Friday, November 7, 2014

I've Been a Mama for 2 Years!


This is the picture taken when I held Jack for the first time. It was a Friday, yet he was born on a Wednesday. I cried so hard that the nurse was nervous about handing him over to me. I couldn't wait any longer to hold him. I truly felt like a Mama. 

Oh this picture of Jack in his take home outfit makes me wish I could love on that sweet baby again. I remember just how he smelled and his little piglet sounds. He was so squishy and sweet and I would pay money to go back in time for 5 minutes to relive that moment. 

This second picture was taken exactly a year ago. A little one year old with a face full of cake. I had no idea that a year later I'd be going through a divorce and that the 3 of us wouldn't be spending his birthday as a family of 3. 

We are keeping it simple. A yummy Mickey Mouse cake from our beloved cake maker Ms. Brenda who seriously makes the best cakes in the world. We are going to eat his favorite meal-pizza. Lastly, we'll open presents. I'm also taking cupcakes to his daycare. It seriously blows my mind that he is two. I love him with every bit of myself. Although I miss my little baby I enjoy watching him grow and learn. I know this next year will be just as exciting, if not more. 

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