Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 11 Goals Recap + Week 12 Goals

Week 11 Goals Recap

1// Try out making smoothies. I really want to see if Jack will drink them. He isn't the best fruit or vegetable eater so I hope he will drink them so I can get more fruits and vegetables into his growing body. Major fail. well I did make one but it was awful. Next time, I need to add a sweetener. Various berries and milk just aren't that good.

2/ Finish Jack's class valeintines. So happy to have this one crossed off my list. 

3// Do even more research on bullet journaling.

4// Declutter bathroom products.

5// Volunteer at JBE Winter Ball which is this Saturday. Y'all, seriously so much fun! 

6// Start reading a new book.

7// Work with Jack on wearing headphones. He got screened for speech therapy and when they went to check his hearing he freaked out because he didn't want to wear the headphones. He has never worn any before so I plan to work with him on this because he is getting retested soon.

8// Fill out Jack's speech and development therapy papers. Where he goes to daycare they offer these services for free if they qualify. Jack isn't really behind but he has some things he can work on.

I seriously rocked it last week. I called in sick one day with the nasty crud. I had a fever so I didn't want to spread the love. Being at home that day really worked out because I got a lot done even if I was sick. I would rest a little and then work a little. It is amazing how much you can get done (and rest) when you are home alone. Lovely!

Week 12 Goals

1// Finish my taxes. I've been waiting for some papers from daycare. I talked to the director and she said we would get them this week. 

2// Workout three times. It's time I start to add in more cardio. I am meeting my step count so I'll be moving that up but I still want to add in more calorie busting cardio.

3// Purchase a Valentine's gift for my mom, my librarian assistant, and my Secret Pal. I have zero ideas. I am going to do Valentine wrapped candy bars for my co-workers. I had also thought about doing a hot chocolate bar with donuts. I'll make up my mind closer to Valentine's Day.

4// Do "love you to pieces" Valentine art with Jack.

5// Drink lots of water. Last week I didn't do too great on the water because I was sick most days. Am I the only one who hates the taste of water when they are sick?

6// Search for a banner for March. Yeah I'm talking March. It just takes me awhile to make stuff since I usually only get to be crafty when Jack is sleeping. Once I find the idea, I have to start gathering supplies. 

7// Sit down with my dad and work out details on my future home. My dad is a contractor and has been drawing up plans. He wants to sit down and get my opinion on a few things. 

8// Get myself well! I have been battling this crud for over a week now. Just when I think I'm getting better, it comes back. I'm ready to feel 100%! 

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  1. You rocked it last week! We are waiting for one more paper, too, for taxes. Have a great Wednesday!


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