Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jack Update...4 is the Best Year Yet

Jack has had an active personality since birth. He is still very spunky, funny, wild, and fearless. On the other hand he has also calmed down quite a lot. He will play on his own for longer spurts.  He has fallen in love with his ipad which I'm going to have to start regulating.

Favorite Sayings: all day (uses this at the end of every sentence). i'm tired (when asked to do something). Get me higher (wants me to hold him). Come look (he says this every time he does a puzzle). I need more. I want to go see Santa. I need an ice pack (he says this over every little bump).

Favorite Food: corn dogs, pizza, oranges, hamburgers, strawberries, white donuts, Reece cups, sour patch kids, and spaghetti.

Favorite Drinks: Basically anything except for he doesn't really care for chocolate milk.

Favorite Shows and Movies: Thomas and Friends, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Paw Patrol, The Good Dinosaur, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, Polar Express, Dinosaur Train

Favorite Outside Activities: jumping on the trampoline, playing in his dirt pile, riding his gator, and sliding.

Favorite Books: Pete the Cat, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Loves: animals, doing puzzles, watching youtube videos, getting into stuff he isn't suppose to, suckers, snuggling (he'll say "mama let's snuggle"), school, straws, taking a bath (but fights me to get in there) sucking his fingers, twirling my hair, his alligator boots, ice, building tracks, playing t-ball, and going to get donuts on Saturday mornings.

Problem Areas: Jack still isn't completely potty trained. I have to stay on him to go to the potty. He pees in the potty more often than not but pooping in the potty has only happened a few times. As soon as he poops he takes off his clothes and tries to clean himself up which you can imagine how that turns out. He stays on the ipad too much and throws a fit when I take it away (some regulation has to happen soon). He still isn't great about cleaning up. He doesn't mind me helping him clean up (because I'm doing most of the work) but him just picking up his own mess rarely happens. He is getting brave and likes to go out the back door to the back porch without premission.

Positive Areas: He is so smart. With just a little help he can count to 100. He knows all his letter sounds. He loves to help me do anything I'm doing. His sense of humor. Saturday night Bennett stayed the night and the two of them were fighting over 1 train (and I know we have over 50) and Jack walked up to Bennett and asked "Are you ready to go home?". Jack makes everything more fun. He is so funny and silly and just keeps us laughing.

Jack at 4 has been my favorite age so far. He is learning so much and his love for school makes me so happy. His personality is really starting to shine through. He has so much curiosity. We love to play games together including hide and seek, match, and Pop the Pig.

I'm really loving this phase and I'm doing all I can to soak up every moment of it. Before I know it he will be 5 and that is just too big boy for me. I need to soak up all the baby moments that I can.

What is your favorite thing that your kid(s) are doing right now?


  1. 4 has been a lot of fun, too. But I have to admit, it's had it's moments of madness, too. But doesn't every age?

  2. Fun facts! Olive doesn't like chocolate milk either. Funny since she loves sugar things and all candy. I love all the funny phrases they say and their little personality quirks. Jack's doing so well with his counting, letters and it sounds like he's got so many fun things going on outside at your house :)


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