Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

We kicked off our Easter weekend with dinner out on Friday night. I snapped this picture of Jack. I didn't put the sunglasses on him. I'm guessing they were just in the backseat. I HAD to take his little picture when I saw him looking like a baby Bieber. 

Saturday morning we had a visit from Grandma Joyce. Although she isn't our real/official grandma she is our Grandma Joyce and we love her. She is actually my brother-in-law's grandma but she has become our grandmother too. When she brings treats to her "real" great grandbabies she always brings Jack the same thing. We started off Saturday morning with candy but hey, it's Easter weekend so it is all good. 

Then we dyed eggs and it was a mess. Note to self: wear old clothes to dye eggs (duh!)

Then we hunted eggs. Jack loved it, Bennett found three eggs and then proclaimed "I'm done". I'm guessing having already done two hunts in the week kind of killed the thrill. 

Later in the afternoon we walked over to my sister's house and had a crawfish boil/fish cookout. We had lots of people over. I only took one picture but at least it was a good one. This is Maybree wearing shoes for the first time. Please note that my sister put them on the wrong feet. The toe area is uniform but my Dad quickly pointed out that the little pink anchor should be on the outside. 

It was a great weekend! My friend Amy came to visit and we had lots of family over. It was so nice getting to see so many of my favorite people. 


  1. Yes! Egg dyeing was definitely a mess at our house! Stella insisted on drinking the dye and spilling it everywhere. Looks like so much fun, though!

  2. Sounds perfect! Glad you're surrounded by family. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to be able to walk to visit my family :) All of those cute kids have so many built in buddies!


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