Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What's In A Name

Three years ago today I found out I was pregnant. It was very unexpected, but still a welcomed surprise. My whole life I have thought about baby names. Now it was my turn to name someone and I took it quite seriously. Even before I had told my family the great news, I had downloaded a baby name book. My husband and I spent all trips in the car throwing out and vetoing names. I just knew it was going to be a girl so that's what I really focused on. God had other plans, and on June 9, 2012 we learned that we were having a baby boy. Good bye dreams of a sweet girly name and hello to a strong boy name.

I knew we both wanted something timeless. It also had to be a name that wasn't trendy (it just isn't my taste). Also as a teacher I wanted a name that I didn't associate with any other student (especially any negative ones). If you are a teacher then you know who I'm talking about.

My Mom has always expressed her love of the name Jack. My sister had a boy 18 months before me and his name is Bennett. My Mom really pushed for Jack but their friends had just had a Jax. We really gave Jack some thought. It did fit all of our requirements. Plus paired with my husband's middle name Henry, it just fit. Jack Henry.

It was strong, timeless, and I didn't have any association with a Jack. . I practiced saying it and writing it (am I the only mom who did this?) . It felt good. A name had finally been decided and it was time to start monogramming!

Jack Henry is now 28 months and I'm still happy with his name. He is called Jack, Jack Henry, and Jack Jack. Jack for just normal speaking. Jack Henry for when he is in trouble, and Jack Jack for when we are being playful. It fits him.

I'm going to be an aunt (or what my nephew calls me -LaLa) again! The conversations are back to pregnancy and baby names in our family again. I love it!

My little Jack Jack

How did you choose your baby's name or what baby names do you love? 


  1. Love the name Jack! It's one of our favorite boy names - timeless, strong and simple. I also practiced writing Olive's name, check out her monogram and we enjoyed the whole process of picking it out. I definitely had names from former students to veto and some that I just loved. Teaching is a funny profession that exposes you to so many name options. I love talking baby names :)

  2. Such a cute name! I have a nephew named Jax, thought that was funny!

    With Wyatt we started with a list of four names: Wyatt, Hayden, Carter, and Judd. We just eventually narrowed it down. Mainly because we like that he has the same initials as his great grandfather, WHD.
    Stella, we had no names. Well, I had names, but Sean didn't like any of them. I was reading through a list and read it off to him and he said, "that's it!". (I wouldn't have read it to him if I didn't like it, ;) )

  3. I love this! We didn't decide on Olivia's name until we met her. We had a list - and Dan and I both had our favorites, but when we saw her we both were like "well...there goes my favorite, she looks just like an Olivia." We didn't play names until we knew gender, so we had no idea for boy names!


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