Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Visit to Hot Springs

Saturday my mom, Jack, and myself drove to Hot Springs to spend the day with my brother and his girlfriend. They aren't coming for Christmas so this was our Christmas with them. I only hope that when the official Christmas Day comes around that it only has goodness and not any yuck added in like Saturday.

We left early Saturday morning so we could eat breakfast at a place that a few people had raved to us about. It was good but not great. I will say the pancakes were great, so if anything had to be on point, I'm glad it was the pancakes.

Here is Jack in his jammies ready to spend the day with his Mama and Nana. Side story: Friday night Jack started calling his Nana by the name Jim. I have no idea why, but that is what he calls her now. It doesn't matter if we correct him, he is going to call her Jim. My mom says he means Gem, like the diamond she is. Whatever the reason, I wonder if it will stick? Y'all my kid is cray cray.


On the ride my mom and I were jamming out to Christmas tunes. This is the face my child makes when I sing. I would stop singing and he would go back to happy. Once we started singing again, here comes the face. I couldn't make us stop singing y'all, it was just too funny, even if it was traumatic for him. 

Once we picked up my brother and his girlfriend, we headed to the mall. What mall trip isn't complete without riding the toys that are 75 cents for a minute of being jostled around?

After doing some shopping and seeing Santa, we headed to Ross, which was only a short drive. While in the store my brother started feeling ill. He went back to the truck while we finished at Ross and ran into Kroger. We decided to head back to his apartment for a bit to see if the sickness passed. After about an hour, he was feeling better so we went back to shopping. 

We spent the entire day looking for matching boys pajamas that were two piece and not fleece. We never did find any. We went to every store that sold boys pajamas. We have Christmas pajamas but we don't have any new Christmas pajamas. I was hoping to get Bennett (my nephew) and Jack a matching pair for Polar Express Day at daycare and they could wear them again on Christmas Eve. I ended up with matching Christmas t-shirts and they are going to wear green pajama pants. I guess it will do. 

During the second attempt at shopping the rain started coming down. It wasn't predicted to rain until ten that night. We decided to call the shopping part of our day over. It just isn't much fun walking in and out of stores with bags and getting wet. We dropped my brother off at his place since he still wasn't feeling great and decided to eat at Olive Garden because we were starving and wanted those bread sticks and salad right away. 

It might be time for a haircut (even if I love it long) because the poor waitress kept saying "she" in referencing Jack. We just couldn't correct her. Of course, at the end of our meal I start talking to the waitress and ended up talking about Jack and said "he" and then she caught her mistake. She felt awful and then I felt awful that she felt awful.

I'm so glad we made this visit. We got to see family, visit with Santa again, picked up some needed items, ate good food, saw beautiful Christmas lights, and shared many laughs. Christmas at its finest!

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  1. Sounds like a fun, quick trip. I always enjoy some shopping + Olive Garden. Hope no one else got sick and you have a healthy Christmas break :)


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