Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My 5 Favorite Podcasts

I've talked a little about my love for podcasts but today I wanted to take it a step further and share with you my favorites (you know those that you can't get enough of). I've also shared my love for growing as a person. I never want to stop working on myself. Most of these podcasts are just that, ways for me to learn and grow.

During the school year I listen to podcasts on my commute to and from work. I have a solid hour and a half each day so falling in love with podcasts has really made that time more enjoyable. Now that it is summer and I don't have a commute I am having to make the time to listen to my favorite podcasters. I've been finding that time right before bed, while running errands, and during simple chores like folding laundry and dusting.

So here are my current top five:

1// Mom Struggling Well. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm obsessed with this one right here. It is Christianity based but isn't too churchy. It is authentic and funny and you will fall in love with Emily Thomas like myself and many others. She uses interviews to give life to what other moms are doing to struggle well.

2// The Girl Next Door. I've listened to about ten episodes so far and I am enjoying starting them from the beginning and working my way to their current episodes. It is two women who live next door to each other and became friends. It is like reading a book. You get to hear about their lives as things unfold. They typically discuss topics like vacation, fashion, being creative, and so many others. You really get to know them and their family. They also share a cocktail recipe each episode which has me thinking we need to implement happy hour into this household. 

3// Unruffled. This is a parenting podcast that I turn to when I'm having a particular issue with Jack, such as his biting. They aren't long and each one has a topic. You receive great advice and it gives you the umph to get back in there and tackle the situation. 

4// The Big Boo Cast. I discovered this podcast after I read Melanie Shankles' books. I love the dynamic between Big Mama and Boo Mama. They are so funny and real and just a joy to listen to. I've actually already listened to every one of their episodes and am dutifully waiting for another. 

5// The Inspired to Action Podcast. This podcast is Christian based and the greatest thing for me about it is that it is relaxing to listen to. It's more churchy than Mom Struggling Well but it isn't overwhelming. It gets your mind straight by inspiring you to be better and do better. For the most part it is about motherhood (which is where I feel like I need the most guidance). She interviews amazing people each week that have a great story and leave you wondering what God has in store for your life. 

I was a little late to the whole podcast thing so I'm still discovering my podcast taste. So far I've learned that I enjoy podcasts that either have me laughing, learning something new, or inspiring me to become my best self. 

If you have a favorite podcast please let me know as I have found that I typically like what other people like. So tell me, do you listen to podcasts, and if so which are your favorites? 


  1. The only one of these I've heard of is The Big Boo Cast. They're hilarious and so down to earth. I really want to check out Mom Struggling Well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've only listened to a handful of Podcasts and they were all from the Happy Hour series with Jamie Ivey! I want to dive into these and check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have never listened to a podcast. I have to be involved to have my attention kept. Like watching or reading. But I'd love to give them a try. Which do you think I should start with?

  4. Thanks for your suggestions! I love the idea of pod casts, but have never gotten into them. The first one stands out to me so I've got to figure out how the whole pod cast works. I also didn't realize your commute was so long. It's the perfect time to listen to podcasts to help pass the time. Smart girl :) I used to take care of all of my family/friend phone calls when I had a commute.


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