Monday, April 13, 2015

Getting Organized On Paper

I've attempted to make myself a get yo' self organized binder. The first thing I did was make a list of tabs I needed. I've had a binder in the past but for this season in my life I needed something a little different. My current tabs are:

  • calendar
  • blog
  • goals
  • exercise
  • work
Under calendar I just put a cute blank calendar for the rest of 2015. I will use just this tab for personal calendar events. 

  • The first two pages are from Melyssa and are my 2015 blogging goals. You can print your own here.
  • Next, I printed this blog planner I found online at

    • I'm using the monthly stats, giveaways, blog expenses, blog income, notes & ideas, and week in review pages.
  • The first thing you will find is a copy of my New Years Resolutions. 
  • I printed off this sheet for setting goals. I printed several copies. 
  • From DIY Home Sweet Home I printed off a Master To Do and a Books To Read list.
    • I'm using the Master To Do to write my 101 in 1001.
  • I added this week by week printable where I can chart my exercise. 

  • In Microsoft Word I inserted a table of the exact number of pounds I want to lose. The first box has my current weight and the last box has the weight I want to be. At work we weigh in each Friday so I will mark out the weight I no longer am. 
  • The first page is a list of my work goals (I'm still working on thinking of them and getting them all written down).
  • After my goals I have a blank monthly calendarvfor the rest of the year to write down work obligations. 
At the back of my binder I have extra copies of Week at a Glance sheets. I keep the current one filled out at the very front of my binder. The last thing in my binder is two pages to keep up with passwords. I've used a password log before and it is very helpful. For the Week at a Glance and the Password Log I used these pages from DIY Home Sweet Home. 

Do you have a binder to keep yourself organized?

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  1. I love lists :) The exercise chart is great!! I'm going to have to think about doing something like that for myself. I also love the idea of keeping all of your lists in a binder. I've got lists everywhere - my phone, my planner, my blog planner, etc.


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