Monday, June 6, 2016

Haircuts, My New Favorite Drink, and Friends

Guys I had an amazing weekend, so amazing that it took me until now (Monday afternoon to recap). Yesterday Mexican food was consumed and a nap was had. Does anyone else crave Mexican food after a night of too many cocktails? 

First bit of exciting news is that I finally cut my hair and I'm in love with it! I even had my girl Jade put in some blonde highlights. I've never really done highlights before and I must say that I'm a fan. Of course, I can't perfectly recreate how my hair looked when I left the salon but regardless I am loving the shorter hair. 

Saturday morning me and four other gal pals drove up to Little Rock for the annual Riverfest Festival. I found my new favorite drink, a orange basil mojito. I will be trying to recreate this yummy and very summery cocktail. 

Riverfest was so incredibly hot this year. Typically it is Memorial Day weekend but they moved it to the first weekend in June. Although technically there is only a week difference, it felt like months with the heat. You add in all the people and it was just plain miserable. But we had a blast because gal pals and cocktails adds up to lots of laughter no matter how much we are sweating.  

In other news, I'm reading 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn't Quit. It resonates so much with me. I highly recommend it if you are a woman who tends to quit a little too easy. She uses the story of Ruth to guide you through the 5 habits. I'm just about half way through and oh it has me thinking. 



  1. Your hair looks great...very summery! I'm glad you had a good girl's trip. If you recreate that cocktail, I hope you'll share the recipe. It looks tasty!

  2. I have a hair appointment on Monday and girlfriend, I need all the TLC. It's in bad shape!

  3. Riverfest weekend was terribly hot! I was at a baseball game across the river that Sunday and it was awful. Were you able to stay for the fireworks on Sunday night?

  4. Love your new hair!! Glad you got to get away with friends even if it was HOT.


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