Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 3 Goals Recap + Week 4 Goals

1. Survive book fair week at school. It's the toughest week for me. It's busy. It's chaotic. It's lots of hard work both physically and mentally.  I made it!!! Y'all I am always so thankful when this week is over. When you have kiddos bring a dollar and want something that costs twenty....oh it is broken hearts. I always have a kid or two to cry, it is not a fun position to be in. Breaking hearts is not my idea of a good time. One very nice woman gave me $60 for me to pick some kids who wouldn't have money to go to the book fair. I picked 6 kids and gave them $10 each from "an elf". It made me so happy to see a parent give to others. 

2. Finish Jack's stocking. I'm not marking this one off because I have lost one Wal-Mart bag with several of his stocking items in it. I'm sure it is in the closet but I bought this stuff long ago and have put Amazon boxes on top since then. I'm sure I'll find it soon and have his stocking finished up. 

3. Get some important documents notarized.

4. Start using our advent calendar. Jack is enjoying the chocolate in his advent stockings. Yesterday my nephew was with us so I added some extra candy. My nephew Bennett thought it was the coolest thing and kept saying "let's look in the 7". 

5. Read Christmas books. This one is Jack's favorite. 
We've also read Frosty the Snowman and It's Christmas, David!

6. Watch Christmas movies.

7. Wrap Christmas gifts. I still have so many more to wrap.

8. Bring Secret Pal her gift.

9. Print off candy bar wrappers to use as little gifts for co-workers. 

10. Drink more water. I do awful on this. I really need to fix this though. I went and got a bottle of water right after I typed this so I can get on it...ha!

Week 4 Goals

1. Finish Jack's stocking.

2. Finish wrapping the gifts that I have purchased (those that have been delivered). 

3. Decorate our gingerbread house. 

4. Finish the current book I'm reading. 

5. Deliver my Secret Pal's newest Christmas gift and find her something for the last day of school before Christmas break. 

6. Finalize my Christmas cookie and candy list. 

7. Begin thinking of New Year's Resolutions (yes, I am going there). I'm thinking of doing a binder this year. I did a binder two years ago and I loved it. This past year was to hectic so I didn't make one. I'm starting to feel more on my feet and so I'm thinking of bringing the binder back.

8. Fill out paperwork for something I'm working on (and return).

9. Continue watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas books and continue with advent calendar.

10. Seriously, drink more water.


  1. What a fun list! That was so sweet of "an elf" to donate money so kids could get things at the book fair. What a thoughtful way to make the day for six kids!! The only way I drink water is if I have a cute water bottle that keeps ice icy all day long. I fill it up every morning and try to refill it a few time a day. If I don't make it in the morning, it's noon and I haven't had any water.

  2. I love that you keep track of everything! (Except maybe Jack's stocking ;) ) I need to start keeping better lists - it feels so good to cross it off.


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