Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Goals

I'm giving up my weekly goals for the month of March to focus on some bigger goals for the whole month. If doing things this way doesn't work out then I'll go back to the weekly goals. I'm always willing to change things around to find what works best for me.

Also, March is super busy for us. Some big things are my birthday, Spring Break, Parent/Teacher Conference, assemblies, and a few other big school events.

I need to keep things manageable.

1// This is the month where I really hope to lose weight. I just started Fitness First Nutrition and I hope to make huge progress this month. More on this throughout the month.

One of the reasons I am doing monthly goals and not weekly goals is because my biggest goal is exercise and nutrition. It is going to be my main focus so I don't want to put too much on myself.

2// Do 2 pieces of Easter art with Jack.

3// Put out Easter/spring decor on March 18.

4// Celebrate my birthday and Easter.

5// Work in my bullet journal daily.

There you have it. Lots of events on the calendar so I'm keeping it manageable this month with my goals. I love a new month with all of its possibilities. Have a good one!


  1. Good luck on your goals!! It'll be a fun month with everything you have going on especially your birthday :) We're hoping to do some fun Easter stuff and decorate, too!

  2. I need to focus on eating healthier and losing some weight too. It sounds like you know yourself and have made a plan that will work!


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