Sunday, November 23, 2014

Will I Survive the Terrible Twos?

Jack has been two for a whole two weeks and the terrible twos have hit this house. My dear son has always been on the difficult side, but now that he has hit two he has upped it to a whole new level. I would say that 85% of my time at home is spent keeping Jack from hurting himself or trying to stop him from destroying everything in his path.

I'm not exaggerating.I have references. The daycare workers where Jack goes are always asking me "how do you not just fall out?". I'm not sure how to answer, because some days it feels like I really could just fall out.

Teachers will understand when I say that the last thing I want to do when I get home is discipline a child. I'm always so worn out by the time I get off work that I just want to enjoy my baby. I'm not just physically worn out, but mainly mentally done from the exhaustion of dealing with other peoples kids all day. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and my kiddos but kids are kids and will wear you down. Coming home to a terrible two toddler just adds to my stress.

Here are some of his favorites:

  • Climbing on top of the recliner. As much as I watch his every move he still manages to get up there. I'm afraid that one day he will fall off the back of the recliner. 
  • If he isn't sitting on the back of the reclinter then he is jumping in it with it rocking swiftly.
  • Climbing is his favorite right now so he really enjoys getting in the computer chair and climbing on top of the computer desk where he feels like he has hit the jackpotl The computer desk is pretty much the drop zone for everything.
  • Pooping in the floor
  • Taking off his clothes
  • Peeing in the floor
  • Throwing himself on the floor when he gets mad
  • Slapping me when he gets mad
  • Telling me no
  • Throwing toys
  • Filling his mouth full of his drink and spitting it out
  • Unplugging everything
  •  Biting me and others
  • Screaming bloody murder just because I won't let him spill out a bag of chips all over the floor
  • Jumping up and down in the tub
There is just some of his current highlights. He is such a handful. Something about him being so feisty makes me love him a little twinge more. He's got real spirit. I hope he always stays strong-willed but I really hope that his goals change and his strong spirit will be pointed to a more productive path. Driving me crazy, trying to break his arm, making messes, and getting toys is not what I want him using his strengthes for. 


  1. Oh I feel you! C is right there with Jack. She is so much more mischievous than E ever was!

  2. Travis isn't even two for a few more months and he's driving me CRAZY. I am right there with you on every single one of these. The drink dribbling is one of my least favorites. I bought a felt Christmas tree for him to play with yesterday and all he wanted to do was rip all of the decorations off and tear the tree off of the wall. He seriously tries my patience daily.


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