Thursday, December 3, 2015

Magic of a Christmas Tree

There is just something about a Christmas tree. The lights. The ornaments. 

This year we went with a big full tree. It is so pretty. I really need to take a few pictures with the lights on so you can see the beautiful ornaments that mean so much to my family. You may notice the Santa hat as our tree topper. Well, our usual tree topper wouldn't fit (unless we wanted to take the ceiling down) so I threw that hat up there as kind of a joke. It landed perfectly and there it has stayed. 

Last year this happened.

This year things are going pretty good with the tree. After a few days of it being up I think the thrill of touching the ornaments is gone. Yesterday, when I picked Jack up from daycare I noticed that one of the centers was a 3 foot tree that the kids get to decorate over and over. It is a great idea but I hope he doesn't get the idea of decorating our tree over and over. For a kid, I imagine it would be very confusing. 

Tonight we are heading an hour north to see Santa and ride through the Christmas light display. I'm so excited that being at work is going to be so tough. I hope seeing Santa goes as well as it did last year.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip to see Santa! Hope y'all had a great time :) Here's to hoping your tree has a better fate this year! We just got ours tonight. The cats and the toddler are very curious about it. Wish us luck!

  2. Oh no for last year's tree. We got a fake tree a few years back and keep using it. Ours would always fall 2-3 times a season without fail. So we gave up haha. I really miss the smell though.


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