Monday, April 27, 2015

Just Your Average Sunday

My Mom got the bright idea to get the big bag of blocks out that had been put in storage. I don't think they snapped any two blocks together. What they did do was kick them all over the place. I finally got out the brown laundry basket and made a game of "throw the blocks in the basket". The blocks are now back safely in the storage shed.

 I got into a major cooking mood yesterday. I made ham/cheese roll sandwiches and chicken fajitas. I needed to keep Jack occupied and this did the trick. He enjoyed transfering the letters to one door to the other. 

I made 2 trips to Wal-Mart. On my second trip my Mom watched Jack and when I came back it was 4:00 and they were both sound asleep on the couch. His nap time is 11:00 but he refused to nap. On my way back to Wal-Mart I was grinning thinking about Jack heading to bed early tonight. As soon as I walked in I heard nothing, I knew it was over. I wasn't about to wake him up so instead I did a hair mask and painted my fingernails. I have to say I enjoyed my quiet time. I'm not to happy about the late bedtime that is coming tonight.

I also started the book It Was Me All Along. I'm only on chapter one as of now but I do have high hopes. It has gotten lots of great reviews.

I have to leave for work really early so my Mom is kind enough to dress and take Jack to daycare every morning. I set out his clothes in Zip Lock bags so all I do in the morning is stick that bag on my bed for her to dress him when he wakes up. It's kind of a pain on Sunday but well worth it the rest of the week.

I hope y'all have a great week! Last week kinda sucked for me so I hope things are much better this week.


  1. I so need to do something like that with the kids' clothes. A gets them dressed in the morning while I'm getting ready but he waits until I come downstairs with their clothes. It would be a lot less hectic if we did something like that.

  2. Sound like a good day! Ugh...blocks, it's a never ending mess around here with those things. I'm glad you got some alone time, although I hope bedtime went ok. Hope you have a great week!

  3. That block experiment was pretty funny. I bet the kiddos had a great time kicking and throwing them. Maybe try them again in a year :) I love that you made the most of Jack's nap time even if it wasn't ideal. I am impressed with your clothes system for Jack. That's really smart to pick things out all at once and then it's done for the week. I bet your mom really appreciates that. I think I'd like it if I had 7 outfits ready to go for the week. Hope you have a great week :)


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