Friday, January 1, 2016

Literary Junkies Link Up

This is my first time joining up with the Literary Junkies. Book lovers are my people so I'm excited to be here today. Talking about books is something I can pretty much do from coffee to wine. So here I go, talking about books.

1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it.

I first saw Fates and Furies on our local morning news show. The book store owner was displaying some of the newest best books. I had no idea what it was about, just that it was popular. I added it to my holds list (I check out books from the local library electronically). It just recently became available. 

This is a different kind of book. It takes work. It takes concentration. The words are beautiful-poetic-but overally written. My mom asked me what my book was about and all I could say is "it's about these two married people and their life together". 

2. What were your favorite reads of 2015?
Click here to see my favorites of 2015 but I wanted to add one more. I can't believe I forgot to add it to this list because it just might be my favorite. My Sunshine Away was a great story with very likable characters. I spent the time I had for reading devouring this book. As you can tell, I highly recommend it. 

3. What was your book-read total for 2015? Did you make your goal for the year?
I didn't set a reading goal for 2015 so I don't know how many books I've read. If I had to guess I would say around 40 books. 

4. How many books would you like to read in 2016?
I would like to read another 40 books this year. Since I just love books, I don't really feel the need to set a reading goal because it isn't like I need that motivation to read. 

5. What is the number one book sitting on your Must Read list right now?
I guess I'm anxious to read After You. I recently finished Me Before You so I am ready to read the sequel. 
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  1. If you like Jojo Moyes, I highly recommend Honeymoon in Paris and The Girl You Left Behind (in that order!). I pulled an all-nighter to finish those books, they were so amazing.

  2. I've got a few Jojo Moyes books on my shelf too and I'm still in the process of reading My Sunshine Away. I haven't been able to "get into it" yet but I'm hopeful after reading that you highly recommend it! Thanks for linking up and I hope to see you back this week for the January LJ Link Party!!


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