Monday, March 28, 2016

Jack's Easter Basket

This year I went with books instead of toys because Jack has really shown an interest in books lately. Here are the 4 very boy books I picked for Jack's Easter basket. 

I looked everywhere for Jack's monogrammed basket that I've used in the past. Instead we went with a bluish-green basket that my Mom had on hand. 

Jack was most excited about the chocolate bunny. Mom was most excited about the jelly beans. 

I also picked up this fish. I opened it up last night but I'm missing something and it didn't work. I'm gonna try it again tonight. I guess I will need to read the directions.

At the last minute I stuck in this container of cotton candy. It was a huge hit!

I was babysitting this little cutie while putting together Jack's basket and filling 48 plastic eggs with chocolate. I was so happy she cooperated and let me get those tasks complete. 

The books were a major hit and I'm so glad I chose each one of those. They are all board books, short enough to keep his attention, and have many opportunities for you to make your own sound effects. 

What was your child's favorite item in their Easter basket?

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  1. I love a book heavy Easter basket! Olive got two new ones and we read them a lot. You just can't go wrong with books as gifts in my book :) I love jelly belly jelly beans and Easter candy is always delicious. Glad you had a great Easter.


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