Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Things I'm Excited About Right Now

1: Mom Struggling Well
I have mentioned this podcast many times but I truly could go on and on with the praise. Emily Thomas is a mom you can relate to. She is funny and honest and the people she interviews are always so encouraging.

2: Plan to Eat
I'm new to Plan to Eat but I'm already in love. I started with recipes all from Pinterest. I'm able to drag the recipes right to my planner and then once the week is planned I can print the shopping list. So easy!

3: Snail mail project
Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me started a Snail Mail Exchange. I for one love getting mail that isn't bills. I've been paired with Jen and it has been so great getting to know her.

4: Riverfest
My friends and I have done Riverfest for a really long time. There have been years where I've had to miss so I'm really excited to have this on the books for May. 

5: Jacks love for books
Jack is all about the books right now and I love it. His favorites right now are...
*Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See
*My Truck is Stuck
*All of the Pete the Cat books (all cats he sees are named Pete)
*The two Little Blue Truck books
*We're Going on a Bear Hunt

6: Sparkly Green Earrings book

7: Dancing with the Stars
I can't decide which of these two are my favorites. I watched Nyle on America's Next Top Model and loved him and how can you not love Ginger.

8: I love the 90s concert
A bunch of my friends and I have tickets to this concert in July. We are beyond pumped.We are going to the concert and then going to a local piano bar. A whole night of friends and 90's excited!

What are you currently excited about? 


  1. Jack's got good taste in books! I've got to pick up some of those Pete the Cat books because I bet Olive would love them, too. Glad you've got some fun things on the horizon. I've never listened to a pod cast so I should probably jump on that bandwagon because I keep hearing everyone rave about them. I'm excited about getting Fletcher's newborn pictures back and my parents coming to visit next week.

  2. I have never been to Riverfest; it looks so fun!! We'll be out of town or else I'd probably be buying passes! I'm going to have to look into that Plan to Eat, sounds super easy!


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