Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Am...

+ someone who loves things to be in the right place

+ a Dr. Pepper addict

+ that person who doesn't know how to relax

+ the one who wants only banana laffy taffys

+ still learning to find my style

+ learning to trust God more and his timing

+ overweight but doing something about it

+ a single working mother and it isn't all that bad

+ thankful for the love and help of my family

+ a hoarder of pens and notepads

+ always a work in progress

+ the mother of a wild 3 year old that pushes me beyond measure (in both good and bad ways)

+ a holiday celebrator and decorator

+ a gal who loves new books

+ someone who still appreciates the art of snail mail

+ a Sonic ice addict

+ someone who wants things to just slow down

+ anxious

+ not good at small talk

+ a wonderful listener

+ not a good public speaker

+ always looking for a favorite pair of shoes

+ a small blanket even when I don't need it

+ funnier in my head than in person

+ sarcastic 

+ super scared of mice and tornadoes (the fear of each is equal)

+  in love with being a LaLa (an aunt)

+ a dreamer and a goal oriented person

+ a know it all more than I like

+ someone who doesn't like going to the movies

+ Mexican over Chinese food any day of the week kinda gal

+ an all in or all out kind of person (quality that I do not like)

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