Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Going On A Ghost Hunt Toddler Activity

This Halloween season we are loving the book We're Going on a Ghost Hunt. We also love the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt so when I ran across the Ghost Hunt book I knew Jack would love it. He does! We've been reading it since October 1. 

Yesterday I got the idea that Jack and I could go on our own ghost hunt. Jack isn't a scared kid so I knew he would have fun and not be scared. 

I googled a ghost outside and cut out six different ghosts. I then taped them around the house in dark areas like closet walls and behind doors. 

I equiped Jack with a flashlight and read the book in the dark. We then went on our ghost hunt.

We walked around the house and found each ghost. He loved when he discovered a ghost. As a little extra I had my mom throw a sheet over herself and hide in the utility room (she would not let me capture her as a ghost). We saved the biggest ghost for last. When he opened the utility he smiled the biggest smile. He really is not one to get scared so I knew it would go over well. He screamed "Gem is a ghost". 

Now he wants me to keep hiding the ghosts and keep the game going. It was so fun and a great way to show a book to real life connection. 


  1. Such a cute idea! I've been meaning to do an activity with one of Sadie's books... now I just need to plan it!

  2. What a fun extension of the book!! Any game with a flashlight would be a big hit at my house :)


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