Monday, February 1, 2016

Currently (February Edition)

Reading: In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume. I'm been a Blume fan since I could remember. I just started it so I can't recommend it just yet. However, how could a Blume book not be good? I will say that I'm not loving the cover. Really trying to not judge a book by its cover.

Planning: A cute Valentine breakfast for my sweet family.

Watching: American Idol. I've been a huge fan of the show for years. I'm so sad that this is the farwell season. I love the dynamic between Harry, Keith, and Jennifer.

Trying: Bullet journaling out. If you haven't heard about it before then click here.

Cooking: Breakfast foods. I'm always in charge of cooking a big breakfast on Saturday mornings. I make blueberry muffins, sausage or bacon, eggs, gravy, and biscuits. I always look forward to breakfast on Saturdays.

Eating: Honey wheat bread with peanut butter (almost everyday for lunch)

Drinking: Water but still drinking too much Dr. Pepper.

Thinking: It's time to start really working out. Although I've been walking during my lunch break and adding steps in where I can, it is time to really get to work.

Pinning: Ideas for my future home. Planning for the future really gets me excited about paying off debt.

Crafting: Valentines with my little man Jack.

Going: To work/to the grocery store/to the daycare....Isn't my life exciting?

Loving: Putting together outfits to wear for the next two weeks. I'm pulling out all my red and pinks. Such a fun time to dress up.

Dreaming: Of the beach. Me and two of my best girlfriends have a beach trip planned for the summer and I can already feel the straw on my lips. Ha!

Feeling: Excited to see what February has in store. I had a really great January. I'm feeling right on task and that feels great.

Listening: Selena Gomez. Should I even be sharing this? I am loving the song "Hands to Myself". Also, to a lot of Jack whining. Seriously. It is getting bad. I know a lot of it lies with the struggle to communicate.

Celebrating: Not being sick. I had the crud for a few days and I'm so glad that it is on its way out.

Improving: My make-up skills. I've really been trying to take my time in the mornings. I've also purchased a few new items that I've been experimenting with. I love new products!


  1. You're welcome to be my long distance workout buddy! A non-local friend and I send each other gym selfie to hold each other accountable. It works really well!

  2. You're welcome to be my long distance workout buddy! A non-local friend and I send each other gym selfie to hold each other accountable. It works really well!

  3. Oooo... what new makeup products? I love new products too! I used to be a Dr. Pepper addict, but with my migraine med, I can't stand it. :( And let me know how the book is! I've been wanting to read it!

  4. I've been enjoying American Idol, too. It seems weird that it won't be on anymore. Do you ever watch The Voice? Your Saturday breakfast menu sounds delicious and I'm sure everyone appreciates it. I've been wanting to buy a few new make up items - a highlighting cream and new lipstick - but have been putting it off.

  5. I love peanut butter on toast with honey...I had that so often growing up and now you have me craving it! How do you like bullet journaling? I tried it but couldn't get into it.

  6. I look forward to Saturday morning breakfasts as well! Made some delish blueberry muffins (from the box!) last weekend and we are still eating them. So yummy!


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