Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The Arkansas blogger site has monthly themes and last months theme was renewal. There were some really great posts on the subject. There were posts on renewing committments, renewing goals, renewing of adventure, and more. I've always put my goals in a black or white light. I've often abandoned goals, ideas, or dreams if things didn't start to pan out within a small time frame.

This has not worked out for me. Reading these renewal posts got me thinking. Why do they have to be black or white? Why can't I just renew? There isn't a need to just abandon them completely. Sometimes maybe it is best to look at them again and just renew them.

Spring is a great time to reevaluate goals without throwing them all to the side and starting over.

Today I'm going to renew my New Year's Resolutions.

1. Put back $100 each month. My purpose behind this resolution was to start saving for Jack and I's new future. Putting money back just isn't possible right now because money is so tight. Since I am reevaluating, I have decided that putting a figure on that goal is just too much. Instead, I have decided to get a part time job this summer in order to save a little money.

2. Become more fashionable and put together. I had done better with this one at first. Don't we always right after making these goals? I've gotten a little lazy but it is still important to me. I vow to do this more as the school year comes to a close.

3. Work on focusing on one task at a time. Oh I am awful at this goal. The purpose behind this resolution was to be more intentional, however, I am a multi-tasker at heart. I am going to try and complete the main goal on my daily to do list without doing anything else until this task is complete. In order to make this happen I need to carve out time when I know I will be uninterupted. I don't need to organize my closet when Jack is running around playing. I also need to accomplish work tasks during time when I know I can focus. Surely I can focus solely on one task daily.

4. Write a daily to do list and keep it manageable. Why in the world would I say that I would write a daily to do list? Some days I write one and some days I don't even have time to think about all I have to do. Goodbye resolution. Now there is no pressure when December 31 rolls around.

5. Keep my car clean. Ha! My car is no where near clean but I will say that I have done a better job at keeping the trash out of it. I'm still glad I wrote this one down because it is a reminder to throw that trash away.

Wow! This feels good! It feels much better to renew things rather than feel like a failure. Renewing things from time to time is a good reminder of what matters to you.

You may need to renew some goals, renew your interest in something, or renew a relationship. Renewing is a wonderful way to get that passion you first had when you started something. It can be that motivational push that you need to get back to what is important to you.

What is something you want to renew?


  1. It's funny you posted this today! When I think about yesterday evening and the post I wrote to reflect on it, renewal is definitely the word that comes to mind. I want to focus on renewing my spirit so that I feel more balanced and at peace before Axton is born and my life becomes crazy again!

  2. I like the idea of renewing your goals and reevaluating them to see if they are realistic. I'm an all or nothing kind of person and tend to feel disappointed if I don't accomplish everything on my list. It's just silly and unrealistic most days. So I try to keep my "To-DAY" list paired down to the basic with a few fun things in there. I like your goal of working on putting together outfits and the idea of saving money. It's hard when money is tight, but it feels good to see your bank account growing :) Good luck with all the renewing!!


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