Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Christmas Cheer

Being able to make Jack holiday pancakes since I'm off work this week. 

Getting to dress my neice in cute holiday clothing. Dressing a little girl is so much more fun than little boys. So blessed to have this little gal in our lives. 

Attending Jack's class Christmas party. All he cared about was licking the red icing out of the middle of his Oreos. 

Working with fun co-workers who are so much fun. The one smiling is the winner of the ugly Christmas sweater contest and the one who is "sad" was the one talking smack about winning for the last month. It was all in good fun and I'm so lucky to work with fun ladies. 

Here is the winner! She is a wonderful person who for sure deserved to win. The last week of school before Christmas break is always super crazy so it is nice when everyone gets in a fun mood and goes with the flow. Working at such a fun place makes it feel not so much like work. 

What is bringing you Christmas cheer?

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  1. Baking cookies, visiting with family and Christmas lights brought me lots of cheer. I always love ugly sweater parties, festive food and dressing kiddos up for the holidays. Little girls really are so much fun to dress up :)


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