Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If I Could Name My Niece

My sister is having a baby girl!!!!! We are beyond excited! She has one boy who is 3 and I have Jack so a baby girl is just what we needed. We just knew it was going to be a boy so it was such an extra big surprise. We are very excited for ruffles and bows. So far there is no name picked out. If she would have been a he, his name would have been Carter Hudson. Of course, I have given my many suggestions. Honestly, I don't think she is going to pick any name that they don't pick out themselves so we all have decided to back off. We just know they will come up with a great name that fits Miss Priss perfectly. BUT-if I could name her then these would be my options.

1. Hattie. Tori Spelling named her daughter that and I fell in love with it. I love that it is old and different.

2. Cora. Do you see a trend in my love for old names?

3. Julie Kate. It is simple and we don't have any kids around here with this name. It isn't old but it is classic.

4. Elliot. If Jack had only been a girl then this name would have been it. I know that Elliot is typically a boys name but I love the show Scrubs and now see it as a girls name.

5. Tanner. I think it is a good strong name that isn't too common around here. I think every single person in a 50 mile radius have named their girl with the lee sound at the end: Lynlee, Bryleigh, get the drift. All are cute names but we (my sister included) want to go a different route. Once again, I have chosen a name that is typically a boy's name. The reason I love this name so much is because I have the sweetest, mot cutest little girl that I teach whose name is Tanner.

Any name suggestions that I can recommend to my sister? Her criteria is that it has to be a girl's name but not too girly. So far she is leaning towards Maybree. What are your thoughts on Maybree? She goes back and forth because some people really don't like it (one being my mom). Be honest please!


  1. Fun list! I love Hattie, Charlotte, Scarlett, Violet, Maggie and Jane for girls. I've never met a Maybree before and it's hard when close family members don't care for a name you like. I'd say pick a name they really love. They'll always be happy with it and everyone else will get used to it.

  2. I dislike any of the names that end in an ee sound. I love Georgiana, Clare, Arabella...basically anything from a Jane Austen novel.


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