Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stitch Fix Baffles Me

I'll be the one to say it. Stitch Fix clothing is too expensive for me. There are many great things about Stitch Fix-you have a stylist, you get clothes delivered to your house, it is very tailored to the customer.  I love looking at various blogs and seeing the pictures of women trying on their newest Stitch Fix. Seriously, if I run across one of those posts I am always going to click.

The clothes are cute but not $70 for one shirt cute. Gals, they got cute shirts at Target for waaaay less. Maybe it is a quality thing. I've never ordered from Stitch Fix so maybe the material is what you are paying for.

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Don't get me wrong, I love the concept but at least for me, the clothes are expensive. I understand spending good money on nice jeans, jackets, dresses, but not t-shirts. I've seen $50+ t-shirts on Stitch Fix. It seriously baffles me.

I know for a blogger sometimes these fads become things and they snowball. Before you know it you are seeing numerous Stitch Fix posts a day (which I love) but how are y'all affording these boxes each month? I don't even spend $100 a month on clothes, shoes, or accessories so I couldn't imagine spending double that. Stitch Fix has become the equivalent of a bill for some people each month.

Am I missing something (I probably am)? Is it really worth it?


  1. I tried Stitch Fix. I didn't get it because the clothes were not worth the price, even when I liked them.

  2. I totally get it, but I LOVE Stitch Fix. Yes its more expensive but I love what my stylist picks out because I find I am sent stuff I wouldn't reach for myself on my own and also the stuff I get is generally higher quality than what I'd buy for myself (ie Old Navy or Forever 21) so I'd rather invest in better quality pieces than keep buying stuff that will get worn out in 5 wears.

  3. I would love to try Stitch Fix, but have a hard time justifying it because I'm a stay at home mom. I wish they did seasonal boxes. I would love to have a few new things each season that are different than what I see in the stores. Maybe one day I'll be daring and try it.

  4. I agree! It looks like a fun service, I see a lot of cute clothes that are sent to people, but the majority of their items seem over priced. I can see paying more for a really nice pair of jeans, but for every day tops I just can't imagine spending over $50 on them. I love seeing what people get in their boxes and it seems like some people get amazing things and others are just so-so about the service. I think I will stick to shopping for myself on-line unless I end up magically getting a stitchfix gift card to shop with :)

  5. Slow clap... AGREED! I have tried them and I've never keep anything but the accessories just so I don't waste my $20 styling fee.


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