Friday, March 6, 2015

How To Make Work More Fun

1// Set up some type of gift exchange.
Last year I started up the Secret Pal exchange where we filled out questionaires about our likes and dislikes and then drew names. Throughout the school year we sneak gifts to your Secret Pal. At the end of May we do a fun reveal. Another gift exchange idea is instead of using a neighbor you can choose an office/classroom/cubicle (you get the idea). A popular for Easter is Egging Someone.


2// Food
Food makes everything more fun, right? Organize a pot luck with a theme or even just bring in a box of doughnuts. A few times a year we do a potluck. One of my favorites is the soup and salad potluck. Another way to bring in food to work is to host a cookie exchange where everyone brings their cookies and recipes.

3// Use your lunch break wisely.
If you need me time bring along a book to enjoy with your meal (I always keep my Kindle with me). Other options are talk a small walk, update your Amazon wish list, or read blog posts.
If you need some adult talk then head to tthe breakroom. I usually mix it up during the week. On Monday's I like to head to the teacher's lounge and gab to my fellow teachers. By the middle of the week I am craving some alone time. I gotta make the best of it during that small window that is my lunch break. 

I know for me, work can be the last place I want to go some days, but there are ways to make it more. bearable. I do the above things and everyday I do the following:
1// give compliments
2// share inside jokes with your co-workers
3// remind myself of why I got into this profession
4// surround my desk with happy images
5// send texts and photos to best friend...we help each other through our work days

How do you have fun at work?


  1. Our morale is really bad, so early this year I started a secret committee to uplift the teachers in our building. I have at least 1 member from every department and we do projects each month. We did a Secret Pal type thing for one month, a staff trick or treat after school in the library, a Thanksgiving potluck, a Christmas cookie and ornament exchange, and organized snacks and goodies for everyone during parent teacher confwrenches. It has been a lot of fun!! I'm totally stealing your Egg idea for Easter!

  2. I LOVE the year long secret pal idea - what a fun way to surprise people and make them smile all year long!!

  3. I really like these ideas! I'm only at work 5 hours a day and the rest from home - so I really should incorporate more of these in the time I'm there.


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