Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Getting It Together In One Week

My goal for Spring Break is to get my stuff together. I've felt like I've been dog paddeling in the middle of the ocean for the last few weeks. Spring Break is suppose to be my motorboat to shore.

Day one of Spring Break and I realize that my last two posts still have draft beside them. See, I told you that my stuff has not been together.

So here it is, my first night of day one of Spring Break 2016. How did it go? Am I getting it all togeher?

I rocked it!

The first thing I did was make a massive to do list. There are 22 things to check off my list this week.

Today I...

 Got the goodies for Jack's Easter basket (minus the books I ordered that still aren't in).

Bought my mom lunch and gave her a pedicure (mama time is the best).

Changed my car blinker light that went out last week (I did it myself!)

Made some important calls that I've been putting off.

Cleaned out my car and even the trunk.

Spent time with my niece Maybree.

Got caught up on opening and filing the mail.

Finished putting the Easter/spring decor out.

Got my Vox box.

Did some cleaning.

Spent some time playing with my sweet baby outside (even though it was a little chilly for my liking).

Tomorrow is day two of Spring Break and I'm excited to see how much I can get done. It feels so good to mark some things off my list that have been sitting there for awhile.

Ideally, everything will be marked off my list by Saturday morning and we can sit back and enjoy Easter weekend. My motivation is the idea of waking up on Saturday morning feeling accomplished, organized, and ready to have fun.


  1. Hope your voxbox is a good one!

  2. Hope your voxbox is a good one!

  3. You go lady! You are knocking things out like crazy. You're inspiring me to get things done!!

  4. Way to go!! What a fun week of getting things done :) I am hoping to have an equally productive weekend


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