Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What I Want to Read

I recently finished The Girl on the Train. Although it took me a little time to get into it, once I made it about 50% through I was hooked. The first half was good, and important to the story, but it was just slow. Once it got really going it was very addicting. Once I finish one book I like to have another waiting for me. Here is what I want to read next.

1* I've always been a huge Diane Chamberlain fan so I'm pretty excited to try this one out.

2* This book got my attention when I read this post. My weight has always been an issue with me so I hope to gain a little insight from someone elses life experience. Also, the author is a fellow blogger so I love that.

3* I have read everyone of Chelsea Handler's books. I always read them in one day and I always laugh the entire time. When I get my hands on one of her books I always make sure that I have a little time to myself because I know I'm gonna want to read it all at one time. The last Handler book I read I was at a conference and had the night to myself. I got some yummy take out food, the book, and I tucked in for the night. I'm sure this Handler book will not disappoint. 

4* The last book on my list is one I've been wanting to read for awhile. Big Little Lies has gotten quite popular after Moriarty's success with The Husband's Secret (which I loved). 

Have you read any of these?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Jack's Easter "Basket"

Here it is, Jack's Easter "basket" 2015. I decided to go with an untraditional basket since we have an official Jack Easter basket for Easter egg hunting. I thought this would be a fun alternative. 

I got this huge dump truck at Target (I actually got all these items at Target) for $19.99.

Here is what is inside Jack's truck. 

Hot Wheels truck. Ashley and Wyatt from Everything is Hunky Dorey sent Jack some Hot Wheels cars that he loves so I thought I would add to his little growing collection. 

A dollar spot book that we can use to go over our animals. 

Dollar spot Dr. Suess flashcards

Peanut Butter M&M Eggs (I can't wait to try these myself)

Flickin Chickens because we are gonna have so much fun with these.

Reece Pieces, Peeps (my favorite Easter candy), and Jelly Belly Kids Mix

Iced Animak Cookies from the Dollar Spot

Easter plate with Easter fork and spoon ($1 each)

A chocolate bunny because no Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny

What is going in your child's Easter basket?

Friday, March 27, 2015

5 Awesomeness From This Week

1. I spent the weekend with 3 amazingly fun gals in Fayetteville. In this picture we are at my second favorite place in Fayetteville. Just in case you are wondering we were at Kingfish and my favorite place is JJ's.

2. The second thing that made this week so awesome is I changed my own breaklight. I bought the right bulb, got out the book, and handled that sheez myself. It felt good! 

3. I finally got around to buying Syntha-6 (chocolate shake). One of my co-workers let me try it and I loved it. It is packed with protein to help build lean muscle and it surpresses your appetite. 

4. I wrote this post about all the entertainment that made my week so relaxing!

5. My awesome friend Brooke got me this present. It is such a cute picture frame and a great pic from our Garth Brooks trip.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

4 Photos That Summarize My Spring Break

This past weekend I went to Fayetteville and had an amazing time. My "official" Spring Break started yesterday. Honestly, it has be freaking wonderful! I took a nap today, like seriously a real nap. Jack still has daycare so I have the days to myself. I present to you the 4 photos that summarize my Spring Break right now.

I started this last week and the fact that I'm still at it is a miracle in itself. I actually can do the jogging part now without feeling like they are going to find me dead on the treadmill. 

I binge watched season 1 of Orange is the New Black. For someone who rarely watches tv binge watching feels wonderful. You know what doesn't feel wonderful? Is when I first put it in the DVD player my parents were in the living room with me. Yeah, I so did not know it was gonna show all that. Awkward! 

I saved up the first 4 episodes of The Following to watch during my Spring Break. That show freaks my stuff out but I'm addicted so I deal. 

After What Alice Forgot, I needed a new book. I've head good things about this one so I downloaded it today. I'm not too far into it yet but I do know it's one I'll finish quickly. I will let y'all know my thoughts on it after I'm finished. If you have read it, what did you think? 

I'm not sure how much I'll be around here this week. As you can see I have my priorities straight. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Boy Box Swap Reveal

When I heard about the Boy Box Swap that Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me was hosting I knew I wanted Jack and I to participate. Getting to know another boy mama, getting goodies in the mail, and getting to buy fun things for someone else is a win, win, win. I signed right up!

The first great thing that happened is Stephanie paired me with another Arkansas blogger. I love getting to know other Arkansas bloggers. I also now have another must read blog and friend.

I first introduced my box swap partner Ashley in this post. Ashley blogs over at Everything's Hunky Dorey where she shares her adventures as the mother of Wyatt and Stella. Her family is just precious. I really lucked out by getting paired with such a sweet gal.

Look at all the amazing things that we received from Ashley and Wyatt!

Jack was so obsessed with his Hot Wheels that he refused to put them down even for bath time.

This child is two and got his first Hot Wheels today. I know, horrible mom, right? I just didn't think he would love them as much as the bigger and louder cars and trucks. Boy was I wrong. He is seriously all about those Hot Wheels. I had to force them out of his hands to put him to bed. Mama knew no sleeping would happen as long as he had his cars. 

Jack and I both got goodies. I love my Easter notepad and pen, nail polish, and my yummy smelling EOS. Jack is also enjoying scribbling on his board and thinking he can use that pen to write on other stuff. Ha! Poor child :) Jack is all about letters right now so using those to practice has been so much fun. I need to get him a big metal cookie sheet to attach them to. 

Thanks Ashley and Wyatt for all our goodies! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hurtful Words

Today I was called something that bothered me to my core. The longer it sat with me the more it ate at me. The principal came to me and asked me about a situation with a child who I will call Cameron. I had no idea what she was talking about so I asked her who his homeroom teacher was (I see around 800 kids a week and in my brain I store things by teacher). When she told me whose class he was in I then knew when I saw that child. I racked my brain trying to recall if anything happened. Well something had happened but not with Cameron. Two other boys were having issues with each other and so after that class I talked to their teacher about the situation. She confirmed that the two boys had been having issues with each other and they were in the process of working to find a solution.

I told the principal about the issue with the two boys but that I didn't know about a situation with Cameron. She said that she had just gotten off the phone with Cameron's mom and that he had told her that he came to me and said Evan (one of the two boys that I was having issues with) was bothering him and that I didn't do anything about it. I honestly couldn't remember him coming to me. I'm not saying he didn't but if he did he didn't act too concerned about it because I would have remembered. Keep in mind that when you work with elementary kids you have kids constantly tattling over big and small things. As teachers we can't make a deal out of every thing. I'm sure there are times when we should delve deeper into something. It's just difficult. You try to take care of the situation quickly and get back to things. You don't know how many times I hear "she won't stop looking at me" or "he said he ain't my friend anymore". There just isn't enough time to discipline every little thing. You have to quickly decide if something is a it'll be okay and keep teaching situation or a I need to stop and look more into what is going on.

The first thing that bothered me was thinking that Cameron had really been upset and I didn't catch it. I never want my students to think I don't care. With so many students it is hard to get to know them all really well but I really try. I've known Cameron since he was in kindergarten and now he is a fifth grader. I've always called him "Pretty Eyes" because the boy has gorgeous eyes and the eyelashes that people pay great money for. Cameron also has a favorite type of books and I would always put those to the side for him. I never would have thought he would think that I didn't care.

Okay so what really got to me and still bothers me is that his mom called me a racist. See Cameron is black and Evan is white. Those are hurtful words and for me as a teacher who loves all her students it really bothered me. Of course there are students that tend to act up and you say a little prayer that they act their best self when they walk in the door but I love them all. They are kids for Gods sake...you can't help but love them. I always keep in my mind to treat my students the way I want my son to be treated.

What I really hate is that this woman, who I have never met, would use such harsh words to describe me based on something I didn't even know about. Those words should not be thrown around so easily. Did Cameron tell her about all the great things I have done for him? I'm guessing not or she would have thought differently. I'm taking him not telling her the good as a positive because that means he finds them normal. I want my students to all feel special, so special, that special feels normal.

It does worry me that this mother might express her thoughts to others. It would kill me to know that others might take her word as the truth. My biggest worry is that their kids might hear this and think that I have hate in me and that I'm just pretending to love them.

I share this with you all as a reminder that words (even those not spoken directly) can be hurtful. When we bash someone's character we need to stop and really think if those words are really true and should be spoken. The person on the other side of those words just might be left with a feeling of pain that can't be easily erased.

For me, I will use those nasty words as a positive and work even harder to show all my students that they are special, loved, and important.

Has anyone ever said anything about your character that wasn't true that bothered you deeply?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Headed to Fayetteville

Oh Fayetteville how I love thee! Although I am a southeast Arkansas gal, I love Fayetteville. One of my bestest friends lives there. Yes, she may be my mother's age but she is a hoot! I met Betsy when I was in graduate school. I just happened to sit beside her and we clicked right away. Since then, she has moved 4 times, we both have gotten divorced, and I had a baby. We have really been through some stuff together.

Betsy and I having margaritas on a beautiful day! She is so much fun!

Speaking of margaritas we will going to JJ's for the best margaritas, wings, and cheeseburger quesadillas.

$1.99 margaritas...shoot...it is on!

My friend Brooke is a Fayetteville vetern like myself. She usually occupies me on my Fayetteville visits. Here is me and my friend Brooke. We have been friends since middle school.

We were selfie taken fools during our last excursion to St. Louis.

Amy, who we've been friends with since her second year of college, has never been to Fayetteville. Oh my how I can't wait to show her around. I hope she falls in love with Fayetteville like Brooke and I did. Here is Amy. You will need these photos as point of reference for the post for when I get back :)

I told you we were selfie talking fools!

We can get into some stuff, and once you add Betsy in it is sure to get interesting. 

We are leaving tomorrow after school. They are getting off work early but I couldn't pull that off. Oh well, I'm still excited. Mama is about to get a break!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Don't Let This Be a Problem For Your Child

I've recently had an issue at school. Let me tell you about it.

In our elementary school the second-fifth graders read books and take tests online over their comprehension. When they pass the test they earn points and get prizes. Sounds great, right? Well you are always going to find some that try to buck the system. There was this sweet girl who I'll call Ann. Well Ann is quiet, sweet, and adores reading. Ann has never gotten in trouble and every year she receives an award for her great behavior. Ann's mom comes several times a week to eat lunch with her and her parents are just as sweet as she is. Ann is the student all teachers love to have. Ann had 3 of her "friends" ask, plead, demand (basically bully) her to take these tests for them. Ann knew it was wrong but she didn't know how to handle the situation. Eventually she was so guilty for cheating that she confessed to her mom. Mom contacts the school and we are made aware of the situation.

The 3 "friends" were talked to about how they aren't being real friends and how what they were doing was wrong. When Ann was confronted she immediately started crying. I spoke to her about how her whole life people are trying to get her to do things she doesn't want to do. You are probably thinking yeah like doing drugs, but if you think about it we as adults are confronted with being pressured into things all the time that we don't want to do. How many of you have hosted a "sell something" party when you didn't want to? How many have bought cookie dough from your friend's kids even though you have 12 boxes in your freezer? Bullying is a part of life.

Although we need to continue teaching anti-bullying curriculum we also need to teach coping skills. Don't send your kids into the world without skills on how to deal with a bully. Of course, each situation is different but there are some general ways to help.

1. Talk about it even when it isn't happening. Don't forget to talk about not bullying and what to do if you are being bullied.

2. Give your child scenarios and ask them what they would do.

3. Give praise if they tell you about an incident at school. It is very brave when someone talks about bullying. They may even tell you about how they witness bullying.

Yesterday I saw a student being bullied and you know what happened....the other kids did one of two things. They either joined in and kept their mouth closed. Do you want your child to be one of those? I know I don't.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Images of Happy {Link-Up}

Follow my blog with BloglovinToday I'm linking up with the lovely Tabita at a hundred tiny wishes. Once a month we post images that make us happy. You can post any pictures. Sometimes I choose pictures from that month and sometimes I pick images from the past. It's always fun looking back at old pictures. Today's photos are all from this past Saturday when my son Jack enjoyed himself a chocolate milkshare.

Well without further ado....

This is his "Mom, this is really cold!" face.

This is his I'm so in shock that my Mom is letting me do this face.

Wow! I love this squichy noice it makes!

Mom has now taken my cup, but I'm gonna play anyway. 

Sometimes you gotta break the rules and let them have fun. When have you let the rules fly recently?

Monday, March 16, 2015


Yesterday was my birthday, my 33rd to be exact. Once you have a kid, even your birthday becomes about them. Their happiness is your happiness afterall! Jack and I started our day with driving to the donut shop for breakfast. 

Side story: There was a lady who worked there and she had her 18 month old son with her. She was from another country and she explained to me that she hadn't seen her son in 16 months because she had to leave him with her mother so she could come to the United States to work. I asked her if he would be able to stay with her now and she said she didn't know. Her mom was just visiting with her son but she didn't know if she would have someone here to help her while she worked. Isn't that just sad? It made me feel really blessed.

After donuts (and a change of clothes) Jack and I headed to Wal-Mart. Jack and I are participating in a boy box swap (I told you about it here on Friday). We got our shopping done for that and Jack picked himself up a little truck of his own. The child seriously loves anything with wheels!

Although I stuffed myself with lots of unhealthy foods, I still got in some time on the treadmill yesterday. As a plus, my Mom got me 3 months at the local gym! 

This is one sad looking cake but man oh man was it yummy! The humidity was crazy yesterday and the damn thing would not stay together. Like my Mom said "add enough icing and it don't matter how it looks". Choosing strawberry cake was a very good decision! 

I finished my evening with a book. I am done with What Alice Forgot! Okay, here is my honest review. It was just okay. I wasn't in love with it. I liked My Husband's Secret a lot more. My next book that I want to read is The Girl on the Train. 

Hope all you fabulous people had a great weekend!

Friday, March 13, 2015

5 on Friday

1/ Honestly, this has pretty much been a bum week for me. It started on good and strong and has kinda went downhill. I am feeling super sleep deprived as Jack has been wanting to party from 3am until it's time for me to get up and get ready for work. By this time he goes back to sleep and is happily snoozing as I'm dragging. I've really tried to be positive about this time together by cuddling and holding him. I figure this will probably just be a stage (hopefully) and he'll go back to sleeping through the night.

2/ I'm participating in a boy box swap. I was paired with Ashley at Everything is Hunky Dorey. I'll get to buy her adorable son Wyatt some fun things. One of the great thing about Ashley is that she is a fellow Arkansas blogger. I didn't know her blog existed so I was very happy to add her to my favorite blogs to read. Here is a picture of her precious family. You should check her blog out. I know you will love it as I do. 

3/ My 33rd birthday is Sunday. One of my students (Preston) and I share the same birthday. Each year I go buy us pizza or kids meals and I have lunch with him. I also bring his class cake. It's something we both look forward to each year. Here is the birthday card and note he gave me. The note says I lov you vere more and I can not get the cubcaks sigd Preston sined here. He made me sign on the line promising to bring cupcakes. How cute! 


4/ Jack has become seriously obsessed with trains. Since he loves these 2 trains so much, I have started taking them away as punishment. Sadly, (and heartbreaking for Mama) taking his trains away is the only thing that seems to bother him. It breaks my heart to see him cry but nothing else has worked. 

5/ I'm ready to spend my weekend celebrating my birthday and when I say celebrating I hope that means some alone time with my Kindle. ha! I'm actually excited about sharing how this weekend goes. Next weekend, two of my besties and I are going to Fayetteville for the weekend. This Mama is super excited about having a weekend with the gals!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Green Eggs Toddler Activity

Jack's daycare is going to do a combination of Green Eggs and Ham and St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday. They asked parents to have their child wear green and bring any treats or activities that would go along with Green Eggs and Ham and St. Patrick's Day. I decided that I would contribute an activity. First I found this printable at Mommy Lessons 101.

I then wrote a letter of the alphabet on each one. I then laminated and cut them out. 

You can have your toddler practice using a spatula to flip the eggs and recognize the letters or you can have them to just flip them over. To extend the activity you can have your little one trace the letters.

Do you have any activities planned for your little one on St. Patrick's Day?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's In A Name

Three years ago today I found out I was pregnant. It was very unexpected, but still a welcomed surprise. My whole life I have thought about baby names. Now it was my turn to name someone and I took it quite seriously. Even before I had told my family the great news, I had downloaded a baby name book. My husband and I spent all trips in the car throwing out and vetoing names. I just knew it was going to be a girl so that's what I really focused on. God had other plans, and on June 9, 2012 we learned that we were having a baby boy. Good bye dreams of a sweet girly name and hello to a strong boy name.

I knew we both wanted something timeless. It also had to be a name that wasn't trendy (it just isn't my taste). Also as a teacher I wanted a name that I didn't associate with any other student (especially any negative ones). If you are a teacher then you know who I'm talking about.

My Mom has always expressed her love of the name Jack. My sister had a boy 18 months before me and his name is Bennett. My Mom really pushed for Jack but their friends had just had a Jax. We really gave Jack some thought. It did fit all of our requirements. Plus paired with my husband's middle name Henry, it just fit. Jack Henry.

It was strong, timeless, and I didn't have any association with a Jack. . I practiced saying it and writing it (am I the only mom who did this?) . It felt good. A name had finally been decided and it was time to start monogramming!

Jack Henry is now 28 months and I'm still happy with his name. He is called Jack, Jack Henry, and Jack Jack. Jack for just normal speaking. Jack Henry for when he is in trouble, and Jack Jack for when we are being playful. It fits him.

I'm going to be an aunt (or what my nephew calls me -LaLa) again! The conversations are back to pregnancy and baby names in our family again. I love it!

My little Jack Jack

How did you choose your baby's name or what baby names do you love? 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Best of Spring

I think, just maybe, that spring is on its way and we are done with all this cold icy weather mess. Since I LOVE spring so much (my favorite right after fall) I decided to share some awesome spring pins that are perfect right now.

To Cook

How about making a pan of these yummy sugar cookie bars from Somewhat Simple? Not only are they super yummy but perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any day this spring. 

To Wear

I'm loving these polka dot converses from Delia's. 


This is one wreath I could actually make! Grab an umbrella and some fake flowers and you have a modern wreath with a pop of color! 

To Print

I love free printables! Print and stick inside a Dollar Tree frame and you have an instant decoration. I love cheap, easy, and fast :)

To Read

People have been talking about this book for some time now. It's been on my list for awhile and I'm ready to get to it as soon as I finish What Alice Forgot. 

To Drink

Yellow just screams spring to me. What better than to serve a classic like lemonade in more of a punch form? You could really do some things to dress it up in a beautiful punch bowl.

To Give

Giving just feels awesome, right? Give a few of these out in a co-workers box or a neighbors mailbox to help brighten their day.

What are you most excited about doing this spring?