Monday, November 2, 2015

Jack the Scarecrow

In years past I bought Jack's costume. Those things can get expensive! Last year I bought a costume that without the head piece it wasn't much of a costume. Of course, Jack didn't want to wear it. I vowed that night to never go that route again. His costume had to be one that if the hat was gone he would still look dressed up. 

I put together this scarecrow costume without too much work. We had this sheriffs hat that I put burlap on. The shirt is from Fabkids. I attached burlap to the overalls using safety pins so I could take it off without damaging the material. The most difficult part was the "straw". I found this great yellow/brown yarn at Walmart. I glued the yarn to felt and used velcro to attach to the inside of the overall legs. Mama's lipstick makes great scarecrow makeup. We threw on some rainboots and headed out the door. 

My sister is having her baby today. We are all so excited!!! Baby girl Maybree should be here around two this afternoon. I'm working half a day and then heading up there and I've taken tomorrow off just to spend with the new baby. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Jack looks adorable!! Great job on his costume this year. Hope y'all had a great weekend and CONGRATS on it being baby day. She did wait until after Halloween to arrive :)

  2. So adorable, and super easy! I'll have to remember this one! I really want to do a Wizard of Oz theme next year and this would be great for Wyatt!


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