Monday, November 9, 2015

Birthday Weekend

1// One of the gifts I got Jack was this fishing game. As you can see from the picture Jack is cheating. In his defense, this game was much harder than I remembered. They don't use magnets anymore. As of Sunday afternoon two of the fish are MIA. 

2// I decided to go with a monkey cake this year for Jack. We have done Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Train. We all call him monkey so I found this to be fitting. We have the bet cake maker in our little town. It is the best cake I've ever eaten. 

3// This picture is all Jack. Never was there a more perfect picture that summarizes Jack up completely. Wild child!

4// Jack goes to the best daycare. He had a little party there on Friday. I just love this picture. These children are so joyful. 

5// Jack's favorite present is this Jack in the Box. I knew he would love it. He loves to be surprised and he enjoys you scaring him. Oh the magical laughter the first time that clown came up. He giggled and laughed for so long. We have had lots of laughs over this toy. Classic toy for the win!


  1. That cake is darling!! Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebrating with friends and getting fun toys. Great job :)


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