Friday, April 10, 2015

This and That

1. Look at what my Secret Pal got me for Easter!!! It got delivered Friday afternoon to the school. Since I had left early to attend Jack's daycare Easter party I got my delivery on Monday. Such a great way to start the week.

2. Has anyone done couch to 5k? I'm at the end of week three and I'm thinking maybe I should repeat week three. If you can't remember week three it is run for a minute and a half, walk a minute and a half, run for three minutes, walk for three minutes, and then repeat. I've done it but it was hard. That three minute run about killed me. Should I even be confessing this? I am wondering if I need to do a repeat of week three to build up my stamina or do I need to just move on and push myself?

3. I won a $10 gift card to Amazon from Ashley at Everything is Hunky Dorey! I'm thinking I want to download this book. Thanks Ashley for hosting the giveaway!!!

4. I just finished this book and it was very good. There is a great message about God but also very dramatic. 

5. I've been suffering from awful headaches all week. I believe the pollen level is the culprit. I'm hoping the new regiment of allergy medicine nips this in the bud.

6. Jack's dad canceled his visitation for Saturday so I'm pumped about that. I don't get to see Jack nearly enough during the week so I'm really excited to have him to myself on Saturday. It rained quite a bit last night but it is suppose to be beautiful on Saturday. I'm looking forward to hopefully doing a lot of playing outside.

7. I'm also looking forward to some gym time. I like going more on the days I don't work. It's nice getting to go earlier in the morning when I'm not so worn out. The gym is my happy place right now.

8. I'm so proud of my friend Holly at Back Home Again for signing up for her first 5K. She is one I text when I need a little push to get my butt to the gym.

9. Yesterday I posted my Spring Wishlist and I keep finding myself going back and looking at all the things I want. I realize that I really want these things.

10. It is April 10th and I still haven't done my taxes. It was seriously on my to do list every month since February and here it is five days until they HAVE to be done. I am now forced to make myself bite the bullet and get them done over the weekend.
11. Jack has a ton of shorts but we are in serious need of some solid colored shirts to go with all these shorts. Where did all the shirts go? Did I only stock up on shorts? Now I am shopping at Children's Place and Old Navy online looking to fill this need quickly because it is hot hot hot.

12. I've realized that doing a daily devotional before you start your day really helps to calm your mind and get you focused and excited about what you are doing. Two great ladies at our school do a daily devotional where others can join in. It's a great way to come together.


  1. You're so very welcome!! I hope you enjoy the book! That's so awesome, your school seems to have a close-nit bond and atmosphere! And you're right starting the day with a devotional is awesome...I need to get back on that. Hope you and Jack have a great weekend!

  2. Enjoy your weekend with Jack!!! And thanks for the book suggestions!

  3. Way to go with your Couch to 5K! It sounds like you're doing great with the gym and this program. I love that basket from your secret pal. Wouldn't it be fun if every Monday started out like that?? Olive doesn't have any shorts for summer so I'm finding myself stocking up on those right now. I guess I just bought shirts and dresses last year. This is the first year that we have had our taxes done before the week of the 15th so I feel your pain. Hope you and Jack have a great weekend. PS I like the new look of things on your blog :)

  4. I'm proud of you too! I say go on to the next week and push yourself. You don't know what you can do until you try!

  5. I'm proud of you too! I say go on to the next week and push yourself. You don't know what you can do until you try!

  6. Big Diane Chamberlain fan here. I've read that book and it is great. There truly is not one book of hers I haven't enjoyed. I'm just finishing up her book The Midwife's Confession. I get many of them at my local library. I'd love to hear how you like it.


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