Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Started Like a Monday and Finished Like a Saturday

Tuesdays have a reputation for being the most mellow of days. It is the day after the dreaded Monday. We have mourned the weekend being officially over. By Wednesday everyone is excited that Hump Day is here. Tuesday is known for being the sensible day.

I'm here to tell you that Tuesday fooled the heck out of me but in the end we made up.

When I woke up Tuesday I was already scheduled to go to the dentist at four so I wouldn't have to miss any work. I left the house for work with zero make-up on because my face was so sore. The 45 minute drive to work was used to pep myself up for working through the pain. After about 15 minutes of being at work I knew I wouldn't make it. Not only was I in so much pain but I was exhausted from lack of sleep and not being able to eat. Thankfully the secretary was able to get me a sub and I left there an hour later. I was also lucky because the dentist fitted me in right away.

The actual sitting in the chair part was not so great. First I found out the root canal hadn't stopped the pain because they had missed how broken the tooth was. He informed me that the tooth would have to be extracted and that I would need a bridge in about two months. The price of this is going to take half of my tax refund and the other half is going to my parents since I promised them I would pay them back the money for the divorce/custody lawyer. I'm very disappointed that Jack and I are going to have to wait longer to get our own place. I just remind myself that God has a plan that is bigger than my own.

After resting a little at home, I went and picked up Jack from daycare. He was acting like a wild hoodlum even as we were going to the car so I knew he was going to be a handful for the rest of the afternoon. When we pulled up my sister, her husband, and my nephew were outside playing. My dad was working in the garden and my mom was painting flower pots. We were not going inside! 

My parents live on 5 acres on a gravel road. Jack can run and run but he has to stay in the backyard (so he isn't anywhere near the road) and stay in front of the garden (so he is visible). My child takes off running toward the road every time he gets a chance. I then have to take off running to fetch him and then put him in time out where he screams and fights to get up. As soon as he gets out of time out there he goes again. What gets me is the child will be running toward the road, looking back as I am screaming "get back here" and running,  and he just grins and hauls butt. Finally, my dad got the boys started on a project.

I had the great idea to add a patio area in a space that is shaded and doesn't have any grass. My dad had enough blocks to get it started. Eventually it will be a 15x15 concrete space for all the seating. We are trying to talk my dad into putting a fire pit in the center of it. It would be a great spot to roast some weenies and marshmallows this summer. I can't wait to get back to working on it and show you the final product. 

After speaking with daycare today we agreed that we would both actively work with Jack on potty training. I purchased Pull Ups and also a couple pair of big boy underwear. I was so excited for him to try them on. This is the best picture I could get since this child will not stop moving. 

Well Tuesday you are officially over as I finish here. I just wanna tell you that you almost kicked my butt but in the end you did me right and I forgive you. You may have started me like a Monday, chewed me up, but at least you spit me out with the feeling of a Saturday. 


  1. sorry it was a tough day! Hope the rest of your week is much better! Can't wait to hear about the potty training! ;)

  2. Sorry to hear about your unexpected dental work. That's never fun for you or your bank account. Praying it'll be an easy process for you and that you'll get to treasure this extra time with your family. It sounds like their place is pretty wonderful with the huge yard, garden and new patio set up. Definitely get a fire pit for s'mores :)

  3. I hope you can get your tooth issues figured out soon! That is no fun at all.


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