Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting Mentally Prepared For Your Day

Do you want to bring more peace to your life? These 3 things help me each day to mentally prepare for the day ahead. My days are hectic and with these things I have brought more happier moments into my life.

1// Imagine how I want my day to go. It is what I do first thing. I think about all the things I want to accomplish and how I want to be as a person. I like to visualize it all happening. I think about the personal inventory I took the night before (more on that later) and decide what I need to do to make this day better.

2// Morning Prayer. During my morning prayer time I always pray for guidance to do God's will. Of course, I pray for other things, but guidance is always on the list. I feel like I constantly need God's guidance to be the best person I can be.

3// Take a personal inventory. Each night before I go to bed I take a few minutes to go back over my day and ask myself these questions.

* Was there anything that I didn't like and how should it have been different?
Example: The other day I had a parent come to me about their child. I wasn't prepared and ended up promising things I wish I hadn't. I ended up putting more work on me and not the kid. By acknowledging this happening I can work to do things differently next time.

* What were the happiest moments of my day? How can I make these moments happen more often?

There are some days that basically just suck and that's when I turn to my journal. Getting that stuff out is so helpful. Not only is it good to get it out but it helps to see problem areas.

Example: Each morning I was leaving for work angry. I would get in my car and feel like I had already had a stressful day. This went on for weeks. I complained about all the things that were causing me stress each morning. It was all happening to me. Poor me was what I was thinking. This will get you nowhere but we all go there from time to time. Finally, I got smart. I wrote down all these things that were getting me stressed each morning. Bing! I made a few adjustments and now my mornings are WAY better.

Is there anything that you mentally do each day that makes your life better?


  1. Good suggestions! I always make a to do list for the following day before I go to bed, debrief with my husband about our schedules for the next day and communicate any areas I need help or am stressed about. I like the idea of reassessing the things that didn't go so well so that you can makes changes in how you handle similar situations in the future.

  2. I am trying to pray in the mornings more often, too. Life gets so busy. What a great post, thank you!


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