Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What is Jack Doing?

1.  Taking off all of his clothes and peeing in the floor.

2. Saying his letters and numbers. A, B, 3. 4, W, X, Y, 5, 8, 9.  I love his order of things.

3. Spiting his drink in the floor so he can wipe it up.

4. Throwing everything in the trash.

5. Hiding from me.

6. Running from me.

7. Laughs in a crazy silly way when you find him or catch him.

8. Asking for cookies all the time.

9. Begs to go outside constantly.

10. Saying "choo choo" when the train comes through.

11. Peeing in the tub and thinking it is hilarious.

12. Pours dirt over his head.

13. Pushes everything like it's a truck.

14. Is obsessed with the swing.

15. Singing every song he hears now.

16. Loves. Loves. Loves. dogs.

17. When you say "night night" he lays down with his eyes closed and makes a snoring sound.

18. Unplugging everything (which makes mama a nervous wreck)

19. Loves wearing all kinds of hats.

20. Flipping out when you wash his hair. He hates water getting in his face.

Jack is at such a fun stage and I wanted to take a moment to document some of the things he is doing right now.


  1. How adorable! I'm even more excited and scared to have a boy after reading this. I'm so used to pink and princesses....

  2. What a fun list!! I love his love for cookies :) He's 100% boy with all that spitting, peeing on the floor and loving dirt and cars. Toddlers just love being chased! I bet he's a hoot! I'm sure it'll be fun to look back on this list in a few years :)


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