Thursday, November 5, 2015

Parenting Struggles

I'm keeping it real today.

I'm struggling with parenting Jack. He turns three on Saturday and he is more difficult than ever. His energy is excessive. I know toddlers have lots of energy but is Jack's energy level more than most? I work with children everyday, some with ADHD, and Jack seems to have a lot of the same symptoms. Is it ADHD or is it just being a toddler?

I know I can take him to the doctor but I just feel like he will dismiss me as being an over sensitive parent. Jack gets into everything. I mean everything and quickly. He'll be on the table one minute and in the fridge the next. I get him out of the fridge and then he is jumping on the bed. By the time bedtime comes around I am exhausted and then the real chaos starts.

Bedtime is awful now! He will not stay in his bed. He continuously turns the closet light on. I've tried everything I can think of and I'm exhausted. By the time he does go to bed it is almost midnight, I'm exhausted, I'm frustrated, I'm upset that I'm so frustrated, and it just makes sleeping an awful event. The only way he sleeps in his bed at all is if I move him to his bed once he falls asleep in mine. Most nights that doesn't even happen.

Struggling as a parent is hard on both the parent and child. I can feel his struggle. He is so loving. He loves to hug and kiss and be held. I love these sweet parts of him. I even love his energy (even if I wish it were contained a little). I keep his schedule consistent to help him feel ease but even that isn't helping with bedtime. Maybe this is just a phase and next week he'll be a model sleeper. Maybe as he matures he'll stop being so wild. I want him to enjoy the excitement of putting together a puzzle or completing a task during free play but it seems he can't stay in that moment.

I just wanted to say I'm struggling. I wanted to be real. I wanted to let people know they aren't alone. We all struggle as parents from time to time and it means everything to know that you aren't a failure and that what you are feeling is common.


  1. How is his diet? People think it's crazy but there are studies out there that correlate food dyes and hfcs to ADHD symptoms in children. Maybe eliminate these for a period and see if he improves? Also is it possible to get him to run out some of his energy before bed? Or, make sure its a mellow atmosphere, lights dimmed, no cartoons for awhile before bed. We struggle with bedtime too :(

  2. Thinking of you! I have no great advice for bedtime other than to be consistent and maybe try out a reward system for staying in his bed (sleeping with a favorite toy, one extra book, sticker, etc.). I don't think it would hurt to mention some of your concerns to his pediatrician and see what they suggest. It seems like they take you more seriously when you have specific stories/example to share with them, I think different phases are hard with different kids. Hope this one passes quickly because you both need your sleep!!


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