Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Goals

Last month I started writing monthly goals instead of weekly ones. I rocked last month, so for now I'll keep the monthly thing going.

My main goal for last month was to focus on fitness. I lost 6 lbs last month and joined a gym. I've started the couch to 5K program (again!). Hopefully I can actually finish it this time so this is going to be my first goal. My hardest area with diet is the Dr. Peppers. #theaddictionisreal

1// Continue with the couch to 5K program.

2// Work on Jack's discipline. The timeout mat arrived today and so did the supplies to make some calm down bottles.

3// Keep my car clean. I cleaned it up real well over Spring Break and I would like it to keep that pristine look for April.

4// Work on my 101 list. Thanks Holly for the idea.

April is going to be a busy month so I'm going to keep it simple. Once again, I'm keeping my focus on diet and exercise. September will be here before we know it and I need to be beach ready.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

We kicked off our Easter weekend with dinner out on Friday night. I snapped this picture of Jack. I didn't put the sunglasses on him. I'm guessing they were just in the backseat. I HAD to take his little picture when I saw him looking like a baby Bieber. 

Saturday morning we had a visit from Grandma Joyce. Although she isn't our real/official grandma she is our Grandma Joyce and we love her. She is actually my brother-in-law's grandma but she has become our grandmother too. When she brings treats to her "real" great grandbabies she always brings Jack the same thing. We started off Saturday morning with candy but hey, it's Easter weekend so it is all good. 

Then we dyed eggs and it was a mess. Note to self: wear old clothes to dye eggs (duh!)

Then we hunted eggs. Jack loved it, Bennett found three eggs and then proclaimed "I'm done". I'm guessing having already done two hunts in the week kind of killed the thrill. 

Later in the afternoon we walked over to my sister's house and had a crawfish boil/fish cookout. We had lots of people over. I only took one picture but at least it was a good one. This is Maybree wearing shoes for the first time. Please note that my sister put them on the wrong feet. The toe area is uniform but my Dad quickly pointed out that the little pink anchor should be on the outside. 

It was a great weekend! My friend Amy came to visit and we had lots of family over. It was so nice getting to see so many of my favorite people. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What I've Been Reading

My reading has been slacking A LOT. I've just recently gotten my reading mojo back. I check out books through our library and have been waiting in line for After You since the night I finished Me Before You. I recently got the notification that it was available and gobbled it up quickly.

Next on my agenda was Missing Pieces. I haven't finished it yet but I'm halfway through it and am enjoying it. I've read a few of her other books and liked them so this was a safe bet. 

What I am really excited about are the books that are coming out soon. Here is what I'm waiting to get my hands on.

1// Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty. Due out July 26. Yay for a summer read!

2// Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. Not available until October 11. Insert sad face. 

3// Don't You Cry by Mary Kubica. The wait isn't as long and will be available May 17. 

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Jack's Easter Basket

This year I went with books instead of toys because Jack has really shown an interest in books lately. Here are the 4 very boy books I picked for Jack's Easter basket. 

I looked everywhere for Jack's monogrammed basket that I've used in the past. Instead we went with a bluish-green basket that my Mom had on hand. 

Jack was most excited about the chocolate bunny. Mom was most excited about the jelly beans. 

I also picked up this fish. I opened it up last night but I'm missing something and it didn't work. I'm gonna try it again tonight. I guess I will need to read the directions.

At the last minute I stuck in this container of cotton candy. It was a huge hit!

I was babysitting this little cutie while putting together Jack's basket and filling 48 plastic eggs with chocolate. I was so happy she cooperated and let me get those tasks complete. 

The books were a major hit and I'm so glad I chose each one of those. They are all board books, short enough to keep his attention, and have many opportunities for you to make your own sound effects. 

What was your child's favorite item in their Easter basket?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hills Bros English Toffee Cold Cappuccino

Yesterday afternoon I got to enjoy a sweet cold treat that was just for me (there was no way I was giving my child cappuccino). I had never thought to make a cappuccino cold. The simple instructions were right there on the box so I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did because I loved it. It was so good that I made another one for my mom to try and she also loved it. 

All it takes is a packet of Hills Bros cappuccino (I had English toffee flavor), a cup of milk, and a scoop of ice cream. You put those three ingredients in a blender to quickly combine. I topped mine with a small scoop of whip cream. 

This was such a surprising treat. I never thought to make an iced cappuccino. With the weather warming up I can see myself quickly blending one of these together while Jack enjoys a popsicle. Mama will need the extra boost to keep up with Jack.

The Hills Bros Cappuccino mix was part of my Voxbox.

Also in my VoxBox was a sample of Yum-Vs Probiotics for kids. Thankfully, Jack doesn't have any stomach issues but I still wanted him to give them a try. I was worried he would spit it right out because if anything he trys even almost like it is good for him then he will not take it. Recently, I bought him Pediasure and he refused it so I was worried about this vitamin.

He looked at it and really examined it then ate it right up. Of course, he didn't understand why he couldn't have more.

If your child is having stomach issues then at least know your child will take it because if Jack will eat it, then surely your child will also.

Does your child take a probiotic?

These products were free via my VoxBox by Influenster but all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Am...

+ someone who loves things to be in the right place

+ a Dr. Pepper addict

+ that person who doesn't know how to relax

+ the one who wants only banana laffy taffys

+ still learning to find my style

+ learning to trust God more and his timing

+ overweight but doing something about it

+ a single working mother and it isn't all that bad

+ thankful for the love and help of my family

+ a hoarder of pens and notepads

+ always a work in progress

+ the mother of a wild 3 year old that pushes me beyond measure (in both good and bad ways)

+ a holiday celebrator and decorator

+ a gal who loves new books

+ someone who still appreciates the art of snail mail

+ a Sonic ice addict

+ someone who wants things to just slow down

+ anxious

+ not good at small talk

+ a wonderful listener

+ not a good public speaker

+ always looking for a favorite pair of shoes

+ a small blanket even when I don't need it

+ funnier in my head than in person

+ sarcastic 

+ super scared of mice and tornadoes (the fear of each is equal)

+  in love with being a LaLa (an aunt)

+ a dreamer and a goal oriented person

+ a know it all more than I like

+ someone who doesn't like going to the movies

+ Mexican over Chinese food any day of the week kinda gal

+ an all in or all out kind of person (quality that I do not like)

I Confess...

+ I've loved picking Jack and my nephew up from daycare this week. We pick up special treats from Sonic when it is Spring Break.

+ I hate taking Jack outside but I love the picture opportunities. Now I love being outside but our yard is 5 acres and there is no fence. I spend my time outside chasing Jack down because he loves running off. Going outside is not a relaxing situation.

+ I cleaned out my car on Monday. I decided to clean out the trunk I never use and I found my wedding shoes. This means that they have been in there since 2012 which also means that I haven't cleaned my trunk out since 2012.

+When I want Jack to stop playing with a loud toy I tell him that it is broke.

+ I use carpet spot cleaner on Jack's stained clothes and it works perfectly.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Getting It Together In One Week

My goal for Spring Break is to get my stuff together. I've felt like I've been dog paddeling in the middle of the ocean for the last few weeks. Spring Break is suppose to be my motorboat to shore.

Day one of Spring Break and I realize that my last two posts still have draft beside them. See, I told you that my stuff has not been together.

So here it is, my first night of day one of Spring Break 2016. How did it go? Am I getting it all togeher?

I rocked it!

The first thing I did was make a massive to do list. There are 22 things to check off my list this week.

Today I...

 Got the goodies for Jack's Easter basket (minus the books I ordered that still aren't in).

Bought my mom lunch and gave her a pedicure (mama time is the best).

Changed my car blinker light that went out last week (I did it myself!)

Made some important calls that I've been putting off.

Cleaned out my car and even the trunk.

Spent time with my niece Maybree.

Got caught up on opening and filing the mail.

Finished putting the Easter/spring decor out.

Got my Vox box.

Did some cleaning.

Spent some time playing with my sweet baby outside (even though it was a little chilly for my liking).

Tomorrow is day two of Spring Break and I'm excited to see how much I can get done. It feels so good to mark some things off my list that have been sitting there for awhile.

Ideally, everything will be marked off my list by Saturday morning and we can sit back and enjoy Easter weekend. My motivation is the idea of waking up on Saturday morning feeling accomplished, organized, and ready to have fun.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Random Wednesday Post

I'm not sure why taking pictures is so hard for me. For some reason I just forget to snap any. I guess I'm too busy living life and I guess that is a good thing. Here are a few I did manage to take yesterday.

Yesterday was my birthday. It wasn't the most exciting since I did have to work and all. I see around 180 kids a day so I was very versed in Happy Birthday.  All the kids are so sweet. 

My Secret Pal got me this Yeti with my initials. I love it and have used it three times already (yes, since yesterday). 

Jack was nice enough to help me open my birthday gifts. I got two new pair of shoes. Both Clark's. I love them!

The flooding is still pretty severe here. It looks like I'm at the lake while I'm driving to work. At least it is pretty, right? 

I got two very special gifts yesterday. 

1// Jack went poo poo on the potty. This is big people! He was looking at us crazy because we were so excited. Everyone was jumping up and down, giving high-fives, screaming, and he is just standing there looking proud. It was a moment.

2// Y'all is this not the most precious card ever? My nephew Bennett (who is 4) wrote me this card all by himself. He is so smart and loving. He was so proud to give it to me and I'll cherish it always. 

Next week is Spring Break and I hope to use next week to get caught up on everything. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately because I feel like I am so behind. When I'm at work, I'm thinking about what I need to do at home, and when I'm home, I'm thinking about what needs to be done at work. 

I need to rock it next week so when I come back to work on the 28th I feel rested and on top of things. 

Here's to a VERY productive Spring Break!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Is 34 My 33?

Today is my birthday. I’m 34 years old. Birthdays are odd. I know logically that I’m 34 but I don’t feel like I’m supposed to be 34. It isn’t hard for me to remember turning 21 so it doesn’t feel that it was THAT long ago. However, logically I know it was 13 years old. 13 years seems like a long time, but if it were that long ago, then how can I remember it so well?

I remember my mother turning 34. My mother. I was a child and thinking how grown up my mother was. You may wonder why my mother turning 34 sticks out in my brain. I recall it because she always said 33 was her favorite year. I’m not sure why she loved 33 so much. I just know that when she turned 34, she said 33 was great so I think I’ll stay there. Even now, she says she is 33.

I don’t think I have had my 33 yet. I’ve had lots of wonderful blessings but I don’t think I’ve had that year where I say “you know what, life was so great this year, I think I’ll stay right here”. 

Maybe 34 will be my 33? 

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Quick Life Update

Wednesday the rain came. We dismissed early on Wednesday and school was canceled for the rest of the week. Here is an aerial photo of my town.

Since we were stuck inside the diet got put on the back burner but I did manage not to gain anything. Six pounds down and holding. I've officially started back today with my First Fitness Nutrition program.

Being stuck in the house means I had this book a bazillion times. 

I also ate the chocolate bunny that was meant for Jack's Easter basket. I hide it under a blanket so he wouldn't see it. 

I believe we have made it through this parenting storm. I'm so glad to have my sweet Jack back.

Tomorrow is my birthday! I know my Mom got me a pair of boots I've been wanting. I begged (am I too old to beg?) for them early but she said I had to wait. 

Cedric Thornton who just signed with the Cowboys is going to be at our school on April 1. He is an old student and brings every kid a book. This is the second year of him doing this and it is lots of fun for staff and kids. 

Hopefully I can get caught up this week and things on the blog and in life will get back to normal.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Three Thoughts Thursday

1// I have a family of dorks and I wouldn't have it any other way. I got Jack this beanie and it came in today. My mom said he looks like a little gangsta. I was taking a few pictures of him in his new hat and my mom decided to show him how to throw gang signs. Apparently, my mom doesn't know what gang signs are but it was adorable.

2// Jack is really trying me lately. He is wearing me down but I am staying strong. He rufuses to stay in time out. Any suggestions on how to make him stay there? Like am I gonna have to hold him down cause that seems like not the thing I wanna have to do. Any suggestions where I'm not physically holding him down or something else holding him down? I need something legal but effective. 

3// The whole south of our state is flooded and we are out of school. Snow didn't get us making up school days, it was the rain. My dad has gone to help people move furniture. Thankfully our house is built up pretty high. I have a feeling we won't be back into school until Monday. I sound pathetic when I say this but being stuck in the house with the tv going in and out and the internet going in and out is hard. Thankfully I still have my iiphone. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Leprechaun Treat Bag

When I saw this St. Patrick's Day treat bag I knew I wanted to recreate it.

I decided just to stick with the leprechauns but there is a rainbow option.

Here are the supplies:

+ 3 x 5 cellophane bags (I bought mine here)

+ couple bags of Rolos

+ this leprechaun printable

+ a couple of sheets of tissue paper ( I bought a couple different looks from the dollar store)

+ clothes pins


1. Print off the number of leprechauns you need and cut out.

2. Put desired number of Rolos in cellophane bag (I went with 5)

3. Cut tissue paper into 5x5 or 4x4 (Somewhat Simple did 5 inches and I went with 4 inches) and fold it accordion style.

4. Tape or glue leprechaun to clothespin.

5. Clothespin the tissue paper onto the folded down cellophane bag.

There you have it-a cute and not so simple St. Patrick's Day treat bag. Sometimes cuteness is more important than simplicity.

I know the little sweeties in Jack's class will enjoy this festive treat.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mothering in the Storm

There are times in parenthood where you feel like you are in a storm. An awful storm with tornadoes and no electricity. Where everything around you seems to be failing and you feel helpless. 

I am in that storm and it stormed all weekend. 

It continued to storm yesterday, hence no Monday post. 

Jack spent the weekend refusing to eat because he only wanted chocolate. He refused to sleep until it was 5 pm and then too late for a nap. Once I did let him sleep he would sleep a few hours and then wake in the night ready to take on the world. He refused to pick up his toys. He dumped a bowl of cereal into the floor because it wasn't chocolate. He would not sit in time out. He stood firm, arms crossed, game face on, shouting no. 

It has been 3 days of this and last night at 2 am there were no signs of it getting better. 

Yesterday I took all candy products and dumped them into a bag and hid them. No more chocolate and no more sugar will be given or seen for the time being. 

When he got home from school yesterday, we skipped the snack and did early supper. He ate, not a lot, but he ate. 

I know this will pass. Mama is just tired. 

In an effort to give both of us a break (being stubborn is very tiresome for a three year old) I decided to let him play outside, even if it was a muddy mess. 

Doesn't this face say it all!

I have to remind myself that this whole growing up isn't easy. He doesn't understand why he can't eat chocolate all day. He doesn't understand why it is important to take care of our toys. He doesn't understand why waking up at 2 am isn't standard. Learning isn't easy and neither is teaching. We'll weather this. He'll learn that Mama isn't giving in and knows what is best and Mama will learn she is stronger than she thinks.