Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gingerbread House with a 3 Year Old

First, I wanted to show you what I did for 15 minutes while my Mom picked up Jack from daycare for me. It was heavenly! Yesterday was the third day in a row where I've watched about 15 minutes of it. Hopefully by Christmas I'll have it watched. #life with a toddler

On to the Gingerbread House fiasco. I will say that it went better than last year. Last year the whole thing wouldn't stay up so it was a big improvement that the thing is still standing. Want to know why it is still standing? I put that thing together before I brought Jack in to "decorate". 

I use the term decorate very loosely because really what happened was I tried to decorate it and Jack kept eating it all off. He wouldn't be so mannerly as to pick it off the house, oh no, he just went up there and licked it straight off. 

I finally got him into "painting" the house using our fingers and the colored icing. If that dang icing wasn't so tasty. He couldn't stay away from it. He then realized that the candy was tasty and starting picking it off the house. 

You can see from this last picture where he just raked his little fingers through the icing and ate my yellow paint. He said two words the entire time we were decorating, "house" and "yummy". I'm gonna have to put the house up high or he'll eat it after it has been sitting out. The boy loves his icing. Eventually, I had to pull him away and put him in the bath. I was scared the child was gonna eat sick from all the icing. 

I did have to suffer with a sugar high kid for way too long last night and then two am rolled around and he was ready to par-ty. Too bad Mama was not. We are still working on sleep issues. Toddlers!


  1. Sorry for the sugar high, but it looks like y'all had fun. Smart thinking to assemble the house ahead of time. I think this type of activity will just get easier/better each year as the kids grow. It will be fun to compare the finished product with a one year old, two year old, etc.

  2. My nieces chose a Frozen themed house to decorate at Thanksgiving this year...too bad it fell down almost immediately!

  3. Hahaha - he's more into demolition that building. Love that you built it prior to including him. We've decorated cookies and Olivia just sits there and eats the candies - haha. So I'm sure it would be the same way with the house.


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