Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016...I Survived

On Halloween night our very small town comes alive. I like it. I love the community feeling, seeing all the kids dressed up, watching the progression of Jack becoming a big boy, and people watching. We live out in the country so we don't get any trick or treaters. I do miss giving out candy but watching Jack, Bennett, and Maybree trick or treat is too cute.

Our night didn't start out too great. I surely thought we were headed for a disasterous night. My mom, my sister Samantha, my nephew Bennett, my niece Maybree, Jack, and myself decided to get some supper before we headed out to trick or treat. There was only one table of people when we got there and they were already eating. After we sat down three more tables filled up. The waitress was baaaaaaaad. I honestly felt bad for her. After 45 minutes and seeing everyone else get their food I got up and said something. I then noticed the waitress walk over to the counter and get what I am sure was our order and take it to the back. She forgot to take our order to the back! I went up there and asked her and she said no that they have had it. I know it was a lie. We didn't know if we should just wait but we really wanted to head out before it got too dark. Just as we decided to leave they brought our food out so we had to throw it in to go boxes. I wasn't happy that they didn't at least give us a discount. We then felt very rushed and aggitated.

We decided to go to a neighborhood that is in a big circle so we could just park and walk to a few different houses and call it a night. We already had way too much candy even before we left to go trick or treating. We were pretty much going just for the experience.

I'm so proud of Jack! All of our talking and practicing paid off. He walked right up to the door, knocked, said trick or treat, got his candy, and said thank you. He loved it! He would say his thank you and then was anxious to get to the next house. I even stood back and let him do it and he did perfectly. He only got scared once where a house had a person in a full monster costume. He didn't cry but ran behind my legs. All the other scary stuff he laughed at. I think it scared him because he thought it wasn't real but when it moved it made him nervous. Bennett was scared of a few more things but never flipped out. He just wanted to be reassured. We went to about 15 houses and called it a night. We hadn't eaten yet so we were pretty hungry. 

Well tomorrow is November 1 and so another cycle of holidays are ahead of us. I'm excited and anxious to get it all in. I just hope with November comes cooler weather. 

I hope your Halloween night was boo-tastic!


  1. Jack looked adorable in his engineer costume! I'm hoping November brings cooler weather, too. I am tired of wearing summer clothes.

  2. Jack's costume turned out so cute!! He looks so handsome and it looks like he loved it. Great job, mama! Sorry to hear that your Halloween was stressful. I hate when we have bad experiences going out to eat. That's the worst. They definitely should have given you a discount or something since you had to box up your meal and go. Glad everyone had fun trick-or-treating :)


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