Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Future Home is in the Works

We are far away from building my future home. I'm thinking possibly a year. 

My dad has drawn it out. 

My dad is a contractor. He built their house and my sister's house. He has built other homes as well but from day to day he mostly does remodeling. 

I explained to my dad what I wanted in Jack and I's home and then let him do the smart work. I don't have a lot of requests. I want two bedrooms, an open living room, a nice size laundry room, and a big front porch (not pictured). 

My parents own 5 acres and when my sister built their house they bought part of the land. We have laid down the flags in two different locations for my house. I like one over the other but my dad thinks the other may be the better option due to plumbing or pipes or something else I don't understand. He is doing what he does to figure that out.

This is the view of my sister's house from the flags of the location that I like the best. The brown muddy spot is where my dad grows his tomatoes in the spring/summer. He has a big garden area in the back but this is his tomato area. He said he could easily move it. 

I really really really want a screened in back porch. My dad says no because he knows it will get too dirty because we basically live surrounded by fields. My parents have a house length back porch but it has windows with screens on them. I know that each time the wind gets going or the rain starts flowing then we have we run and close the windows. I know he knows best but I still wish, you know? 

Although we are very early into this project, I'm still over the top excited. 

Be prepared for many updates as we work through this process. 


  1. How exciting and how wonderful that your dad is talented in the home building department. I am impressed. What a blessing it would be to get to customize a home. Dad's usually know best, but it is fun to throw in your opinions and wishes about things. Hope you get your porch(es) and look forward to seeing how things come together. That's really nice that your parents have land to build your own little family subdivision on :)

  2. So exciting. I can not wait to read blog posts as you embark on this journey. So neat that you will be so close to family.

  3. I wish you all the best. It will be a lot of work, but will be worth it.

  4. Very cool! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Very cool! Can't wait to hear all about it!


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