Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Board Books

As a librarian, I really want my child to enjoy reading. Jack has shown little to no interest. I tried different books and even different methods of reading. It just wasn't his thing-until recently. I bought Jack this book for Christmas.

The other day he brought it to me and then he actually sat there while I read it to him. I had to check the boy for fever. This was so out of the ordinary. He then "read" the book to me. I could tell that he had actually been listening.

As we read the book, we counted the cars. I would ask him what color they were. I wanted him to really look at the illustrations to enjoy the book even more. 

Since we had such a success with this book, I picked up this Easter book. 

There were a few different Easter books at Wal-Mart but ultimately decided on this book because it focused on counting and colors. Jack enjoys this book as well but brings me the truck me often. 

I originally picked the truck book because Jack has loved the word stuck for a long time. Whenever he is put into anything where he is strapped down he says "I stuck". 

After two successful books I have purchased a third.

We are working on body parts so I thought this book would be a good option. I'm excited about it coming in tomorrow. 

What board books does your child enjoy? 


  1. Fun assortment! I love when kids get excited about books. It's so sweet to see them catching onto the story, repeating lines from it and requesting you read a certain book. Yay Jack!! I just received two books from the Little Blue Truck series as a gift for Fletcher. My friend said her son loves them so you'll have to check them out. Olive loves Llama Llama, Goodnight Moon, Pout Pout Fish, any board books with flaps to lift, Brown Bear Brown Bear, and all of books by Leslie Patricelli.

  2. I have a 3.5 year old boy, and he's always loved Little Blue Truck. As Jack gets older, check out Chris Van Dusen...he's an author/illustrator from Maine and his books are SO GOOD! They're a little longer so they're better for 2+/ (How old is Jack?)


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