much reading it as I am while writing it then we'll all be very happy."

My take: I couldn't even finish it. It didn't have the same Bridget Jones feel. I loved the other two Bridget Jones books but this one was a miss for me. 


Goodreads Synopsis: In Why Not Me?, Kaling shares her ongoing journey to find contentment and excitement in her adult life, whether it’s falling in love at work, seeking new friendships in lonely places, attempting to be the first person in history to lose weight without any behavior modification whatsoever, or most important, believing that you have a place in Hollywood when you’re constantly reminded that no one looks like you.

My Take: I love reading Hollywood stories now and then. Add some funny and I love it even more. Right after finishing it I added her other book to my "to read" list. 


Goodreads Synopsis: 
Raised by working-class immigrant parents and later exposed to Hollywood's most elite experts in every field, Access Hollywood's,Today's, and Nightly News's reporter Maria Menounos reveals her EveryGirl secrets on everything: her systems to organize life, manage time, and ascend the ladder of success; her lazy woman's workout; her weight-loss tips (how she lost forty pounds and kept it off); and her guide to styling yourself like the stars—a self-proclaimed EveryGirl, Maria often does her own hair and makeup for celebrity events.

In The EveryGirl's Guide to Life, Maria shares personal experiences and photos from her life and professional journey as well as the various mantras, mottos, and philosophies she's adopted from the world's most impressive women. She gives advice on health, career, relationships, renovations, recreation, and more. From your carpet to the red carpet, Maria teaches the EveryGirl on a budget how to do it all, while living a healthier and happier life.

My take: It is basically like a really great blog in a book. So many great ideas! I have actually read this one in the past. It's been awhile so I picked up another copy of my own. It has some really smart and simple ways to improve your life. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 10 Goals Recap + Week 11 Goals + Bullet Journaling

Week 10 Goals Recap

1// Do my taxes. I'm still missing one piece of information and then I'll be all set to go. I've done everything else so once I have this one thing I'll be getting them done. I do my taxes myself so I'm able to work on them when I can. 

2// Pay bills. I get paid once a month so it is time to start paying off that debt for 2016. I paid $1171 of my debt. So exciting! I even paid one thing completely off-man that feels good!

3// Finish book and start another. I finished the book I was reading but haven't started another. 

4// Do a sit down and examine where I'm at with my long term goals. What is working?       What is not working?  I need to do this every few weeks to make sure I'm still moving in the right direction. 

5// Drink that water!

6// Continue packing lunch for work.  I only had to pack 3 lunches this week since we were out Monday and Friday.

7// Be thinking about or purchase something for my Secret Pal. I did zero shopping like I had planned. 

8// Finish putting together Jack's class Valentines. Here is the thing, I can only work on them after Jack is asleep and well I have hit the hay right after he has this past week. I have some time so I'm not panicking but I would like to get it done soon.

Week 11 Goals

1// Try out making smoothies. I really want to see if Jack will drink them. He isn't the best fruit or vegetable eater so I hope he will drink them so I can get more fruits and vegetables into his growing body.

2/ Finish Jack's class valeintines.

3// Do even more research on bullet journaling.

4// Declutter bathroom products.

5// Volunteer at JBE Winter Ball which is this Saturday.

6// Start reading a new book.

7// Work with Jack on wearing headphones. He got screened for speech therapy and when they went to check his hearing he freaked out because he didn't want to wear the headphones. He has never worn any before so I plan to work with him on this because he is getting retested soon.

8// Fill out Jack's speech and development therapy papers. Where he goes to daycare they offer these services for free if they qualify. Jack isn't really behind but he has some things he can work on.

My Experience with Bullet Journaling

For the past week bullet journaling has been popping up in my Pinterest feed. I had zero ideas on what bullet journaling really was so I clicked on a few links and learned more.

The bullet journal is what you make it. The key piece to it is an index. Here is what I have in my index so far:
Page 1: Quotes
Page 2: 2016 goals and word of 2016
Page 3: Index
Page 4: Weekly Goals Jan 25-Feb 21
Page 5: Weekly Goals Feb 22-Mar 20
Page 6: Step count Jan 24-April 22
Page 7: Books I've read 2016
Page 8: Blog post ideas
Page 9: Future home ideas
Page 10: Organizing ideas
Page 11: Recipes to try
Page 12: January Dump (where I put random thoughts and ideas)
Page 13: January and Feb happy moments
Page 14: Valentine's Bucket List
Page 15: Products to try
Page 16-20: Beauty Inspiration (cut out pictures and articles)
Page 21: Good deeds
Page 22: Feb dump
Page 23: Wish list-me
Page 24: Wish list-Jack

Here are a few pictures

I used a spiral notebook this time but I plan on picking up something else for my next bullet journal. I think I'd rather use something with no lines. I also want to pick up more colored pens. I had on hand blue, black, purple, and pink. 

I'm not a very artsy person and my hand lettering is awful but the great thing about bullet journaling is that you are practicing. 

Most people do a daily goals/tasks. I decided against that because most of my days are pretty much the same. I do better with weekly goals because I can work on those few things when I can fit in the time. 

This bullet journal is pretty much my rough draft. I'm going to use this one until I feel more comfortable with my lettering and decide what pages to take away or add. I've seen where people track more things than what I have in my journal so I may add more tracking pieces. I want it to be something that can function with me and not against me. I don't have lots of time to dedicate to it so I don't want to put too much pressure to write too much stuff down and then fail. 

I think keeping all my bullet journals will be fun to have so I can look back at them. It is such an interesting way to keep track of all the things in my wonderful life. Plus, it lets you be creative.

Have you ever tried bullet journaling? 

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Little Things

Erika at The Slaughters wrote a sweet post listing all the tiny things that make her happy. I really thought the list was adorable and decided to recreate one for myself.

1// Those moment right before Jack goes to sleep where he is so cozy and soft.

2// When McDonalds makes my mocha perfectly.

3// Falling asleep on the couch while watching The Middle. I love it when my body just goes to sleep and I'm not going to sleep with my mind going over everything I need to get done.

4// Reading a really great book.

5// Marking something off my to do list that I've been dreading to do.

6// Hitting my steps goal.

7// Decorating for a holiday.

8// Having a much needed conversation with your best friend.

9// Valentine stickers.

10// Filling up my new bullet journal.

11// Having laugh fits with co-workers.

12// Trying something new and enjoying it.

13// Watching Jack play contently.

14// Office supplies-yes, I'm a dork.

15// Knowing you have really helped someone out.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week Happy-nnings

We were projected to get snow and as usual our small southern town didn't get what was expected. Basically we got a strong dusting and were projected to get four inches. We had a snow day regardless. I let Jack paint a canvas using pink, red, and purple. It is now added to our Valentine decorations. I also picked up some Valentine stickers for him to stick all over himself.

I'm so happy that I've stuck to my walking during my lunch breaks. When it is super cold or rainy I walk in the gym


Notice my super cool headphones that I just grab from the ones the kids use. Why can't I seem to remember to bring my earbuds? Also, I'm loving this scarf. I got it last year for Christmas and it works with so many outfits.

Clay masks are the best for two reasons. 1/ they feel amazing 2/ they scare the mess out of your kid

My blogging friend Tabitha talked about her Great Purge of 2016 and I'm right there with her. Jack had two sock drawers. I dumped them all out and got to matching. What didn't have a match went in the trash. Now to keep it this way. Last night I purged the toys. I have a huge garbage bag full of perfectly good toys that Jack doesn't play with. I'm thinking I'll put them in storage and bring them out in a few months. Maybe start a toy rotating system. 

My students made snowflakes as a way to help decorate for the winter ball the PTO is hosting. It was suppose to be today but got moved to next weekend due to the weather. Is it sad that I'm looking forward to this dance? I think it is going to be so much fun to just enjoy the kiddos and let them be wild. 

Pictures like this remind me that Jack is growing up. The other day I was in the bathroom and Jack went potty. He just stood up and peed like a big boy. He has been sitting on the potty and I just figured I'd teach him to stand and pee later on. I think he must have seen the other little boys at school do it. Now I really get to feel like a boy mom and constantly clean up pee out of the floor. The same day he tooted like he was a grown man so I guess he has officially turned into a boy and not just my little baby. Good times people!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jack's Class Valentine Gifts

A friend from work found these mini Pillow Pets at Dollar Tree. The store only gets one shipment of them a year and she bought all 114 of them. She sold them to friends and I bought 23 for Jack's class.

I had these clear plastic bags on hand from something similar. I slipped a Pillow Pet into each bag, tied it with some red ribbon leftover from Christmas, and attached a tag I made using Picmonkey. Super simple to do and only $1 a piece!

I just know the little kiddos are going to love them!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 9 Goals Recap + Week 10 Goals

Week 9 Goals

1// Walk 8,000 steps most days. I wrote this post on how I add steps to my day.

2// Take lunch to school. Bonus points if I pack it the night before. I brought my lunch each day except for on Thursday. On Thursday a local restaurant delivers food to the school. I ordered a wonderful Italian Chicken Salad. 

3// Buy an address book and start filling it up. I use to have one I used religiously but it is packed up somewhere. One of my resolutions is to send more snail mail so this is very important to have.

4// Keep drinking that water! It really is amazing how drinking water makes you crave more water. 

5// Make taco soup. It is perfect for the cold weather we are having, plus what yummy leftovers for lunch! I had it for 2 suppers and a lunch. So good!

6// Continue reading devotional.

7// Pick out that one little word and get that post ready to do. I've been giving it a lot of thought and I'm excited to finally pick that one little word that is going to make 2016 so great. You can read that post here

8// Start my taxes. We don't get our W-2s until the 20th but I'm going to go ahead and start getting things together. I've done everything I can do without a W-2. We don't get ours until the 20th (pay day). 

9// Dye my hair. I'm starting to see some grays pop out again. I never got around to getting this done.

10// Do Jack's Valentine canvas art. 

Week 10 Goals

1// Do my taxes.

2// Pay bills. I get paid once a month so it is time to start paying off that debt for 2016.

3// Finish book and start another.

4// Do a sit down and examine where I'm at with my long term goals. What is working?       What is not working? 

5// Drink that water!

6// Continue packing lunch for work. 

7// Be thinking about or purchase something for my Secret Pal. 

8// Finish putting together Jack's class Valentines. 

This is going to be a super busy week.

Our school's PTO is having a dance on Saturday. Since I'm the treasurer, I have to help. I think it will be fun but it completely nixes out my Saturday.  Typically I write 10 goals but I have some pretty hefty goals on here so I'm gonna keep it at 8 for this week.

I hope you ladies have a wonderful week. I kinda fell off the dieting train this weekend but am back full force. I had a nice 3 day weekend where nothing exciting happened-just the way I like it. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week in Review

*I meant to post this on Friday but life got in the way. We were short on subs so I had to double up classes. I also got a last minute assignment at work that had to be completed that day. So here it is-just a little late.

This week was definitely not last week. This week felt more chaotic and rushed. Although it didn't have the more calming feeling of last week, we still had a good week. 

Here are a few things that I wanted to spotlight that made this week special. 

1// Sunday. It was one of those amazing days where we stayed in our jammies until mid-morning. We relaxed but then got lots done. I enjoy being able to stack my Sunday to make my week go much easier. 

2// I've started doing a little Valentine's decorating. I picked up the wreath, the sequined XO, and the gold heart candle holder at Target. Oh Target, I love thee.

3// Although I haven't had much reading time, I have been reading a little of Why Not Me? It's nice taking a break for my usual thrills and drama and just laugh.

4// I've been putting in more time each morning to do my make-up. Last year, many mornings I was putting my make-up on in the parking lot or even not at all. It makes me feel so much better to take the time to do it right. Going into work feeling more put together makes for much better days.

5// I'm a whole two weeks into the new year and I'm feeling great. I'm walking. I'm drinking water. I'm eating better. I'm getting organized. I'm relaxing more. I'm letting things go and feeling better than ever. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1// Crafting with Jack can be really stressful. Why does he want to put the paint in his mouth?

2// Last night while something (corn dogs and taco rolls-#motheroftheyear) was cooking he decided to open the oven. Scared me to death!

3// I hate going to PTO meetings. It's not because of the meeting, it is because I don't want to stay after school. I have an hour to kill after school. I'll probably end up spending money I need to be saving.

4// When I get obsessed with something, I really get obsessed with something. I've been watching The Middle like a crazy person.

5// I'm really enjoying reading my 3 minute devotional during our moment of silence at school.

6// This morning I was able to fit into a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear in a couple of months. #winning

7// Eating better and exercising is great but it does take discipline. Some days my discipline is high and some days it is very low.

8// Once you get in the habit of drinking water, you start to crave it.

9// When I asked my first grade class yesterday what they would buy if they won the Powerball one kid answered with "a whole bunch of candy". Another one said "an Xbox 360". I asked what their parents would buy and a girl said "my dad would buy something to rub my mom's back because he hates to do it". Kids keep it real.

10// I'm excited about this weekend because I have zero plans. I'm ready to sit at home. Maybe I'll stay in my pajamas all weekend. Hopefully Jack will be down with a simple weekend at home. I want to watch tv and read books. Oh, and sleep, lots.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How I Am Adding Steps to My Day

I'm loving my Fitbit. Being able to track how many steps I'm completing each day is a major motivation. Currently, my steps goals is 8,000. I've been reaching that goal for the past week. I'll give it a few more days and then up it a few hundred more. My long term goal is to reach 10,000 steps most days. I'm starting to feel that I will be able to reach that goal as long as I continue to push myself.

Here are some ways I'm making sure I am hitting my 8,000+ steps each day.

1. During my lunch break I eat in 15 minutes and use the rest of my time to walk. Since it has been cold I've been walking in our schools gym. Yesterday it was nice outside so I walked around the school. Putting those earbuds in my ear and walking not only helps me get my steps in but it is a great stress relief during the middle of my day.

2. I no longer stand and wait for something. If I'm waiting on the copier, I walk around the room. If I'm waiting for the microwave, I run in place. Those extra steps really do add up.

3. Instead of having my students run errands for me, I am taking things myself. Since I have an assistant with me I am able to leave the room without leaving the students unattended.

4. I park far away. I use to try to circle parking lots to get the closest spot. Now, I just park at the end. It adds steps and saves me frustration. No more looking for a parking spot!

5. Turning the 15 minute jolt feature on. If I sit for 15 minutes my Fitbit will let me know it is time to get up. I'll do a few laps before I sit back down.

Trying to find ways to add steps in has become a fun little game for me. I enjoy checking my step count throughout the day.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can add steps to my day?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One Little Word {2016}

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've been giving this one little word a lot of thought. Before I tell you the word I finally came up with I want to share with you why this word is important. In order to do that I have to tell you that 2015 was hard. Like divorce, and living with your parents at 33, raising a toddler as a single parent kinda hard. 2015 was facing my situation and muddling through the hard stuff.

It was surviving.

It was work.

It was seeing a therapist and working through crap.

I've done it. I've survived. I've worked. My therapist has cut me down to once a month. I feel like I have made it through the other side.

I've fought the war and now it is time for RECONSTRUCTION.

In 2016 I vow to....

RECONSTRUCT  my finances. There once was a time where I was financially comfortable. Many obstacles later and I'm in debt. This year I will actively work to pay things off.

RECONSTRUCT a home for Jack and I. Living with my parents was the best thing for us. They were here to help. They gave me all the support we needed. Once some debts are paid off, it will be time for us to be in our own place.

RECONSTRUCT my body. After I had Jack I became very ill and had to undergo two surgeries. My body has been through it. I gave myself some grace to focus on the hard things but now it is time to focus on my body again so I can feel better about myself.

RECONSTRUCT my peaceful place. A place where I can speak to the Lord and feel connected. A place where I can examine my world and keep myself in check.

RECONSTRUCT my thrill for the possible. It is such a scary and exciting idea that what is today might not be what is tomorrow. I need to remember and remind myself that things are possible. Life is not JUST work. It is about play and creativity. Life is about enjoying the most mundane things. Great things can happen and I need to remind myself daily of the possible.

Well there it is-I've finally picked a one little word and I'm happy to focus on the RECONSTRUCTION of me.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 8 Goals Recap + Week 9 Goals

Week 8 Goals Recap

1// Finish Fates and Furies, then start another book. I've started the book The Girl With No Past. I'm not just in love with it yet but I'm going to keep going. 

2// Water, seriously! This is the week that I'm marking this one off my list! I bought a big thing of bottled water and have been drinking them at work. 

3// Take my lunch to work. I've rocked this one this week also. I still wish I had some more exciting food for lunch. Hopefully I can try some new things soon.

4// Eat breakfast EVERY MORNING. This one just can't be done. The best I can do is a protein bar. I'm gonna have to count that as breakfast. My body just doesn't take food that early in the morning. 

5// Walk 10,000 steps most days. 10,000 steps is just too much for me right now. I've now decreased my goal to 8,000 steps which is more doable. 

6// Write out work goals for the month of January. I really hope to do this every school month to keep myself working towards my bigger goals.

7// Read posts on how to improve blogging photography. I hope for you to see lots of better looking pictures in the near future. 

8// Pick a Valentine's painting to do with Jack. We worked on it this weekend and I hope to show you all very soon. 

9// Read daily devotional. It is what I do during our school's moment of silence.

10// Put on my makeup before I leave the house, and not in the parking lot of the school.  I've also recently tried some Mary Kay foundation and I'm really loving it. 

Week 9 Goals

1// Walk 8,000 steps most days.

2// Take lunch to school. Bonus points if I pack it the night before.

3// Buy an address book and start filling it up. I use to have one I used religiously but it is packed up somewhere. One of my resolutions is to send more snail mail so this is very important to have.

4// Keep drinking that water!

5// Make taco soup. It is perfect for the cold weather we are having, plus what yummy leftovers for lunch!

6// Continue reading devotional.

7// Pick out that one little word and get that post ready to do. I've been giving it a lot of thought and I'm excited to finally pick that one little word that is going to make 2016 so great.

8// Start my taxes. We don't get our W-2s until the 20th but I'm going to go ahead and start getting things together.

9// Dye my hair. I'm starting to see some grays pop out again.

10// Do Jack's Valentine canvas art. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

First Week of 2016 Recap

Isn't the new year great? All my favorite things are front and center at Wal-Mart (you know totes and bleach), people are posting all their new planners that they are going to use to get it together, and (my favorite) all the fitness and healthy food talk. Ah, I love it! I really do (seriously, no sarcasm). I love all things planning/organizing/fresh start/cleaning/getting it together. So this week has been wonderful for me.

The Funniest 2015 New Years Resolution Jokes The Twittersphere Has To Offer:

Aren't we all our best selves the first week of the new year?

I've been calmer and nicer.

I've been dressing up and eating better.

I've been walking.

My monthly calendar for January is filled out and on the fridge.

I've been on my Mama game, staying stern but not yelling, yet having lots of fun.

To do lists made with things actually marked off.

The first week of January is great!

Of course, I hope to keep all these things up. Don't we all? What a nice and healthy world we would live in if we stayed who we are from the first week of January and on.

Here are some of the best parts of my week:

It has been VERY cold here in southeast Arkansas. It hit the lower 50's on Sunday and so I decided to bundle us up and head outside for about 30 minutes.

I've packed my lunch all week and walked during my lunch break. It really makes me feel so much better. Before, I would have spent money eating out and wasted that time in the car. It puts me in such a better mood by doing the walking.

Every morning at school we have a moment of silence that lasts a few minutes. I take that time to quickly read my 3-Minute Devotions For Women. Such a nice way to start my work day!

Tuesday I had my informal observation and it went really well. The kids were spot on and so was I-those moments are so great to have. 

I have really enjoyed all my new Christmas gifts. I love this gold and silver cross necklace. Another gift I see in this picture that I love is the new quilt set. I love a quilt much better than a comforter because they are much easier to wash. 

Going back to work after a two week break has not been easy so I've had a little more down time after work than I use to. With that extra time I have been binge watching The Middle. I'm in love with this show now. Better late than never, right? 


It's been a wonderful week and I hope it continues for another week. I like being on my A game. It feels great to exercise, save money, eat better, get things cleaned and organized, and focus on the things I enjoy the most. 

Cheers to one week in the right direction!

What has been the best part of your week? 

I recently updated my About Me page if you wanna check it out. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Work Essentials

Two of my goals for 2016 are to start bringing my lunch to work and walking more.

If I bring my lunch, I am saving money and not eating fast food. Another perk is that it feels like I have a longer lunch break because I'm not spending most of my time in the car.

My lunch break is 45 minutes long, and I can easily eat in 15 minutes, which leaves me 30 minutes. 30 minutes! I had been wasting all that time and now I am using that time to work on my other goal-to walk more.

Our school's gym is empty during my lunch break (the PE teacher and I share the same lunch break) and so I walk around the gym and listen to music. Not only is it healthy, but it relaxes me. It is exactly what I need before dealing with 20 kindergartners. Can I get an amen!

Here are some things that make bringing my lunch and walking more much easier.

1// A cute lunch tote. I got this one from Mixed Bags. I love that it is so easy to clean out.

2// Some cheap Wal-Mart tennis shoes. I have my nice workout shoes at home for the treadmill but I picked up this cheap pair to leave at work. 

3// I love this smell by Bath and Body Works. It makes me feel refreshing to spritz this on before heading back into the library.

4// I love my single cup coffee maker by Brentwood. It saves me money because I'm not stopping at McDonald's every day. It also fills me up and gives me a perk of energy around 2:00. 

5// My snack bin. I made a small snack bin full of energy packed snacks like peanut butter crackers and raisins. Instead of walking to the vending machine, I can pick something from my snack bin. I also have protein bars and other 100 calorie treats available in my new cute bin. 

Does anyone have any other suggestions to help me stay on track with my fitness goals in 2016?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Favorites

Book: She's Come Undone

Singer: Percy Sledge

Movie: Sleepless in Seattle

Color: Black

Sports Team: Arkansas Razorbacks

Candy: Sour Patch Kids (especially the red ones)

Chocolate: I love a Kit Kat

Favorite food to cook: mostly desserts like brownies and cookies

Favorite food: homemade mom's are the best

Favorite restaurant: Texas Roadhouse. I love love love their salad and baked potatoes.

Guilty pleasure: hours of Gilmore Girls

New show: Even though it is old, it is new to me....The Middle. Oh the Heck's are so funny!

Drink: Dr. Pepper even though I wish it were water.

Game to play: Yahtzee

Candle scent: peppermint

Magazine: Real Simple

Perfume: Romance by Ralph Lauren

Pick one and tell me about it. I would love to hear!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jack Update

It's been awhile since I've done a "what is Jack up to" post. This time in his life is just so precious that I don't want to forget it. I know all of you parents feel the same way.

  • He has started calling my mother Jim instead of Nana and we have no idea why.
  • Loves being outside more than anything in the world.
  • Obsessed with corn dogs right now. I totally understand the obsession. He eats them plain while I like a little mustard and ketchup.
  • Has slept through the night for the past two weeks. Mama is in heaven!
  • Speaking of sleep, he sleeps in the bed with me and that toddler bed has become a catch all. Oops!
  • Still not close to being potty trained. He will come running up to me to say "mama, I poo poo". Good times my friends.
  • I will say that is better than him taking the pull up off and trying to clean it up himself. He has done this twice and one time he used my comforter. So yeah, I'll take him telling me.
  • Besides corn dogs, he requests smarties all day long. I've even offered him chocolate and it is a no. The child is crazy.
  • He is throwing everything away. Finishes a bowl of cereal and well it all goes. Hasn't quite mastered the difference between paper and glass. I had 5 K-cups end up missing. I guarantee you he threw them in the trash. We also can not find the house phone that sits in the back room. I'm sure it is in a landfill somewhere. 
  • He does not care at all about doing puzzles or coloring. This hurts mama's feelings.
  • He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Polar Express.
  • Very rough and tough little boy. He wants to get on my back when I'm laying on my stomach and then jump far. He also jumps off furniture and especially my bed. 
  • He makes the cutest praying hands when you say "time for praying hands". I love that he goes to a church based daycare.
  • He moved up to the preschool room last week. I'm going to miss him being with Ms. Allison but Mrs. Ember and Mrs. Lori are already so great with him.
  • Words are coming more and more easier with Jack. He still jabbers a lot but he is getting there. His favorite right now is "Mama, what's that?".
  • My dad calls him possum because little possums crawl all over their mamas. 
  • He can name every single Thomas the Train character. 
  • We live very close to train tracks and he gets so excited when he hears the train coming. It is a whole minute of him being still.
  • He loves his cousin Bennett so much. Seeing their little relationship just makes me so happy. Jack will most likely be an only child so I'm so happy to see them create a wonderful bond.
  • Every time he goes outside he gets so amazed at the sky. He loves to point it out, as well as the sun, stars, clouds, and moon.