Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Feels Like a Monday Morning

Woo Woo let me tell ya.

Not. the. morning.

But I'm going to turn it all around.

I'm passing the "don't get too stressed out and throw the baby out with the bathwater" test.

Yesterday I started the First Fitness Nutrition diet. I did great yesterday. I stuck to the plan and felt great about things.

I left for work early this morning so I could do a little quiet blogging from work and well this happened.

Flat tire. Side of the road at 6:40 am. 

I called my bosses first to say I'd be late or possibly not show up. 

Then I called my Dad and had him come pick me up. He had a job to get to so my car is in a parking lot waiting for when he can go fix it. 

I had to bring my mom's big hunking truck to work. It felt like I was driving a bus. 

In the middle of all that stress, I wanted to get a Dr. Pepper. I knew it would make me feel better but I resisted. I drank my diet shake  while driving that big truck. 

I'm proud that I stuck to the plan and didn't just give in and drive into Sonic. In reality I wanted a Dr. Pepper and a box of discount Valentine candy while laying in my bed catching up on the tv shows I can never find time to watch. 

This day will get better. Even if it is just Wednesday. 

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  1. Flat tires are such an inconvenience! Glad your parents were able to help you out and that you had such a great outlook on the day. I love when others can come to my rescue and I can make the best of a stressful situation.


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