Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 13 Goals Recap + Week 14 Goals

Week 13 Goals

1// Buy chocolate bars to make my Valentine candy bars for my co-workers.  I didn't end up with candy bars but I did end up with something just as cute. You can see what I came up with here.

2// Find a Valentine's gift for my mom and assistant. I'm thinking about doing pedicures. I didn't do a pedicure for my assistant. I found a really cute frame and stoled a picture of her grandkids from Facebook and put it in it. It turned out really cute. My mom got a pedicure.

3// Make cookies for Jack's daycare. Well it wasn't cookies but Jack and I did make Valentine cupcakes and they loved them.

4// Write out February work goals. Done and I've already marked a few things off. 

5// Do cardio twice this week.Ha! I did drop 4 pounds but I'm sure I gained them back over the weekend. I weigh again on Thursday. 

6// Order treats for 3 kiddos here at school that I always buy stuff for on holidays.  I wish every kid got something delivered for Valentine's Day. 

7// Drink that H2O! I did better during the week that I've done in the past two weeks but I didn't do so great over the weekend. 

Week 14 Goals

1// Get my headlight changed. I just found out today that my left one is out. I'm sure my dad can handle this one.

2// Finish a Year of Yes. I don't think this will be too hard since I'm loving it.

3// Drink lots more water.

4// Do 2 canvas art pieces with Jack for St. Patrick's Day.

5// Put out St. Patrick's Day decor.

6// Pay bills and other debts (I get paid on Friday).

7// Put together my birthday wish list. My birthday is the 15th of March and I know my family wants some ideas.

8// Take Jack to get his haircut. 

9// Make appointment for Jack to get his hearing checked. He isn't having any issues but they have to get tested at school and he wouldn't cooperate so I have to get our PCP to sign off.

10// Get a printout of Jack's immunizations. 

11// Call my student loan company to answer their question about how often I get paid. 

12// Start online shopping for Jack's Easter outfit. This will be a fun one.

13// Research a good cause. I think it is time to focus on one cause that is important to me. I want Jack to grow up knowing that we support _________. I think if I narrowed things down a little I could make a bigger difference. Choosing a cause or charity isn't an easy task. There is so much out there and some controversy with certain charities. I want to do my research first. There is a girl (one I actually taught when she was in high school) and I see how the great work she is doing for pets. It has nothing to do with her job but is something that she is passionate about. When I see where she has saved an animal it makes me so proud. It also makes me feel down that I'm not making that type of difference. 

14// Purge Jack's toys once again. I've repurposed a storage bin with six compartments and I want it all to fit in it and his toy box. Currently he is using a crate, a toybox, and the space under the roll top desk. I didn't mention the block containers in the back bedroom nor all the trains under every piece of furnture we own.

I've set myself up for a very busy week but I believe I've got this.  If I manage to accomplish all of these things then I'm going to reward myself with a pedicure or a haircut/dye/style. This is the first time I've brough rewards into this whole weekly goal thing but I have a lot of goals and if I do it all then I for sure deserve a prize. 

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  1. I always have my dad help with little car issues like headlights and airing up tires when I'm home. And if I'm lucky he'll throw in a car wash :) Good luck tackling your goals for the upcoming week


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