Monday, May 4, 2015

May Goals

1. Plan and execute the big reveal party for the Secret Pals at work. I started the Secret Pal Exchange in our school last May and now here it is time for the big reveal party. All the secret pals are wanting to know the when and where so I have to make this a top priority soon.

2. Organize and sign up for all of the professional development I will need this summer.

3. Hit the gym at least 3 times a week. I love going to the gym but it is getting harder to find time to go with the weather being so beautiful. I use to go right after work but now that is prime time to take Jack outside.

4. Find the perfect gift for my Secret Pal. This will be the last gift I get her and I want it to be something she loves and something that will reveal who I am. I know her really well and she has no idea that I'm her Secret Pal. I have been holding back because I didn't want her to realize it was me. Now I can get her something that I know she will love.

5. Accomplish one thing on my 101 in 1001.

6. Cook supper at least once a week. My mom no longer works outside of the home and so she cooks supper pretty much every night. I would like to take over at least one night a week. For one, because I miss cooking and two, I think she would appreciate the break.

7. Clean out my office. Although it is my office it has never been used as an office. It pretty much is a huge storage room. It holds seasonal decorations, seasonal books, files, and library supplies. It needs a major overhaul before school is out.

8. Order the end of year awards.

9. Redo the parent volunteer form.

10. Hold one final PTO meeting to close things up for the year.

11. Wear my hair down more during the week. I'm so bad about throwing it up in the morning. Taking the time to roll or straighten my hair isn't something I prioritize. Once I wake up I am always anxious to get going. I have got to make myself stop, slow down, and do something with all this hair.

12. Clean out my car.

13. Get a professional pedicure.

14. Clean out/organize my closet and dresser drawers.

15. Clean out Jack's toy box.

16. Find a part time job. Although I'll be busy with professional development, I'll have more time than I do during the school year. I hope to find a job where the manager will work with me on the schedule since there are certain days where I just can't work. The hardest part is going to be the time away from Jack. I have to keep Jack in daycare because he'll lose his spot. Hopefully I can work while he is at daycare.

17. Be more aggressive with Jack's potty training. They are working with Jack at daycare so I want to do my part at home. He is great about going when you put him on the potty but he never tells me when he needs to go. He will start taking his clothes off so I think that is one way he is telling me but it isn't consistent.

18. Go through Jack's clothes. I seriously have most of Jack's summer clothes sprawled out on the guest room bed.

19. Stock the Accelerated Reader store for the kiddos. I have a store where the kids spend the points they earn from reading books and taking tests. I would like to get this done before summer starts.

20. Get Jack's haircut.


  1. Good luck with your list this month!! May is always a crazy busy time for teachers. I love your Secret Pal program and I'm sure it's been a highlight for the staff this year. I can't wait to hear about your end of the year celebration party. It sounds like you've got a great plan for summer - exercising, part time job and lots of goals with Jack. You're going to do great!! We are also tackling the potty training more intentionally this month. Wishing us both luck in that department :) Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  2. I cut three inches of my hair it's so easy to do something with it before work. Before I would just let it air dry and wear it curly. I couldn't stand it.

  3. Dang, girl! That's a lot to accomplish this month. They're all fun goals though. Have a great May!


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